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Yoto and Gohan! by The-Boundless

All in all, I believe this was a very well perceived piece of artwork. You did excellently on the shading, as you did on the original c...


I looked ahead, seeing visions and pictures; I could see her, the maiden with golden hair. Impa, too, standing with her too. They were both inside a brightly-lit room, sunlight shining through the windows. They were both talking with one another. Ahead of them, there was a door that slid apart for them and allowed them in. In the back there was a pedastal, and the pair of them walked forwards. Meaning and understanding exceeded the limitations of the past, present and future, and gave me clarity; this was the most vital bit of information I needed for what was to come.

I turned away, the visions disappearing into nothing. Darkness closed around me. I felt it sinking into my core, sapping all joy and hope out of my heart. I began to curl up helplessly, burying my face into my knees.

I felt a presence nearby...a warmth. I looked up wearily and saw Fi floating there. She looked to me. "...Miss Jacqueline."

Sighing, I looked away. "...I know."

She looked to me, "Miss Jacqueline, you must not linger." I began to sit up and looked at her, no sense of urgency within me. I looked at my wrists and felt my collar around my throat. I felt the impacting words of what the Imprisoned had said, remembering all that Ghirahim had let slip in times prior. I closed my eyes and sighed heavily.

"..Fi...before we go back...I think...we need to discuss my purpose...and why I need to be here..."

Fi dipped her head somewhat before looking up to me, and nodding. "...Very well, Miss Jacqueline."


I awoke to a soothing sound; like a gentle song, lulling me back to sleep. I felt so good, rejuvenated, healthy, happy. I opened my eyes and looked up to saw a butterfly fluttering above my head and floating away--or was that a different bug? Those wings weren't butterfly wings; what was that bug? Light was filtering in from above, and there were columns around me. I judged I was back in the temple.

It was very quiet around me, and as my vision came into focus, I saw two faces looking down at me. And a very loud, booming voice yelled in my ear, "H-Hey! SHE'S AWAKE!!" HOLY SH-- My eyes snapped open and I flinched badly, groaning. "...Fuck, Groose, keep your damn voice down..."

Another face came into my vision, and I saw the wrinkly, sightless, smiling face of Old Impa. She nodded, "Indeed, she has come around. Fairies do indeed hold the key to all matter of supernatural abilities." Huh--so that was a fairy...what did it do.. I blinked slowly in the harsh sunlight and tried to cover my brow with a hand to shade it. "Hey...what happened? Where's Link? Is he okay?"

Groose closed his mouth (for once) and mumbled, "Well, uh...he's, uh...It's hard to say." Seeing as I got no answers from the idiot, I looked over to Impa with the question in my eyes; no use wasting my breath speaking. She nodded, "Link is fine; he is gathering himself to leave for the first key to unlocking the path to the spirit maiden through the Gate."

"Can I see him?"

"You may wish to rest for a little bit, my dear," she replied. "You will need to recover; the fairy's work was miraculous, but you are still human. Your vitality is still a bit of a mystery, and it may take time to recov--"

I made a wet raspberry noise, "Screw that; like Hell I'm sitting around while Link's about to run off to a--wh-whoa!" I had rushed to try to get off the ground, but my legs buckled and I dropped like a stone back down on my kneecaps. Well, so much for that theory. I groaned and felt like being stubborn; I grabbed onto a nearby column and struggled up, clinging to it with my weakened legs. "Fine, just...I'm just fine!" The old woman and Groose slowly looked to one another, and then back to me; I knew because I could feel their eyes on my back.

Groose hummed in thought and came up with an idea with an "oh!" noise. "I, uh, got you some, said you were thirsty before you...uh..." I swallowed, suddenly realizing I was very thirsty, and the prospect of water sounded really good. "Before I what?" I rasped and watched as Groose came around and helped me with a flask of spring water. I didn't care how messy or cold the water was, it was good. I inhaled and coughed as some found its way into my windpipe, and Groose began to pound on my back automatically. "*cough* Ow--OW! Goddammit, Groose--*cough*--oh!" I cleared my throat and thanked him as he quietly said "sorry". I looked at him, "What happened? I don't remember what happened after that."

Groose didn't hesitate, "You looked really bad, bones sticking out of your legs and blood everywhere--it was really gross!" I gaped at him, "....I what." The old woman looked to me, "You were badly injured in the battle against the Imprisoned, my dear," she explained. "There was little we could do but hope for the best."

"Wait, wait're saying my legs were broken, and...well, probably various other things that can be left unsaid, like my guts hanging out or something like that," I said, a bit dumbfounded while Groose turned a shade of green and went to go look for a bucket, "but how do you get from there--" I gestured to my legs "--to here? Magic potion or something?"

The old woman smiled, "No, my dear--as fortune would have it, you had a fairy in the pouch you had dropped at the edge of pit. Fairies are a common creature enough, but only in the areas they are known to be in; without the knowledge of fairies, very few have the privilege of stumbling across them. They are exceedingly rare and very potent with their healing magic--some have even transgressed supernatural means, such as your case, to fulfill their purpose. Some have even said they are the first creatures the Goddess Hylia created."

"Supernatural means? Speak English, please."

Her words were blunt. "You died, my dear. The fairy brought you back to life."

Silence. That's all I had; in my mind, my voice, and my heart, pure silence. The woman was sober with it, looking at me with dead-pan seriousness. Groose came back after hearing the tail-end of it and silently stood next to me. I looked to her, "...I...I died, huh." I rubbed the back of my head, unsure of what to make of it; no white light? No tunnel?

Wait...White lights..tunnels...oh, right..the nightmare, the school... Somehow that didn't feel as comforting to me as death ought to have felt. Then again, it was an evil god manipulating the entire place to try to trap me; that's probably not what death was supposed to feel like. I felt my heart pulsate a dead cold within it, something deeper and less stabbing, but more-so radiating through my body from the heart. I closed my eyes; I already interpreted all of this to Fi, but I wasn't just ready to go through with that yet.

I had to wait. As to what I had in mind? I knew it would be the greatest hardship of all to come. But I could wait for that time to come when it did.

My eyes opened, and I looked at Old Impa. "...Is that why Link isn't in here?"

Groose spoke up, a hand behind his head, "Uh...well, yeah...he hasn't said a word since we brought you inside after you got quiet and all..."

I struggled to stand up straight, "I...I seriously need to see him...before he goes running off. Has anyone told him that I had...well, you know." The old woman smiled gently, "He was told nothing, but even that can tell a tale far better than words will, my child." She looked to Groose, "Please help Jacqueline outside; I think that it would be a good idea to find closure for the boy before he runs off." Groose didn't complain, but helped me down the stairs and towards the heavy doors guarding the entrance to the temple.

Together we pushed one open enough for us both to move through. Everything was peaceful again, and birds were chirping. Ahead I could see Link standing at the edge of the pit, looking down at it. Groose helped me forwards as I fought to keep myself standing, one shaky leg after another.

Link's pointed ears twitched, and he turned from the pit to meet my gaze. Awkward silence for several seconds ensued before I smiled and attempted to shatter it, "What's up, bud?" He was already heading towards me and I blinked, "U-Uh, dude, now isn't the time for any surprise atta--" Groose had moved out of the way as I felt Link's arms on my shoulders--

And he proceeded to jostle me. Harshly jostle me; like I could feel my brain trying to bounce its way out of my skull. Ooooh, I'm gonna be sick--! Link was furious, "Why, Jacqueline! Why would you do that?"

"I do-oh-oh-oh-ohn't know-oh-oh-oh wha-ah-ah-ah-t you're talking abou-ow-ow-ow-t!" Every rebound of my head going forwards and tilting backwards carried that particular form of speech, and that didn't even phase him; he just kept right on doing it. "Don't you lie to me! You know what!"

"Ungh--stop sha-ay-ay-ay-king me, you asshole! What the H-ell are you talking about?!" He  brought me to a still and was intensely close to my face, I flinched back in fear; that was fire I was seeing, a smoldering fury lingering behind those eyes, combined with the frosty glare of sunlight hitting a glacier. Oh, shit, I wanted to hide. "Why would you sacrifice yourself like that, Jacqueline?" He was quiet again. I looked at him, "...Link.."

He clasped his hands around my shoulders fiercely, his gaze lowering as he hid his face for a moment. "Why would you do that...So much at stake, and you had to go and..." I realized what the problem was, and I placed my hands on his arms. I sighed and looked at Groose before I looked back at Link. "Link."

Not so much as a whisper, response, or movement; he was frozen in place, unwillingly to face me. "...If anything, you're the idiot here." He raised his eyes to that, his fear being submerged by the anger coming back. "What..."

I rolled my eyes, "You were facing the Imprisoned! A darkness Hylia had sealed away a long time ago! Even weakened, that's a fucking god you were fighting! Did you really think you could fight him on your own?" He opened his mouth to speak, but I interrupted him, shaking my head, "No! Of course you didn't think that--you didn't even though you stood a chance! But you ran in anyway in the hopes of defeating've won battles so many times, overcome so much, that you're not used to losing...near-death situations without a way out, if someone was to suffer and you couldn't protect them...that is why you're mad...not because I did something...well, ah, courageous, but because you feel like you've failed. Am I in the ballpark somewhere?"

He blinked with confusion, and I sighed, "Am I close to the right answer?" The silence was all the confirmation I needed, and I continued holding his arms, "Dude...I'm not dead. What could have happened didn't happen--we can keep searching for a way to get to Zelda and save her, and save this world before...well, before it all goes up in flames or something." The World Degeneration was still on my mind, and nothing in the forest was showing any signs of it, but I was certain that with my contact with the Imprisoned and Ghirahim's attempt to quicken the process, things were going to get crazier soon.

We need to get going...before it's too late to stop any of this. I looked back at him, "Do you think you can forgive me for ruining your win-streak, ol' chum? Buddy ol' pal?"

"You say strange words, Jacqueline..."

I smirked, "That's my speciality--fill in the silence!" He smiled, and I knew I had found the ice-breaker. He nodded slowly and I removed my hands before my legs buckled and he caught me under the arms. "Thank you, Jacqueline--you saved my life at the cost of your own...I am sorry I took my anger out on you."

"Hey, I wouldn't want to be indebted to a corpse either--really? Gross!" I laughed it off as Groose followed us back into the temple. We went inside and found the old woman sitting back in front of the closed slab-doors. I looked at the doors, feeling Fi's eyes on me as I looked at it intensely, remembering the visions.

I shook my head and looked at the old woman. She nodded, "It is time to discuss what your paths shall entail." She looked to Link, "You and Jacqueline will be separate for a bit; it is crucial that each of you complete your tasks in order for the next step to be achieved."

She looked to me first, "Jacqueline, your task is to return to the desert and fulfill a trial you are familiar with. You must move past the tides of time itself in order to complete this."

I blinked, "But it's a desert! Where in the Hell am I going to find wa--"

She looked in my direction, "You will overcome your obstacle in time, my dear; head back to the facility of whence you entered and undergo your task." She turned to Link, "You must head to the Isle of Songs to gather your first piece of evidence. You must strengthen and gather yourself to properly fight true darkness by gathering the three sacred flames."

"Three sacred flames?" She nodded to me, "Yes, child of destiny; the three sacred flames are key to unlocking the Goddess Sword's potential; currently, it is dormant. With gathering the three sacred flames from the keepers of the realms below the clouds, the blade will slowly reveal its true nature and limitless power over evil. Currently, it cannot truly slice nor cut through the evil that taints the land. Link will need to overcome his own trials, and you will be with him to collect the sacred flames...."

I narrowed my eyes. What are you hiding... She nodded to Link, "You must head to the Isle of Songs; there will be a few things you need to take care of before you can gain passage. I suggest you go now; Jacqueline will be safe with me here. The seal will not break, newly-renewed as it is." Link looked at me, and I smiled, "Go on, Mister Hero-Pants. I'll be fine."

"All right." Link bade farewell to everyone and exited the temple. I turned back to Old Impa, "Why'd you hesitate?"

She looked to me, "Telling this to you while the boy was here would have caused unnecessary confusion, so I needed to send him off before I could tell you what is to come." She took a moment to breathe; with the amount of speaking she did, I somewhat wondered if it had anything to do with her being alone for so long. I wondered why that was.

"When the Chosen Hero retrieves a sacred flame, you are forbidden to go to the Isle of Songs--at least, for now. The secrets of the isles are strictly for those that are admitted with grace; for now, my child, you carry with you a potent enemy, and there can be no risk of letting Him or His servant within the sacred isle. Also, it would serve no purpose for you to go there; that Isle was not meant for any other but the Chosen Hero to travel to." I blinked, "I don't see how you couldn't have told me this while Link was here. It wouldn't have changed anything."

She put up a hand to keep me from speaking further and nodded, "I am well aware of that, my child, but that is not why I sent the boy away before I could speak to you. The reason you alone must hear these words is because, once the boy retrieves all three sacred flames and awakens the sword's full potential--" She looked up to me intently, "--you will be separated. I felt it was best you know this now and keep it from him; it would cause too many questions, and time is precious, even more crucial than before. You know what is at stake here."

I nodded, not wholly-surprised. It wasn't me that was meant to be surprised by this news. "I understand...don't worry, I understand everything perfectly clear." The woman nodded, "That is good; because you hold the Sacred Power as well, even a much smaller portion, the darkness seeks to infest it and turn it against its purpose to serve the Imprisoned, so as to strengthen Him and free Him. However, on the verse spectrum of this truth, there is another truth; you will be able to find Zelda before Link will have the ability to. And this is for the most crucial reason of all."

The visions came back, and I nodded, "Yeah...I'm not entirely sure what to do yet, kinda, but I have a good feeling why." The old woman nodded, "I can see that the severity of the issue has come quicker to you than what was expected; your role is very vital, despite what all said to you at the beginning of your journey here. The crux of your task, the one that was appointed to you by Hylia, is coming. It is a burden that will blossom into a blessing for all." I grinned, "Yeah, yeah, let's celebrate with cake and balloons before we get all dramatic, right?"

Old Impa nodded, "Perhaps a celebration...but that will not matter if the World Degeneration and the chaotic evil both swallow this world whole." She looked to the entrance of the temple and nodded, "You will need to meet with Zelda as soon as all three sacred flames are gathered. That will be the most crucial moment for you--it will take time for you to get there, but you will manage. I have faith in your abilities."

"Thanks; didn't think you ever doubted me, not even for a second." She smiled warmly at me, "In my younger years, I probably would have." Hardy har har. I smiled and nodded, "Time for me to get going; desert, find...water somewhere, and...well, then go with Link on more quests. Sounds like a usual day for me!" I turned around and descended the staircase, heading for the doors on the end. I turned around and looked at the slab, asleep and silent.

I turned around, sighed, and opened the door.
SPECIALIS - :Flames Sacred And Not: [32]
♪~It's gettin' hot in here--please o-pen a win-dow~♪

For the readers, no, I am not an angry individual. I'm very pleasant to be around, I love to be with people and socialize with them. I love to write, to game, to explore, and I love my family very much. I am very much Christian and love the Lord a lot. In this edition, I wanted to take a different perspective on story-making and was inspired by a game to write this. If you have questions now, please do hold off on them until the next chapter comes out. More than likely, you'll begin to draw your own conclusions as more information is released to you. Trust me, you'll begin to understand the further the story goes.

I understand if you don't favorite the chapter for harsh language, and I am sorry if I have truly offended anyone out there. It isn't my intention to offend anyone. If I have intrigued you, however, I will be enthusiastic. I plan to continue the series, and I hope to do so with your help. If you have any suggestions or comments to make, make them below this information window in the comment box. If they happen to be insulting, I'll simply just delete them. Nothing personal; just delete them. I don't care. w00t!

So! Without further ado, I will probably be working on the next chapter! Follow more of my works in the gallery!

Oh, and by the way--Specialis is "secret" in Latin.…<---Where This All Begins---<
<---Next Chapter---<…<---Previous Chapter---<
Even with the phone lowered to my side, I could hear a voice coming from it. "Honey, we're waiting for you. Just walk outside!" I felt compelled to listen, but the red flag was flying true in my head and began to snap me out of it. Movement rushed from my side, and I saw the student approaching, his smile broadening and revealing teeth. "You should probably go see them, Jacqueline--after all, they came all this way to see you."

"S-Stay back.." I dropped the phone and backed away. The student kept coming and was advancing at a dreadful, walking pace. The lights from outside flickered, and my head snapped to attention. The lights became brighter, white-hot, and shapes in the darkness began to ooze from around it, revealing multiple two-legged figures rushing for the door. I edged around the student and bolted down the hallway, feeling his huge eyes on me.

The intercom around the building turned on with a slight, shrill crackling squeal, the voices of my father and mother resonating over it. "Don't you want to see us? What have we done to you? Why are you upset with us? Do you not care for your parents anymore?" Everything was escalating to a dangerous level, and I knew that none of this was real. It was a fake; a trick of the mind. Something! I just didn't know where or how, or how to escape. All I knew was I couldn't let anything catch me.

As I ran by them, the windows that were pitch black began to bulge inward like molasses, the tar-black substance dripping down the walls. There was no light as it poured in, slowly filling the school hallways. As I ran, I looked behind myself to see the student walking after me, ominous and somehow catching up with me despite how deceptive his pace was. His grin was large, his teeth sharp and his messy hair covering and shadowing his eyes. He was carrying what looked like a football trophy in his hand, wielded to hit things with.

Well, shit.

The walls were crawling with veins of the black substance that continued to rush down the hallway at me, the com ringing with the taunting voices of my parents, and I tried to placed one hand over my ear to deafen my attention to it, but it did little good. I spotted the stairwell and headed for the door, finding it was creaking shut at a slow rate. I sprinted for it as it closed and was suddenly stuck. I struggled with the door, whipped my head back in alarm, and sprinted off further down the hall.

I took a sharp right and headed down a door-lined hallway, clear of any obstacles. I heard the footsteps of the student, calm and loud, and the overhead crackled with the unit. "Jacqueline, why don't you just come out to us?"

"Shut up! You're not my mother, or my father!" The com crackled loudly before it shrieked to a new frequency, and the voice deepened to a gutteral growl:

YOU THINK YOU CAN WALK AWAY? COME TO ME, JACQUELINE. I froze; I remembered everything. My adventures, my friends, the Imprisoned--

My vision transformed and I could see pictures forming ahead of me. am I there, while I'm in here? Oh..oh my God..I...I don't remember...what happened to me? Why are they all looking down at me like that? Did...did something happen? O-Oh! "Guys! What the Hell is wrong?" My yelling didn't change anything; their faces...I didn't want to see their faces like that. His voice boomed through the halls, shaking them so hard that cracks began to worm their way along the walls, leaking small trickles of the black ooze. THERE IS NOWHERE ELSE TO RUN...YOU MAY HAVE IMPRISONED ME ONCE MORE, BUT I HAVE NOW IMPRISONED YOU IN AN INESCAPABLE FATE...ONCE THE TAINT SWALLOWS YOU, YOU SHALL ONLY KNOW COMPLETE DARKNESS...YOU....HAVE FAILED MISERABLY.

"Such a shameful person! Nobody cares about you! Nobody forgives you! We don't want you here!" The doors in the halls began to open, and students of various kinds began to slowly creep out like zombies, their eyes gone and ooze pouring down their cheeks, their teeth and nails unnaturally long. I ran my way past them, a lump in my throat even as I gasped for air, tearing through the halls in an effort to get away. Ways that would exit this nightmare were closing off slowly, taunting me with the scarcest chance that I would actually make it before they sealed.

This...this can't be real...none of this is can't be... The more the voices rang in my ears, the more believeable they were becoming, and the harder it was to keep running. Maybe there really was no way to escape it, to escape what I had done. Maybe that was why I had actually stayed--not to save the world, but to save myself from what I was afraid would greet me back home.

I slowed my running until I came to a walk, which lasted a few moments before I came to an absolute stop. The emergency stairwell ahead of me had no door, and was yawning for me wide, as if begging for me to take it. I had no heart to do so; the voices were telling the truth. I looked down, knowing I was crying and sobbing in pain and feeling my body wracking from it. I drew an arm up and hid my eyes, closing them behind the leather and feeling the molasses touch the back of my heels. The footsteps of the student sounded slowly and loudly behind me; I was afraid of them, but I had no desire to run anymore. THAT'S IT...WHY BOTHER RUNNING, IF THIS WILL EVENTUALLY OCCUR? IT IS BEST TO ACCEPT IT NOW...IT WILL BE OVER SOON...PAINLESS...EVERLASTING SLEEP...A WARM BLANKET OF DARKNESS...JUST GIVE YOURSELF TO ME, JACQUELINE, AND YOU WILL BE FREE.

He's right...what's the point...

"...You must fight, Miss Jacqueline." Her voice rang out like a silver bell, tiny and full of a light feeling. It pierced my despair and I lowered my arm, my eyes snapping open. "...Fi?"

"The world needs you, Miss Jacqueline, or darkness will consume it as it did must prevent this from happening. You must fight." Her voice spurred my dampened spirits into renewal, and I tugged at my feet, which were thickly-soaked in the black ooze. I heard the impounding footsteps quicken, and the student, along with a horde of student-monsters, began to advance. I tugged at the ooze and cried, "Fi! Where do I go!"

"Head for the hole in the sky, Miss Jacqueline; use the stairs to proceed." I nodded and pulled hard at my feet, freeing them from the ooze and bolting for the stairwell. The ooze began to flood the lower level, following me as I hurried up the steps. The walls began shaking me off-balance, and I grabbed onto the railing to keep myself on my feet. The stairs began to crumble from underfoot, portions falling into the ooze below; none of the student body were following, and the footsteps had stopped. I kept running up the stairs, further and further up. I was so incredibly tired and my legs felt like they were wedged in concrete blocks, trying to pull me down into the ooze below.

YOU WILL NOT PREVAIL. COME TO ME. I defied as best I could, barely managing more than a step at a time now, the ooze only a few levels beneath me now. I looked up; the top seemed so far away...

"Do not give in, Miss Jacqueline. Proceed up the staircase." I shook my head and focused on Fi's voice, the intercom crackling and beginning to run silent as Fi ushered me on. I kept climbing, eventually coming to my hands and knees to crawl up the stairwell. It felt like an eternal chase, and the ooze was rising quickly, creeping on the level beneath me and surpassing the bottom step. I pushed myself through the exhaustion and threw myself on the next level.

A gust of wind blew my hair from behind my head, and I found myself on the top of the building. That staircase should have a thousand-floors the Hell... I scrambled onto the roof and ran to the middle, looking around. "Fi? Fi! Where are you!"

I looked up and saw a glint of golden, precious light. I reached for it automatically, desperate in the midst of the world of darkness, bereft of any form of light. I couldn't even see the roof beneath my feet, except for what the light illuminated.

My attempts faltered when I heard the genuine voices from behind me: "...Jacqueline..." "Sweetie..." I tried not to look, but I was compelled and couldn't resist. I turned and saw my mother and father, arm around the shoulder, looking at me. There was such sadness and disappointment in their eyes; even though I knew it was a lie to trick me, it looked so real, I believed some of it was actually real. "Why do you hate never talk to us, you haven't come home...we miss you...Come with us, Jacqueline."

I sobbed, "I...I can't...I can't come home. Not yet."

"Thomas will be waking up soon...don't you want to be there when he does?" I looked down, "I do...but...he doesn't remember me. I have to stay away, just a little longer, so I can set things right..." I looked up at them, their eyes bearing down into my heart. "I'll call you when this is over, Mom...and..Dad..."

My father nodded with a soft smile, "I understand, sweetie...go do what you have to do...we believe in you." Tears streamed through and I wanted to run to them and embrace them, homesick and in pain; these were real. Maybe not my genuine parents, but these were right. This was right. "Dad..."

"Jacqueline, just know that your mother and I--" Suddenly my mother screamed and she went under; the black ooze had risen up. I screamed with fury and ran, hearing her anguished cry, and tried to pull her out of the darkness. "NO! MOTHER! MAMA, DON'T--"

"J-Jacqueline? JA--" She was swallowed up, and agony coursed through me, such unlike that nothing could ease it. My father was swallowed up without a word, the silence as cold as a gravestone, and the gravity of it all impacting like a bomb. I stared at where they had been, and realized the ooze was covering my arms and worming up them, covering my body in the darkness. With one final plea, I raised my free hand upward.




SPECIALIS - :Can't Go Home Not Yet: [31]
Yeesh, if I knew anything, it could be a Creepypasta!

For the readers, no, I am not an angry individual. I'm very pleasant to be around, I love to be with people and socialize with them. I love to write, to game, to explore, and I love my family very much. I am very much Christian and love the Lord a lot. In this edition, I wanted to take a different perspective on story-making and was inspired by a game to write this. If you have questions now, please do hold off on them until the next chapter comes out. More than likely, you'll begin to draw your own conclusions as more information is released to you. Trust me, you'll begin to understand the further the story goes.

I understand if you don't favorite the chapter for harsh language, and I am sorry if I have truly offended anyone out there. It isn't my intention to offend anyone. If I have intrigued you, however, I will be enthusiastic. I plan to continue the series, and I hope to do so with your help. If you have any suggestions or comments to make, make them below this information window in the comment box. If they happen to be insulting, I'll simply just delete them. Nothing personal; just delete them. I don't care. w00t!

So! Without further ado, I will probably be working on the next chapter! Follow more of my works in the gallery!

Oh, and by the way--Specialis is "secret" in Latin.…<---Where This All Begins---<…<---Next Chapter---<…<---Previous Chapter---<
The pain was barely registered; I mean, it was very sharp at first, but with more than half my body numb now, I couldn't feel how it was supposed to be, though my pinky toe could. Burning, inflammed, and spiking with agony. I foggily-reflected that my entire body was supposed to feel like that, but I was grateful that it didn't. It would have made dying that much more terrible.

My right eye vision was gone, and my left was teared up to where I could only see colors and fading light. I fell through the air that, for the moment I was, it felt like an eternity. All movements were sluggish to me. I hit the ground hard and felt the impact of my head hitting the earth, bouncing off and my brain rattling like Jell-O in a wire cage. There was an explosion of light somewhere, and the Imprisoned went back to the otherworldly place.

Sounds were fairly far away, too, as I recalled, but still intelligible enough for me to make out. "You must restore the seal! Quickly!" I blinked my eye to clear the tears of pain that had flowed to it, and I dragged my useable left arm out to grasp at a cluster of grass, struggling to at least hang onto it. I tried lifting myself onto an elbow, shakily lifting my upper body off the ground. I didn't know where my right arm was; probably flopped on my back or on the ground somewhere. I couldn't feel my legs, either, so for all I knew, they were like my arm. A shape was running towards me.

The voice came again, "You must restore the seal! Quickly! Before the Imprisoned escapes again!" The figure came to a halt and I tried to raise my head to see their face. I sought a lower-level picture and saw the seal. "Gotta....seal it...can't...let Him out..." I was suddenly very thirsty and swallowed hard to quench it.  The figure before me still hesitated, a hand reaching for me. "...I--"

"You go take care of that monster thing, I'll take care of this!" A larger figure came scrambling towards me, and I tried to look at their face, but couldn't see it. Whatever sensation I had in my body, there was a lot of acute pain spiking as I was picked up and could see the ground rushing past me as whoever was carrying me ran up the ramp. I saw the faint darkening shape from before head for the spike at the center and start striking it.

The jostling stopped after a while, and I shivered as I felt cold in my skin. "Aw, gross, you look nasty!" The voice came out of nowhere, and then veered off, "H-Hey, old woman, wh-where are you going? She's hurt! Oh,'re bleeding all over...ew..." I looked up at the source of the voice. "...Water...please..."

"Eh? Water? S-sure, just...uh...I can try to find you....some...."

Whatever the last he said, I didn't get a hint of it as all light snuffed out, and everything went dark.


I gasped, suddenly sitting up and hitting my head. "Ow, shhhhhit!" I shook my head to clear it and stroked where it hurt. I opened my eyes and blinked in surprise at my surroundings.

I was back in my college dorm, the bedside light on and my alarm clock silently humming as it went from "12:00" to "12:01". I looked outside and it was all dark. " did I get back here? Last I remember, I was..." I blinked; where had I been? There was a knocking on my door and I stopped speaking.

A few moments passed and the knocking came again. "Who is it?" I asked. "Oy, Jacqueline, open up! The front desk got a call, says it for you!"

"" Who could possibly want to call me in the middle of the night? I got up, pulled on my leather jacket, and walked to the door and opened it. The person that had come to the door was another student dressed in jeans and a T-shirt with messy chestnut hair that went to the college, some braniac from chemistry. I couldn't recall their name. "Who the Hell would call this early in the morning?"

The student shrugged, even though the question was more rhetorical for me. "Dunno! I was just up getting a snack from the vending machine, and the phone went off at the front desk! No clerks there, and it's unusual the building gets hailed this early, but hey! Ain't the first time here, right?"

Yeah, you're telling me. I looked at the walls as we walked past them to get to the stairwell, seeing the various framed abstracts dotting the side. As we walked, the wall began to divide into windows and frames, and as we passed each one, I could clearly see my reflection. I watched myself, followed my movements to every window. ...Wasn't I supposed to be doing something important? Maybe I'll find out when I get to the phone. As we kept walking, I blinked as something came across my mind, and it had something to do with the reflection in the window, or something about that. Whatever it was, it was on the tip of my tongue but I couldn't get a grasp on it. I shrugged; I'd figure that out later.

We opened up the door to the stairwell and proceeded to go down it. We passed a window or two, and again, the notion hit me that I was supposed to discover something important in my reflection, but again, it eluded me. What the Hell am I supposed to remember...what is it with the windows? "Everything all right, Jacqueline?" The student's voice snapped me out of my daze and I glanced at the back of their head, assessing their messy hair. "U-Uh,'s really early in the morning. Not used to being up this late."

The student laughed, "Tell me about it; I usually don't get hungry this late, but hey! Can't help it when it happens, right?" I gave a half-bit smile and continued descending the stairs, going back to my thoughts at the window reflections. I blinked; I had the question now. "Did the power go out or something? Why is the entire district pitch-black outside? And why are the lights on in here?" I looked up and around, and the student turned to me with a smile as he opened the door, halting just at the bottom to reply. "Yeah! Some major power-outage; if you're just knowing about it now, you were probably asleep when it all went out. Probably thirty or so minutes ago; the school is supporting itself on the back-up generator we've got on campus!"

We have a backup generator? "That's kinda neat, actually--when did a public campus have the budget to get something like that?" The student shrugged with a grin, "It doesn't really matter, does it? I'm sure the power will be on again soon." I shrugged; that made sense at least. Still, something was tugging at my gut and telling me something was a bit off. I looked at the windows again, studying past my face and glancing up through the panes. "Where are the stars? If the lights are out, we should at least see some stars."

"Unless there's a major overcast of clouds, and you can't really see those without the city-district lights. Makes that nice hazy-look, y'know?" I pursed my lips, "Eh...I guess that's true. All right..." I pushed it off to the side, though my mind wouldn't entirely let it go. Something about "clouds"...major overcast of clouds...what is it about that that feels so...familiar? I sighed, "Are we getting close to the front desk?" The student nodded, "Not much further to go! Just a little more; should be down this hall and then to the left!"

I nodded, "All right, sweet; just a quick phone-call, then back to bed." I kept walking and looked to the other walls; just more abstract paintings and office doors closed for the evening. We passed a trophy case, all pristine and polished to look like sacred artifacts. I snorted; the campus was vain enough as it was with the minimal achievements they made. I had done a lot more than they ever could have in a lifetime.

Or had I? I wasn't sure about that; something in my mind wasn't fitting into place, and I halted, looking at the trophy case, staring past the glistening treasures the school coveted in the glass case. A retro-ring suddenly snapped my attention from my thoughts, luring my eyes to look down the hallway. The student turned to smile at me, "It isn't far!" I nodded and followed, tempted to look back at the trophies, but somehow couldn't. It didn't seem to bother me at all, either.

We rounded the corner, and at the front cubicle, there was a phone that looked like it came from the 1960's. I wrinkled my nose with confusion. What the... We walked towards it and caught the student looking at me. I blinked, "Have your eyes always been that big?"

The student shrugged, "They say eyes are windows to the soul!"

"And what color are your eyes? They're so dark, it's almost like they're black." The student smile thinned marginally, "Oh, don't worry about that! I get asked that a lot. They're actually a really dark brown."

"Do you wear contacts?" The student laughed, "That's not really important--but you know, whoever was on the phone sounded really urgent. You should probably answer the phone before they hang up." I nodded and had that weird sensation moving in my gut; like something was really off. Everything seems so dark... It didn't help matters that the phone was an ominous black-gleaming color and the hallways were dimly-lit, despite the back-up generator. Guess not everything was perfect; I tried to shake my head to clear my suspicions and shrugged, picking up the phone. "Hello?"

"Jacqueline?" I froze. "...Mother?"

There was a short pause. "...Hello, sweetie."

"Mom, why are you calling the school? Is something wrong? Where's Dad?" I closed both my hands over the spine of the phone, looking distantly as I focused on her voice. It was a tad shrill and the frequency was slightly distorted with the fuzzy-sound to it. "Your father's here with me; we were just calling to check up on you."

Relief flooded into me, but a frown touched my face. "...Like usual, huh? Make sure I don't cause more trouble, right?"

"Sweetie, that's not why--"

"You did nothing to help Thomas! He is in a coma because some bastard hit him with a truck and ran! Like a coward! And nobody did anything!" I was shaking as the issue reopened; after all this time, it was like nothing had changed. A call, like any other.

I blinked; except this wasn't like any other. They weren't calling my cell-phone. Why had they called the front desk? Why did they use a separate line? I checked my cell; no text messages. And come to think of it, this was the first conversation I'd had with my mother in a long time. I frowned further; this was strange.

My mother was speaking again, "Honey, your father and I have been talking, and we decided to come see you. We're pulling into the parking lot, just outside the front doors. God, Jacqueline, we are so happy to come and see you!" She sounded genuine; this wasn't fake. I looked down at the floor, "...Mom, how can you even say that...after everything...the fights, what I said--"

Another voice suddenly interrupted me, "Jackie, this is Dad. We don't care about those fights; what matters is that you're doing okay, and we want to see you. I hope that our little girl wants to see us..."

"Dad..." I looked beyond the front desk, seeing the glass doors that admitted students in and out of the building; the dim light penetrated the absolute darkness on the pavement just beyond the doors and very little else. I spoke as I looked out, my voice diminishing to a whisper. "...Yes...I..want to see you guys...I'm...I'm so sorry.." Tears were clinging to my eyes, their sting hard to ignore. I blinked and wiped my face with my sleeve, sniffing harshly.

"We'll be out in the parking lot, sweetheart. All you need to do is walk through the doors."

"But it's so dark outside; I won't be able to see anything. How will I find you?"

"We'll have the headlights on; see?" Sure enough, two big white orbs penetrated the darkness almost in a straight line, reflecting off the glass doors and precious little else. I clasped the phone tightly, silent. "...Honey? Do you see them?"

I swallowed, "Yes...I see them."

A light-hearted laugh ran through the phone, "All right, just walk through the doors and we'll be there." I smiled and began to pull the phone away from my ear. "Oh, by the way, sweetie," the voice said, "we got you a new coat to replace the one that you shredded." I blinked, "A new coat?"

"Yes! You tore up your old coat something fierce, so we got you a new one." I looked at my jacket that I was wearing. Nothing was wrong with it, and I hadn't spoken to my parents in a while, so how would they possibly know? I had ripped my jacket when I'd--

The phone was silent, static of the frequency humming. "...Honey? Are you there?" I slowly began to lower the phone, sensing someone near me. I turned my head to see the student I didn't know looking back at me, his eyes abnormally-large and dark. He was smiling. I swallowed gently and attempted a smile back, however I felt no warmth inside of me. I looked back towards the lights through the doors and felt something beginning to beckon me, and I began to resist. "They're out there, waiting for you, Jacqueline," the voice came from the student, and warning bells rang inside of my head. This...what is this... My memories were supressed, but I knew something was wrong the moment my parents had mentioned the jacket. It only meant one thing.

This was a trap.
SPECIALIS - :Hello Mother Hello Father: [30]
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For the readers, no, I am not an angry individual. I'm very pleasant to be around, I love to be with people and socialize with them. I love to write, to game, to explore, and I love my family very much. I am very much Christian and love the Lord a lot. In this edition, I wanted to take a different perspective on story-making and was inspired by a game to write this. If you have questions now, please do hold off on them until the next chapter comes out. More than likely, you'll begin to draw your own conclusions as more information is released to you. Trust me, you'll begin to understand the further the story goes.

I understand if you don't favorite the chapter for harsh language, and I am sorry if I have truly offended anyone out there. It isn't my intention to offend anyone. If I have intrigued you, however, I will be enthusiastic. I plan to continue the series, and I hope to do so with your help. If you have any suggestions or comments to make, make them below this information window in the comment box. If they happen to be insulting, I'll simply just delete them. Nothing personal; just delete them. I don't care. w00t!

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Things felt a tad less-casual to me as we soared above the clouds, each on our Loftwings. I looked at the sea of white, still feeling the loss of Ticktock. Is that how Fi felt when she watched Link die? The blue figure was safely in Link's Goddess Sword, and yet I couldn't help but wonder if she, too, had comprehension of feeling. I believed she did.

I looked up and caught Link looking back at me. He took a spare moment before he whipped his head back to the front, and I frowned. Eh...? "Something wrong, buddy?" He denied anything and pointed out the big beam of green light, "We're getting closer; get ready to jump!" I nodded and took my Loftwing into a slight nose-dive, spurring ahead of Link and easing myself out of the stirrups. "Steady, steady...there we go...all right, ready?" My Loftwing gave a whistle and carried me over the opening. I leaped off and performed the swandive I had seen Link execute so many times before. Link came in after me, both of us falling down towards the forest.

"HEEEEEEEY!!!" I whirled around and began to fall backwards, "What the Hell was tha--" Link began to turn his head around, "What is what--" We both gaped in stunned silence for a few moments as we saw a giant red-haired figure plummeting towards us like a cannonball dropped off a building. Finally we cried out hysterically as Groose, the most unlikely person to find falling through the air, slammed into Link and dragged him far further towards the trees than I was dropping. "Link! HEEEEEELP!"

Oh, for the love of... I straightened my arms and legs and aimed my head downwards, cutting through the air and speeding towards the two flailing figures like a bullet. "Link! Use the sailcloth!" Link managed to maneuver himself and pulled out his cloth, creating a parachute and gradually slowing their decent, but they were far too close to the ground that, if they landed, they'd still take some significant amount of damage. I slowly opened myself back up to a swandive, veering in to wrap my legs around Link's chest. To this day, I still don't know how I managed to do it, but I knew then I'd never be able to do it again. I opened up my own sailcloth and created a double-parachute effect, lightly carrying everyone down to the ground like a leaf from a branch.

We landed in a pile, but very softly. Groose got up first and dusted himself off, "Ah, a nice landing. I don't think I even broke anything--but Link, seriously! We would have crashed if--" His eyes bulged out of their sockets and his mouth was wide open, and I barked a laugh at the sight as I rolled off of Link. Groose was staring at some colorful, small birds fluttering about on the forest floor. He shouted with surprise as they took off, "T-Tiny birds? What-WHAT are they?!" Link groaned as he slowly got to his feet, and I gave him a hand up. "Geez, you'd think he'd have seen a sparrow or a finch before," I muttered and Link shook his head, "Just...give him a minute." I looked to the side and saw a familiar figure off to the side and grinned, "Oh, hey there Gorko!" I waved my hand at the Goron, and he waved back with a smile before carrying on with his map.

Groose was flabbergasted. " AM I?!" I sighed, "You're in a forest, idiot. This is the Faron Province here on the Surface, where Link--" The brute was already up on his feet and had grabbed Link, the first person close to him, and proceeded to shake-slash-interrogate him wildly. "What's going on here? Ever since Zelda vanished, you've been zipping and out of town all in a hurry, just like Jacqueline!"

"Why'd you follow us, Groose?" He looked at me and stopped shaking Link for a moment, "...I...figured I'd tail you two, and you guys might lead me to Zelda." He pulled away and pointed at Gorko, "But this wild. Seriously, what IS that thing over there?!"

I sighed and scratched my head, living a moment of deja vu. "That's a Goron--you know, rock people."

Groose looked up, his hands strangling something invisible and unseen to the naked eye. "And what's with all these trees? There are so many!" He then sought a new form of prey and planted his hands back on Link's shoulders and began to jostle him again. Link looked at me pleadingly with a Help me look, and I helplessly gestured I'm doing the best I can. Groose's voice boomed, "Just give it to me straight! I can take it! Where are we? Is Zelda here?"

"Eh...yeah, technically she's supposed to be around here somewhere." I wormed the words out as best as I could without confusing both Groose and Link, though Groose didn't seem satisfied. "And what's the deal with this place?! If there's supposed to be nothin' below the clouds, what's all this?" He continued to jostle Link before I sighed and placed a hand on his bicep, "Groose..."

He turned to look at me, and then back at Link as Link smiled gently and placed a hand on his other bicep, and together, we freed Link from the savage clutches of a scatter-brained idiot and stepped back to let him get his bearings. I looked at Link as he looked at me, and we both nodded in understanding. I turned to Groose, "Well, you see, this land is pretty much undiscovered by everyone on Skyloft, and the best way to protect you all was to deny any present-knowledge that there was anything on the Surface...of course, all of that kind of went down the tube when I came to Skyloft..."


Groose fell to his knees after Link and I had finished explaining everything about the Surface to him and he gawked up at us. "'re kind of imploding my mind right now...But I think I get what you're saying. If I've got this right, Zelda is down here somewhere, and she's...okay?" Link smiled helplessly at Groose and nodded, and the relief over the bully's face gave me a new perspective of him. "She's...she's okay. Oh, wow! That's so great! Hearing that is such a...huge relief off my mind." He began to snort piggishly and chortle with bashful relief, and I sighed and shook my head with a smile. He stopped and looked around himself with a smile, "You's sort of all right down here." I was impressed with how mature and grown-up he was sounding, and I crossed my arms in some fascination of this transformed-Groose.

And then he shattered any form of hope for him as he suddenly said, "This land needs a name. Yeah...a name fitting for this rugged, adventurous wilderness. From now on, we'll call it...GROOSELAND." Link and I gaped at him, and then exchanged looks with one another, and I covered my face with a hand. "Oh boy..."

Groose turned to us, "So, Jacqueline--you said that the old lady down here at a temple knew where Zelda was, right?" I nodded, "Uh, yes, I did--why?"

He shrugged with a grin, "I just needed to know if she did. I'm going to go look for her, but you and Link can head back to Skyloft now. Big Groose can handle the search for Zelda all by himself. I'll find a way to save her and bring her back to Skyloft..." He began to chuckle to himself and going on about "making their relationship official and asking her out", though from my clearer understanding of Zelda, it was likely that his dreams weren't going to come true. However, I gave him an over-enthusiastic, sarcastic send-off and a "good luck" as he dashed away and left Link and I together alone again.

I looked to Link, "Do you think he'll get past the F.U. Baba?" Link smirked to me, "I'm not sure, but I wouldn't put it past him." I smiled warmly and watched him as he walked on and I followed behind. I stopped for a moment, thinking on Groose's words. "..Uh, Link?"

"What is it, Jacqueline?" I looked at him, "I was wondering...does it bother you if Groose is pursuing a relationship with Zelda?" Link smiled, "Not at all, really."

I gaped, "It doesn't?" Link looked away in thought and shrugged softly, "Zelda is my best friend, and I care about her a lot; she's one of the sweetest people I've ever known, and she has a way of making you feel special whenever she looks at you. As if she sees you." He looked towards me, "But that doesn't mean I'm going to fight Groose for her. Considering the stakes, I think it'd be up to her to choose if she wanted to get into a relationship. I've had thoughts before, but those don't matter right now. Why do you ask?"

Okay, that's not a yes or a no... "I was just wondering, since I didn't know how deep your relationship was with her." Link frowned slightly, "I don't see why you would want to wonder about something like that--I'd do anything to help her out, but that's because she's my friend."

It was my turn to frown. "I think if anyone is curious about anything, they'd want to know! I just wanted to know how deep of a friendship can really go, you know, before you...uh, turn into a Groose." Link smiled at that, "Well, I can understand how Groose feels about her, and I won't hold it against him. He's the one trying to ask her out, not me." Aha! So you aren't taken! That weird jealousy suddenly evaporated, though a small darkness remained that I couldn't put my finger on; it was as if there was a barred door holding a treasure with no key to insert into the lock. Forbidden, forever.

I shoved it away, "All right, I just wanted to know. No other reason." He glanced at me for a moment, "Is everything okay?" I assured him and hurried on, walking in the direction Groose had gone. The temple loomed before us, familiar and ruined as usual. We stepped inside to hear Groose firing away exclamations at the old woman, and then turn around and run off crying. "I take it he's not handling the break-up very well?" I half-joked as we climbed the stairs, and the old woman smiled, "Nay, child of fate, he is merely adjusting to his suited role in the future that is to come."

"Where is Zelda?" Link asked, and the woman scanned over the two of us--particularly me--and then back to Link to address him. "She and the guardian sent by the Goddess, Impa, have retreated to a special place for an important duty that plays in expelling the darkness from this land. In order to reach Zelda, key events must occur before you will be able to see her again. Link, I believe the spirit-maiden bestowed to you a gift before she and Impa disappeared?" He drew out a golden treasure, and I blinked; where had I seen it before? It was a rather genuine-golden harp and had a warm glow about it. My chest pulsated the dark, cold dead and I fought to swallow it. Something inside of me--Ghirahim likely--was tempted on destroying the harp, shattering it with my hands. But I kept my hands to my side. The old woman proceeded to instruct Link on how to wield the harp, and as he tested the strings, I felt a calmness overcome me. I sat down on the steps and watched him as he began to play what was called the "Ballad of the Goddess". It was a calming, important tune that spoke to me in a way I couldn't understand. Fi came out of Link's sheath and alighted next to me, watching him play.

When he finished, the slab that had risen up for me before began to rise again at the beckoning of the harp, and Link turned to watch the stone rise up. I looked at the gate, nostalgia washing over me. "This great slab is known as the Gate of Time. It is the last one known in existence."

I looked at the old woman, "And I'm guessing that on the other side of that thing is where Zelda is, right?" She looked at me with a smile that told me hidden secrets, and nodded. "Precisely, my dear; however, to activate the gate, the Chosen Hero and you will need to overcome obstacles and many hardships before you can awaken the slab from its dormant state. It is the role the both of you play in desti--" Suddenly the floor came alive and shook us, setting Link off-balance. The entire temple was shaking. Old Impa, as I exclusively knew her as, looked up. Her voice was quiet, but resonated as if she were speaking loudly amidst the quakes. "This shaking...I fear the seal has been broken. I expected it would react to the summoning of the gate, but I never imagined the seal to break so quickly."

Dread pounded and racketed my body, and I felt cold all over. I gasped as my chest sharply pained and began to have a strange pulling-motion as if my heart was trying to break forth from my body. I held myself and shivered, "I think...Ghirahim has a hand in this, too; he's using the darkness he's hosting inside of me to try to break the seal faster and beat us to saving Zelda." Old Impa turned to me, "There will be a time and place to talk about your situation, but right now the two of you must head to the bottom of the pit outside. You must stop the Seal from becoming undone and letting The Imprisoned escape." I nodded and got to my feet, trying to ignore the cold numbing my body and the pain in my chest. I ran down the steps to run with Link back into broad daylight. There, I knew something was going to happen, and a part of me wanted to flee from what was going to come.

~~~~~~~~~The Imprisoned~~~~~~~~~~~~

Groose ran to us and stumbled, "W-Whoa! What is with all of this shaking? I thought the ground was supposed to be solid down here..."

I exchanged looks with Link. "Come on," I said urgently, "We have to check the sealing spike down in the pit, and try to seal it if we can! We can't let whatever's sealed in it from getting out!" He nodded to me, taking in my expression for a moment before heading down. I stood at the top of the pit, unable to move closer to it. I didn't want to; I wanted to run away. I forced myself to hang onto my arms and lock myself in place, braving the sight of the pit and the smoke that was rising from the spike in the center of the seal.

As Link approached it, the sense of cold death riveted through my entire being, and I cried out, "Get back! Don't touch it, He's coming out!" Link looked up to where I stood before backing off from the seal as the ground turned pitch-black and opened a whole into an otherworldly realm.

I heard His cry before I could even see him, and I clasped my hands over my ears and collapsed to my knees, screaming in pain as the Imprisoned burst forth from the depths, unleashing another ferocious roar into the air. The ringing in my ears wouldn't fade, and I could hear Ghirahim's cackling somewhere in the back of it. I groaned and kept a lid on my screaming, writhing with my head in my hands. "Link!" I managed to yell to him, staring at the ground without courage to face the Imprisoned, "We can't...let Him get to the temple! Drive Him back into the pit!" Link was already running to attack the embodiment of evil, striking Him wherever he could. The only weakspot were the toes on the grotesque body, and somehow, miraculously, Link brought the creature down in a matter of moments onto His back.

"Use the Skyward Strike on the spike!" I called hoarsely, desperate for anything to get Him out of the world of the living. As Link raised his sword and brought it down, the strike solidly hit the spike, and suddenly the pain and shrieking deafened considerably. I began to recover and felt immense relief from the pain, but the effects wore off and I was slammed back into the mental turmoil. I groaned loudly and braced myself for the rebounds of pain whenever the Skyward Strike would hit. Fuck you, Ghirahim...fuck you for doing this to me... I chanced my eyes to open, watching the Imprisoned try to make His way up the ramp of the pit, traveling only a fraction of the way up before stopping to stand and try again. Link continued to try to drive Him back, but even with all the pain He was enduring, His hunger for Sacred Power was greater.

Link struggled with the Imprisoned as He tried to gain ground up the ramp, varying His travel by doing a strange motoring-type-motion up the path and forcing Link to abandon the ramp to find another way to higher ground and keep ahead of Him. I watched as they fought and Link desperately tried to impale the spike into the Imprisoned, but it still wouldn't go deep enough. He tried to avoid the impounding steps as the Imprisoned cleared a path for Himself, coming closer to the Temple. The hero nimbly wove his way between the legs, slashing and slicing the toes of the monster off. He successfully sliced the front toes clean off, slowing the beast. I felt a sense of satisfaction from seeing that.

And then Link's luck ran out; the Imprisoned roughly stomped the earth, catching Link off-guard with the change in pattern and forcing him to the ground. I gaped in horror; he was barely keeping ahead of the Imprisoned, and when he tried to get up to flee, the stump would come slamming down and knock him off his feet. He's playing with him! I have to do something... I felt utterly useless, and I recalled the sacrifice Ticktock had made, and the promise I said to Link. It was so ironic, it hadn't even been that long ago. I forced myself to get up and I started running, panicked and fearful I wouldn't make it in time. Link was strong, but he was facing a god of evil, and it looked like his fortune had run dry.

If whatever that hag said is true, please give me some sort of sign that I have Sacred Power too! I gasped for air as I ran, abandoning my sword and equipment to the side to lose the extra weight and gain ground. As I approached, I heard His voice ring out through my soul. YOU WILL NOT SAVE HIM; GIVE IN NOW, FOR DEFYING ME WILL ONLY PROLONG THE INEVITABLE. I tried to shake the voice out and kept running, reaching the edge and leaping off for the Imprisoned. I landed roughly on His head and crawled for the spike at the forehead, sticking out like a nail in the ground.

His voice came again as my fingers shakily wormed for the stone-like figure, sweat pouring down my face and through my body. WHY DO YOU FIGHT WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WILL FAIL? GIVE IN, THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE HERE. I dragged myself and clung to the spike, shivering and shaking against it in fear. I looked down and saw Link barely conscious, being covered in the shadow of the stump as the Imprisoned prepared to crush him underfoot.

"...No." My voice was nothing more than a whisper as I clutched the spike and shoved down as hard as I could into the head of the Imprisoned, and my ears rang in pain as He roared in agony, thrashing His head to and fro. His body was beginning to glow white, and He continued to thrash. I clung to him, screaming and shrieking in pain as He tried to exact some form of punishment before He would become sealed again. THERE IS NO CHANGE TO FATE; I WILL RETRIEVE WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE. He roared, enraged and began to stumble about, finding a cliff wall and slamming His head into it. I clung to the spike, crouched against His scalp as it was slowly being embedded into His head with each impact He made. THERE IS NO HOPE LEFT FOR YOU, OR THIS WORLD. I WILL COME AGAIN, AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DEFEAT ME. With a final gutteral bellow, He brought His head towards the cliff wall again. The spike was almost flattened, and there was no way I could avoid this.

I uttered a soft gasp of despair, watching the cliff wall rushed up to meet me and I felt a bone-shattering impact--
SPECIALIS - :A Groose Call: [29]
Well, that escalated quickly!

For the readers, no, I am not an angry individual. I'm very pleasant to be around, I love to be with people and socialize with them. I love to write, to game, to explore, and I love my family very much. I am very much Christian and love the Lord a lot. In this edition, I wanted to take a different perspective on story-making and was inspired by a game to write this. If you have questions now, please do hold off on them until the next chapter comes out. More than likely, you'll begin to draw your own conclusions as more information is released to you. Trust me, you'll begin to understand the further the story goes.

I understand if you don't favorite the chapter for harsh language, and I am sorry if I have truly offended anyone out there. It isn't my intention to offend anyone. If I have intrigued you, however, I will be enthusiastic. I plan to continue the series, and I hope to do so with your help. If you have any suggestions or comments to make, make them below this information window in the comment box. If they happen to be insulting, I'll simply just delete them. Nothing personal; just delete them. I don't care. w00t!

So! Without further ado, I will probably be working on the next chapter! Follow more of my works in the gallery!

Oh, and by the way--Specialis is "secret" in Latin.…<---Where This All Begins---<…<---Next Chapter---<…<---Previous Chapter---<
Hey guys!

Need your expertise on something:

I'd like to begin capturing footage from my 3DS for walkthrough purposes, or perhaps just giving a "how-to" from time to time, and I would like to capture the footage straight from inside the 3DS. No camera stands, no "external" footage--I mean as in take whatever's inside that 3DS and transfer it to a computer to record and then mess with later, and I would prefer to do it with both screens in the footage. I've seen professional gamers with their neat trademark tags and arrangements as to how they record (say they have a profile picture to the side or fancy setups besides the original two-screen split of the Gameboy), and I'd like to learn how to do that as well.

Only problem is I haven't found a single video or tutorial that explains it clearly enough for me, and I tend to work well with simplified answers. I know there are many ways to do this, but if you guys can help tell me how you film your 3DS nowadays, I'd really appreciate it!

I would prefer software on the computer with some sort of attachment/synchronization of Computer + 3DS device, but if there's an easier method, please inform me!
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KingGhidorah2007 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here you go,
As usual, my everyday low price for full detail drawing is 20 bucks, please transfer the money through when you get the chance, also refer to...…

It will help us both…

Here ya go
Zelda206 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
All right; just send me the proper email Paypal transaction account I'm sending it to, and we'll call it a day! Glad I could help!
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...It's in the screenshot XD I'll send it to you and I did tell you the price. 
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Hello Caitlin, 

  I am sure you remember me from many days ago, we did a commission before and since I have birthdays coming up, I was going to ask if you'd like to do another one if you were able. I am sorry if I come off sounding rude and demanding however, I am a bit in a panic hahaha.
I am looking forward to your answer, it was nice doing business with you.
Zelda206 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, you have birthdays coming up?

Are you asking that I make you a commission?

or that I ask you t--oooooh, I got it. You need the ching-ching. Sure, I liked your work, I could ask you to do another for me ^^
KingGhidorah2007 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

That is exactly what I am asking XD If you wouldn't mind. I am open to a commission.
Zelda206 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
All right, I'll see what I can do to give you something to do. Anything in my gallery that you want to try before I invent something for you?
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Thank you so much for the watch, I deeply appreciate it! :D
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I will send you my email for paypal so you can transfer the funds, as the description says I will make it it's original size and remove the watermark when the transaction is complete.
Zelda206 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
All right! I really like how you were so daring with your creativity, and I absolutely love what you did with the "flesh" addition; that I did not expect, and yet it reached further than my own creativity with the beasts themselves in the story, and I am very pleased with how it turned out. I hope it gives inspiration for any works you make in the future, and perhaps you can canon the rethilium beast in future projects that you create; I'd love to see each and every one of them.

I shall send the transferred funds now; again, thank you so much for this opportunity. You've really done well, and likely see me again ^^
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