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Yoto and Gohan! by The-Boundless

All in all, I believe this was a very well perceived piece of artwork. You did excellently on the shading, as you did on the original c...


Almost twenty-four hours went by, and not a single artist I know shared any posts on Memorial Day.

This is a sad day for me, and a sad day for those that are no longer with us.
Today is MEMORIAL DAY! Please do not forget that the free day you have to do whatever you please is a day of Freedom, and one that hundreds of soldiers died so that you could have! Support our Troops! *salute*
At long last, Specialis has been laid to rest. The final two chapters, concluding the series at forty-five chapters in total, are being withheld until conclusion-etchings are made for them! I'd like to, again, thank :iconsoniclink137: and :iconevanescentideas: for their support and comments in the chapters; that truly helped me keep going when I felt like I wanted to give up on the story entirely! Your support worked wonders, thanks to the both of you!

There are a few series I put on hold to finish up Specialis, one of them being The Vanished Force. I might continue on with that one and pick it up again, or I might go back to Team Hope. Either way, more chapters of other stories will be coming out! I don't foresee me starting an entirely new series just yet, but if an idea strikes me, then by golly, I'm going to go ahead with it!

Let me know what you all think in the comments below!
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Jacqueline! Jacqueline! Wake up! Please, wake up!

You have to wake up...I'm not going to leave you here...

Miss Jacqueline....

Wake up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Present~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My eyelids were heavy and I fought to open them. I groaned and shifted in the tight, dark space. It was very warm and it was tempting for me to block out the voices and go back to sleep, however something told me I had to get out immediately. Something was causing my world to shiver; something was hitting from the front with a sharp amount of force. I began to open my eyes and saw blue shafts of light peeking at my eyelids. I raised my arm to shield my face and I heard a cracking noise and felt something give under my weight.

I heard something shatter and I tumbled heavily to the floor, surprised and alarmed at how weak I felt and how slow I had responded to the increase in gravity. My kneecaps spiked with sharp pain and I tumbled to the floor. A quick series of footsteps sounded outside of my vision, and I felt several hands pulling me up. "Easy," a soft voice urged, "she might still be weak and dazed from the sleep; it is not an easy feat to accomplish, and she could have suffered damage."

"I'm awake...your voices are so loud..." I growled and I heard Zelda sigh with relief. "At least she is conscious." I felt their arms begin to support me and hold me up to sit on my knees, which still stung a little from the impact to the floor. I kept my eyes shut, still groggy and unused to the sunlight that peeked through the roof. Zelda's voice came softly, "How are you feeling?"

My voice was thick and I cleared it, "Like shit, honestly; it's like someone volted me with a car battery and sucked me dry." Zelda chuckled, "I was a little tired when I came out, as well; Link woke us up." Link. I struggled to raise my head and open my eyes, refusing to keep them closed despite the pain of the light. Slowly and surely I forced them open, seeing colors that slowly defined into shapes. Next thing I knew, I was looking into two sets of blue eyes, each pair striking and powerful in their own way. I blinked slowly, "...Hey buddy, what's up?" The knight shook his head after a while of silence, and I nodded. My memories began to flow back to me, and I held onto them with precious care, "Yeah, I know you can't forgive me...that's never stopped me, though." Link looked up and managed a small smile. Zelda looked to me, "He was very scared--we all were. Even after you went to sleep, I wasn't sure you'd be able to hold Ghirahim at bay; I sensed a lot of turmoil coming from you, even while I was asleep. Are you hurt?" I turned my head to look at the shattered particles of the blue crystal I had been sleeping in and thought of Other Me. I sighed, "...Just some difficult things to deal with in there, but I promise I'm fine. Really." I looked at them sincerely and they both exchanged looks before nodding.

I looked past them. "What about the Imprisoned? What happened to Him?" Zelda smiled widely as Link looked at me, holding up his hand to show a golden triangle glowing on the back. "The Imprisoned is no more; the wish was made, and Darkness no longer plagues this land. He will not rise again." Warning bells went off in my head about the accuracy of his assurance and I looked to Zelda, "Are you sure He's gone for good?" Zelda looked at me empathically, "I can understand your alertness, Jacqueline; being held under His captivity must have caused horrors to your mind, however there is no need to worry now. He truly is dead, by the gods' hands." I narrowed my eyes, skeptical. Other Me told me that my final journey would be to help Link take care of the He can't be gone for good. They have a false sense of security... The two seemed certain they had defeated the Imprisoned, however that didn't dissuade the foreshadowing of a curve-ball in the making. Nothing was popping out, and time stretched further along with a peaceful silence. I didn't sense anything dark or foreboding. I looked down at my hands, "What happened? I don't remember a lot from before I went to sleep..."

Zelda looked to me, "The sacred power you once held is now with me; you're normal again." Normal. I wanted to taste that word on my tongue; it didn't feel accurate, but it seemed to be the only word that fit. Everything I'd adapted to felt normal--it was when I didn't have it did it become abnormal. "Guess I'm not a spirit maiden anymore?" Zelda shook her head, "No longer; you've paid the price it took to ensure the world's survival by locking yourself away in the past and awaiting the future to come. Much time has passed for the both of us, and true to his word, Link came back to awaken us." She rested a hand on Link's shoulder and I turned my gaze away. I looked at myself, seeing my clothes for the first time and blinking in surprise. How did...

Link smiled, "Blonde hair seems to suit you better, as well." My head snapped up, "BLONDE HAIR?!" My hands shot to my head as I grasped the strands and pulled a bang in front of my face to see out of the corner of my eye; true as day, golden strands twined between my fingers. I guess all the dye came out... Link looked at me, "Is this your real hair color?" I nodded and shrugged, "I wanted to do something different, back home; I liked having dark hair."

"The gold hair seems to suit you more; it is almost as if I can't tell you or Zelda apart." I smirked, "Oh, I'm sure you'll find some way," and he laughed, "I imagine I will!" He smiled at me, "I'm glad you are all right, Jacqueline; I'm thankful you're still alive and with us." I stood up, my weak knees regaining some of their strength, and smiled at him. "You can't get rid of me that easily; I've died at least twice now--well, technically once, but still." Zelda looked up and around the room, "It is probably best we depart from this sanctuary and return outside. Our business is concluded here." The three of us, including Fi, exited the inner sanctum, allowing the massive slabs of stone to ease shut and seal behind us, guarding the sanctity of the inner sanctum. Zelda walked strongly on my right while Link supported me on my left, both assisting me to keep me from falling as we descended the staircase. Groose was waving to us with Old Impa next to him, a wrinkled smile on her face.

"I knew you could do it," she rasped, and I smirked, "You certainly were one heck of a guide." She chuckled as Groose stepped in, rushing to Zelda and sobbing over her return, trying to hide his emotions in his arm and failing. I broke away from the two when I felt my strength return and stood on my own, looking to the old woman. With the others off to the side, I held council with her. "This is too easy--even if the problem in this time is fixed, what about the past? I may have rewrote it all, but a few things remain--Groose still recognizes me, and I can't forget about Ghirahim."

The old woman nodded, "Your concern is understandable, my child, however there is no need to look for danger; the threat has been destroyed. With rewriting the past and setting the present in stone, the future does not need to fret about the Imprisoned." As she spoke, I felt something cold stir within me; even if all darkness had been purged from me, a sixth-sense that had adapted to the magic still lived on, and perhaps it was this that alerted me to the attack that came seconds later, however I turned on a dime and began bolting for Link and Zelda, both whom were on their way to reunite with Groose. I moved to push Zelda out of the way, "LOOK OU--"

A sudden eruption of light spiked down between the two and they were blasted away from each other, both sustaining damage. I was thrown off my feet and hit my head hard on the ground, dazing me and causing my vision to blur. As I began to regain my bearings, I could see the familiar colors of one I had despised so much for so long. Ghirahim...! He sauntered from around one of the pillars and picked up Zelda easily using the magic that haunted my spirit. I could still feel the pull of darkness, even if it had no true grasp over me. I struggled to get up as he disregarded me entirely, and made his way to the Gate again. Not again..! He gloated and boasted before he passed through. "He's trying to revive Demise..!" I grunted and began to rise, struggling to get to my feet as Link got up and stared with pure hatred, staring at the back of the most despicable adversary. Ghirahim chuckled and turned around to face me and the Chosen, licking his lips. "Now, my dear...I'm not sure where you got that information, as I haven't said anything of my plan...and yet you know it. Strange..." He chuckled and waved farewell as he passed through the Gate of Time and Link pursued him without a moment's hesitation before Groose or Impa had the chance to stop him.

I looked at Old Impa as I climbed the steps. "He didn't recognize me.."

"It was a constant change in time, my dear," Impa said gently, "He does not recognize you now, just as I hadn't seen this attack coming until after he had changed history in the past by transporting the spirit maiden there with himself."

"What about Zelda's crystal? I saw all of that amber on the floor--doesn't that mean she's still inside, acting as a seal?"

"In theory, yes, my dear--two Zeldas are in existance in the past; the one that had traveled before the attack, as traveling back there will only continue interference the further the timeline goes and cannot be rewinded further back to change what the Goddess put into motion, is still maintaining a seal for the Imprisoned. However, should the second Zelda, our Zelda, perish in any way, both will evaporate from existence, as the future would have wiped out any means of life for her. The same goes for you as well, my dear; you are still within your own crystal, keeping Ghirahim from any true knowledge of you and what is to come. With that in mind, he will not have the foresight to rewind time again and start this journey from the beginning--essentially that would wipe all of our minds clean, and Darkness would surely win without a second chance."

"Well I guess there is such a thing as being in two places at once, I guess...wonder what I look like..."

"That is moot to ponder right now, my dear, as the time that we know it now will begin to crumble apart. You must make haste after the Chosen and aid him against the Darkness one final time and berid this world of the threat it is under. This timeline will not hold for long; you must go now."

"I understand." I nodded and gave her a quick hug and patted Groose on the back before I threw myself into the Gate.

~~~~~~~~~~The Distant Past~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I emerged from the Gate and found Impa lying down, and yet supporting herself. Her wounds didn't seem grevious, and she pointed at the front doors. "Quickly, Jacqueline! You must go after Link. He pursued Ghirahim through the doors of the Temple to the Sealed Grounds! You may catch up to him before it is too late! Hurry!" I nodded and shoved the temple doors open with effort and found myself staring at a darkened sky. Up ahead was Link, and he was staring down at the center of the pit. I ran to join him to see what was happening. Within the bowels of the pit stood Ghirahim, teleporting and dancing strangely around a figure that lay upon the ground with her hands folded. Zelda's body was levitated into the air, her form glowing with the familiar golden light that had once come from me. I had a terrible feeling with what was going to happen.

I watched on as Ghirahim began to perform the ritual and summoned monsters to stop Link in his tracks, however he merely drew his sword and charged down the ramps, knocking foes from his path. I did what I could to keep up, drawing my own sword and providing distractions to the monsters and keeping some of the smaller ones off his back in time for him to finish them off for me. The Master Sword, as it was called, was the only weapon that could truly purge them and keep their dark essence from feeding the ritual. We got to the bottom and found more monsters waiting for us. Link finished them off quickly and advanced on Ghirahim.

Ghirahim wasn't happy at all. He placed his hands to his head, clutching it in what seemed like ill-restrained anger. "Why can't you sit still and quiet like a good boy?! HMM? You all breed like rodents, a new pest popping up at the most inconvenient times! I am so mad I could just kill you now!!" He stopped and looked at us with a grin, "Which doesn't sound like such a bad idea now..." He stepped out from in front of Zelda and snapped his fingers; a platform suddenly formed underneath our feet and lifted all three of us into the air. "I'll tell you what," he said, "if you can defeat me in time, the ritual will stop. However, I doubt you'll be able to accomplish such a feat. Still, it'd be most amusing for me if you tried! Come, little warrior, face your obliteration at my hand!"

His attention went towards me, "And without any bystander distractions." He lifted his hand and threw a ball of energy at me, knocking me off the platform and falling to the ground below. As I fell, I caught a few seconds of Link looking over the edge, yelling my name loudly in despair. My vision went dark and I lost consciousness before I hit the ground.


I came to, miraculously, and found myself looking groggily at a floating, glowing figure. With a jolt in my heart I saw Zelda and my eyes immediately shot upward; Link and Ghirahim were still battling, however the platform was lower than it had been when I fell. I fought to get up and yelped in pain; one of my arms had broken in the fall, and I struggled to keep myself from screaming. Grunting, I held my arm protectively and moved to where Zelda was.

Placing a hand on her shoulder, I closed my eyes. Come on...I was a spirit maiden too, y'know...just give me some of your power...let me help... I felt a warmth flow into me, and I chanced a look to see the energy flowing into me. My pain was removed, and my arm was mended instantly. I took my hand away, feeling the sacred power flow into me, and looked up. That way neither Ghirahim or the Imprisoned get all of the power! The ritual won't be as effective! I grinned in triumph and moved up the ramp, finding a position higher the descending platform and waving to Link. "Link! It's okay, everything's going to be fine!"

"Jacqueline, you're alive--"

"BEHIND YOU!" Link blocked Ghirahim's attack just in time, both fighters seeming to tire. Once they had reached the ground, Link took the advantage and went on a more brutal offensive, cutting through Ghirahim's defenses and wounding him. The battle was won; Ghirahim couldn't fight any longer. He grimaced and backed away, however he had a triumphant look on his face. "While you were fighting, the ritual continued on; you were too late to stop it!" He turned and promptly kicked Zelda's form up into the air and prepared to summon the Imprisoned. I watched her form, so small and suspended above the pit. How the Hell am I going to get up there? I turned my attention back to the pit as Ghirahim broke the seal with the change in history and allowed the Imprisoned to break through. It opened Its massive jaws and began to suck in the golden glow of the body. I could hear her screams of pain as the golden power was ripped from her in a huge pulse and swallowed into the Imprisoned's form.

All except the fraction that I had taken; that had stayed with me. I hid as best I could away from the Imprisoned so that It would not notice the incomplete package, however that didn't stop It from changing its form, shrinking down and into the form of a huge man. Flames erupted from the head, and a scar glowed on his forehead. His eyes burned like the coals in a dying fire, ready to burst forth in an inferno of blazing hatred. He was clothed in shadows and a radiating darkness that could corrupt whatever it touched. The demon king was pure evil, however he was still incomplete. He looked to Ghirahim, whose form had changed and was praising his Master's return. The man raised his hand and destroyed Ghirahim, transforming the servant into a master blade for his craft. Link stood tall against Demise, and the demon king turned to him.

"...So the insects that once cowered underneath Hylia's heels stand to defy me...never did I think such an age could exist with this outcome...Amusing." He chuckled and raised his blade against Link, "So you are the knight chosen by the Goddess! What courage you must have facing me, boy..." He looked up at me, "And yet even more mortals seek to defy me, even in the final hour of your time..." He looked back to the Chosen, "You are becoming more intriguing by the minute, Destined Hero..." He looked up and scoffed at the sight of Zelda's body hanging in the air. "This bag of flesh the Goddess created pales in comparison to her previous form...a pitiful excuse of selflessness, to reduce her form to such a weakened is a shame. She was truly radiant, the last we fought." He looked to Link, "I see that I intimidate you, boy, yet you do not flee; could it be you seek to challenge me?"

Link nodded, and Demise chuckled, "Very well; I will craft a battlefield that will be without distraction. Should you still holster courage within your heart, seek me there." He looked up and swept his blade through the air, causing a spiral of air to toss the body towards the earth. Link immediately turned and began to run with the bleak chance that he could catch her. I was too far away, even though I was rising to help. Suddenly, a voice yelled and a bulky figure was jetting down the ramp. "Don't worry, you guys!" he yelled, "Groose has got this!" He threw his body forwards as if trying to catch a baseball, and he heavily collided with the ground, causing clouds of dirt to blanket the ramp. When the dust settled, Zelda was in Groose's arms and safe and sound. I took off immediately and made it to him, huffing and puffing my lungs out. "I...I caught her, she's okay!"

"I can see that," I wheezed out, my hands on my knees. I looked over the girl; she looked as if she were merely asleep, however the tug I felt from where I had extracted some of the power felt far more sinister. I hid my hand in my coat and knelt closer to Zelda. She was breathing, but very faintly. Groose looked at me and blinked, as if he remembered something. He turned and yelled out to Link, "Hey! Link! Grannie told me something really important! She said that it'll take some time for that grease wad to absorb Zelda's soul completely! If you can beat him before her soul gets sucked up into that...thing, then we might have a chance..." He looked down at Zelda, worried. I took my turn to look out to Link, "I know you can do it, Link--you're the only one that can! You have to!" Link nodded and turned to face Demise with newfounded hope. The evil-incarnate smirked, "Very well. Follow if you dare." He aimed a vile stare up at me and I froze, afraid he had sensed I had stolen some of his energy. If he had, he chose not to voice it; instead he opened up the ground with a chilling spiral of darkness and faced Link. "If you fear for your life, do not follow me. You can spend what little time your world has left cowering and crying, as befits your kind.

"But if you truly desire to raise your blade against the world I would build," he continued, "come for me. I've waited eons to return. I can spare a few more moments to let you decide." He suddenly vanished and the hole in the ground yawned wider. I had a terrible feeling as I looked upon it and instead I averted my gaze down to the ground. I saw my hand was shaking and I took my hand out of my jacket. Looking at it, I saw flits and pieces of golden power flowing through it. I looked up at Groose, "I can buy her some time; he didn't get all of her spirit, just most of it. I can use the rest to keep her from fading away before Link has a chance to stop him." I looked down at Link, watching him move towards the portal without missing a beat. My heart jumped and I yelled out to him. He stopped and turned around to face me. "What is it, Jacqueline?"

I sighed, "Just be careful in there, okay? None of us can go with you. This is a battle you'll be fighting on your own!"

He smiled, "Relax; I've been accomplishing a lot of things without anyone's help. I'll do so again this time." Memories of our adventures together had already been erased, from what it appeared to be, and pain filtered in. I bowed my head and nodded, "'ll be fine. We're here for you." He nodded and walked through the portal, disappearing to the other side. I looked to Groose, who looked at me without a clue. "What do we do now?"

"We wait, Groose," I said gently, "we wait."
SPECIALIS - :Epic Reckoning: [43]
Slowly and surely our story draws closer to the end...

For the readers, no, I am not an angry individual. I'm very pleasant to be around, I love to be with people and socialize with them. I love to write, to game, to explore, and I love my family very much. I am very much Christian and love the Lord a lot. In this edition, I wanted to take a different perspective on story-making and was inspired by a game to write this. If you have questions now, please do hold off on them until the next chapter comes out. More than likely, you'll begin to draw your own conclusions as more information is released to you. Trust me, you'll begin to understand the further the story goes.

I understand if you don't favorite the chapter for harsh language, and I am sorry if I have truly offended anyone out there. It isn't my intention to offend anyone. If I have intrigued you, however, I will be enthusiastic. I plan to continue the series, and I hope to do so with your help. If you have any suggestions or comments to make, make them below this information window in the comment box. If they happen to be insulting, I'll simply just delete them. Nothing personal; just delete them. I don't care. w00t!

So! Without further ado, I will probably be working on the next chapter! Follow more of my works in the gallery!

Oh, and by the way--Specialis is "secret" in Latin.…<---Where This All Begins---<
<---Next Chapter---<…<---Previous Chapter---<
When I opened my eyes, it was dark all around me. Darkness everywhere, there to be my constant companion--or my poltergeist--as I floated in an abyss of shadows. I was alert, and there was a faint sinister presence, but it didn't alarm me to action. Instead, I coped with it and observed everything around me. I couldn't see anything; everything was pitch-black. The faintest sense of a memory tingled in my brain, and I wanted to see light. Suddenly, I could make out shapes, and the darkness peeled away to reveal a landscape I was highly-familiar with.

It was Skyloft. And more importantly, it was the spiritual realm that represented Skyloft. Why has this taken me here? What am I supposed to do here? I half-hoped I would hear Fi call from above to give me advice, though I wasn't surprised when I called and there was no response. I decided to assess where I was standing first.

There was a barrier that protected me, much like my own trial realms had when I had to conquer darkness. The sky was strangely serene without any vortexes pulling seedlings of light up into it, however since the barrier was here, it would be a form of protection against a sinister force. What could the darkness have brought here to make it so dangerous... Something sounded off, like a golden bell, and I looked ahead. Far off in the Spirit Realm Skyloft Goddess Statue, a light was emitting. It had a beckoning feeling, and I knew I'd have to reach it. The voice that was calling me reminded me of the one that had guided me to Faron, and although it was vaguely familiar, I couldn't put my finger on it. I shrugged and stepped out of the barrier.

The realm went into utter chaos as the sky turned a fiery dark, and the Guardians awoke. However, I watched carefully and saw that they were covered in shadows. If I'm going to beat those, I need to reach that light. I knew that once I got to the light, there would be a chance at defeating the corruption in the realm, and then fully revoke Ghirahim's foresight. I started off and grabbed one of the bullets of light and sent the Guardians back to sleep, however that didn't stop the Poes from playing sentry and patrolling around the borders of the island. I stepped near a small pool of Waking water and heard laughter coming from it. When I looked down, I could see Link and Zelda in common clothing, riding on their Loftwings. This must show visions of the past. I passed on from the pool and stumbled upon another one, this time the visions revealing Link in his graduate Knight clothing and heading for the Surface. I blinked, That's odd; the first time Link went to the Surface, I went with him. I was his "guide". I carefully dodged the Poes and headed for the shortest avenue I could think of to get to the Goddess Statue.

Unfortunately, the path I had chosen was blocked by a celestial gate, bars and everything, and the only way over was one of the bridges, which was covered in Poes. I could hear the chime of their alert bells innocently clashing at random intervals as they sensed no intruders, however because of the corruption, I assumed it was that they couldn't sense me. If the darkness wanted any chance of winning, it would be pitting anything it could against me, especially if it could keep me from getting to the Statue. I crept close to the bridge and hid, waiting for the Poe to pass over before I dashed along the roadway. I heard its attentive chiming pick up as it hobbled through the air to find whatever had crossed under its nose. I hid in one of the bushes nearby and caught my breath. Another bullet sat before me, and upon taking it, a sudden gushing of Waking Water came up from the earth. I threw my hand back and squatted awkwardly to keep myself from touching it. The bubbling water revealed another scene; Link was already at the volcano, talking to a Mogma with Fi. He had Buzzmark on his arm. This never happened...I'm not there....Huh. I stood up and moved away as the water bubbled and receded back into the ground, disappearing without a trace. I began to stew over the strange visions that were appearing in the Waking waters; it was showing Link going along the journey and quest-chains I had gone through with him, however he was on his own and alone. I had a suspicion of what it could mean, however a Poe distracted me from my thoughts and I left the questions to be saved for the source of the light.

YOU...WILL NOT...SUCCEED... I stopped and looked around for the Imprisoned, however He seemed much more distant and less-imposing than the last time I had seen him. "Oh yeah? Watch me." I flinched as a Poe overheard me and began to jingle my way, and I narrowly dodged their light and crept through a few more shrubs, my eyes on the Statue. YOU..MAY HAVE STOPPED ME...HOWEVER YOU CANNOT DESTROY ME...I AM WITHIN THE HEARTS OF ALL WHO ARE SELFISH... I kept my mouth shut and walked by a sleeping Guardian, passing the location of the bazaar and easing my way to the extended, broken staircase of the Statue. I assumed it was a last-ditch effort to make me rethink attempting to go for the light. I heard His voice growl lower. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I WILL NOT GO AFTER YOUR PEOPLE NEXT, FALSE MAIDEN? I stopped at that, and a nearby pool of Waking water revealed a picture of the earth. It showed me the world being covered in a darkened blanket. The picture centered in on a familiar neighborhood, and I saw my parents and Thomas transforming into monsters, shrieking and moaning, and roaming like walking corpses. So that's where zombies could come from... I conceded it was possible that the Imprisoned was telling the truth, and fear clutched my heart.

The golden bell sounded in my mind, and I felt calm again. I continued walking onward, and a ripple went through the realm; the Imprisoned was becoming desperate. I WILL RIP YOUR FAMILY APART AND FORCE YOU TO WATCH. IS THAT WHAT YOU DESIRE? ALL OF THE DEATHS OF YOUR PLANET WILL BE ON YOUR HEAD, LITTLE GIRL!

"Oh just shut the FUCK UP already!" I lowered myself from a ledge and edged towards the long flight of stairs that would take me to the last stretch of getting to the Statue. The realm shook again, more violently this time. I WILL KEEP YOU HERE ETERNALLY AND FORCE YOU TO WATCH! I WILL MAKE SURE THE DEATHS OF YOUR LOVED ONES ARE SLOW AND AGONIZING! I CAN SUMMON UNDEAD AND BRING DESTRUCTION UPON WORLDS, CHILD! WHAT CHANCE DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE TO STOP ME? I stopped at the top of the stairs and looked towards the Statue. A long pause came and I looked up at the sky. "Honestly? I don't think I have a chance of defeating you. That's not why I'm here."


"Not sure; I've been told I'm a decoy, a distraction, a vessel, shit like that."


"Oh, now we're off the threats? Suddenly I'm valuable? Piss off, cupcake."


"Aaand now we're back to the threats. Nope! I think I'll pass." I started walking up the long staircase, and the realm began to quake. The realm was suddenly turning back to its deadly orange color, and I hadn't realized that the Imprisoned had distracted me with His words. Still, the Statue was right there; I'd be safe before any of them could touch me. I heard Him chuckle. THERE IS NOWHERE TO GO OR HIDE HERE, LITTLE ONE; YOU WILL BE DEVOURED AND I WILL REPEAT TIME AGAIN, AND CLAIM WHAT IS MINE! I groaned, "Will you ever shut up? Geez, for an evil embodiment of a deity, you sure talk way too much. Talk about overzealous!" I kept walking up the staircase, stumbling and teetering near the side, the quakes threatening to toss me into the twining darkness below. I decided to crawl up the steps, the quakes less impacting as I reinforced my gravity. The realm suddenly woke up, and the Guardians turned in my direction. "...Uh oh!" The quakes were severe and I couldn't afford running or else I'd fall off the edge. However, if I didn't hurry up, the Guardians would catch me in no time at all; already I could see the flying one slicing its dual-swords like butcher knives, and the big Guardian was dragging its massive blade behind it, their triangular eyes glinting menacingly up at me.

I turned back to assess the distance; I wasn't far away from the Statue now. As I kept crawling, I could hear Him scoffing at me. LOOK AT HOW INSIGNIFICANT YOU ARE! BROUGHT TO DIE IN A LAND THAT IS NOT YOUR OWN! FOR PEOPLE THAT DO NOT EVEN CARE ABOUT YOU! LOOK AT HOW EASILY THEY THREW YOU AWAY! WHAT KIND OF 'LOVING' PEOPLE WOULD FORCE A STRANGER TO MAKE THE HARD CHOICES FOR THEM? THEY ARE WEAK, COWARDICE, AND UNWORTHY! YOU BELONG WITH ME, FATED CHILD... I kept my eyes on the light ahead; I couldn't turn back now. The Guardians would rip me to shreds, and I only had one chance at this. I made it to the top step, looking back and gasping as I saw the Guardians already halfway up the stairs, increasing their pace. I stumbled and tripped my way across the courtyard and headed for the light, my hand reaching out.

"Jackie?" A female voice sounded gently, and I faltered. "M...Mom?" I turned around and screamed as a Guardian bore down on me, swiping its blades at me. I ducked and dodged out of the way, reminded of the Academy training I had endured. I pivoted to the left and right, easing my way backwards towards the doorway of light. I should have known He'd try to trick me at the last second! I could hear my parents, calling and beckoning me to come to them, however that would lead me back into the realm. I clasped my hands over my ears and threw myself into the light, the Imprisoned letting out a blood-curdling roar of anger and defeat.


"You're safe now...wake up." I looked up and found myself in the room where Link had gotten the Goddess Sword. Standing there was a figure made of light. "Are you Zelda?" The figure shook their head. "Then who are you?"

"I am the Light that makes up your other half, Jacqueline. I am the sacred ties that bound you to Hylia's prophecy and to Zelda's destiny, and have led you here to where you will finally rid this land of unintended consequences." She was smaller than me and had her hair pulled back into a braid to be tied by a bow in the back by ribbon. She was wearing a simple, small white gown that seemed like the design to a nightgown I had seen before in past years. I pointed a finger at the little girl, "So you're the reason I was getting those rainbow visions, speaking those weird words, and being that other voice inside my head when Link and Fi weren't around?" The figure nodded. I shook my head, "How could I even hear you if I hadn't entered this realm yet? Or did you exist before I even got here?" The figure didn't speak, and I shrugged. I looked the figure over, "...What do I even call you? Do you even have a name?"

The figure nodded, "I am Jacqueline, however I have another name, being the celestial representation of the sacred power you held. It will be unpronouncable in your dialect, so you may call me however you wish."

"Let's go with Other Me, if that's fine with you."

"That is reasonable." I scratched the back of my head, "Are you possibly what I would have turned out to be like, if I'd been born in this world?" Other Me nodded, "Had the scenario changed to where you were a native false maiden, then likely you would have changed in emotional and psychological standpoints." I blinked and narrowed my eyes, "Wait, what do you mean by 'psychological'? Are you saying I'm dumber if I am from Earth?" The figure wisely said nothing and I sighed. "So why am I here? What am I supposed to do in here?"

Other Me gestured me to follow, and she brought me to the stone tablets that had formed the map of the Surface. "Your part is to keep the advancing darkness from infecting the realms and provinces of this world," she said, "and you have succeeded in doing so. Escaping the clutches of evil for a final endeavor has sealed the way for a fair fight against Demise with the Chosen."

I looked around, "So...what happens now?" Other Me nodded, "Now we review the progression of the Chosen through his quest. Observe." She swept her arm across the tablets, and it transformed into a living painting that showed me high-definition and all seven-hundred-and-twenty-pixelated screen. I watched as Link went through dungeons and trials I recognized, through the volcano and desert, across a flooded forest, in the clouds. I could witness all of it, however I felt disconnected from it and a wave of regret washed over me. "So...this is him going along his journey?"

"Indeed it is."

"Without me?"

"This is what history was intended to be, and it is by your sacrifice that their world can continue as normal. The World Degeneration has ceased to be and will not threaten the realms again. Lord Ghirahim has also been kept at bay from advancing on the spirit maiden and obtaining her power prematurely. Once the timelines synchronize, I will disappear and you will no longer be the false maiden. You will no longer be able to hold sacred power. You will be mortal once more."

I made a face, "Well that doesn't sound very fun for me." I looked back at the picture. "How long has it been? Is this happening now?"

Other Me looked at the picture. "It has been several-hundred years since your separation from time; all of these events have occurred in what appears to be the blink of an eye for you, however it has all happened already. Once you leave this place, you will no longer need to maintain a seal upon Lord Ghirahim." I shrugged, "I wasn't intending on sleeping forever, frankly." I arched an eyebrow, "Hey, does Zelda have to do any of this Trial biz?"

"Her methods of keeping the Imprisoned sealed are different, however they are nothing out of her power. She has obtained all of her sacred power and has ascended in growth and strength. Once the Chosen makes his wish, the Imprisoned will be destroyed. The world will be safe."

"Sounds like the both of us had an easier time coping with this than Link did. Poor guy." As I watched the picture from beginning to end, a sudden thought crossed my mind, and I faced Other Me. "What about after all of this is over with? What happens to me? Do I just leave?"

Other Me nodded, "There will be no more use for you to remain here, and the realm cannot host you here; your fate does not rest here. You will return back to your world and resume your life. However, there will be a final price that must be paid in order to truly keep this world safe and allow history to continue on as it was meant to."

"What do I have to pay?"

The golden figure of light looked at me steadily, and then looked at the moving picture. She placed a hand on it affectionately, the lingering touch giving off sense of regret. "In order to be the greatest hero this era has ever must be forgotten by all. Entirely."

"....Bullshit." Other Me looked at me as the word flew from my mouth, unintimidated and patient. I pointed at the picture, "You mean to tell me that I have to be forgotten by everyone? Everyone? Certainly I'll be forgotten over time, but you can't just erase me! After everything!"

The embodiment of light turned away and walked to the pedastal where the Goddess Sword had been pulled. "Another has had to walk this path before, and in the future, one other must go through the same fated path as well."

"Fi..." Remembering the blue figure and her story of how everything was falling apart, and she had called upon the Goddess of Time to rewind to give the world a second chance, I sighed and crossed my arms. "I still don't see the reason that erasing me is a good idea--the people on Skyloft will have kids, and those kids will have kids, and so on and so forth! All names fall out of history, eventually." Other Me caught my gaze, "Is that so? There are many historical figures on Earth that have not been forgotten, even after generations that litter several more generations that come after! They were measured by their achievements and the heart it took to accomplish them. You have saved this world and its only human inhabitants, as well as the other creatures that Hylia protected. You will not be forgotten; your name would carry into legend, be passed down so that people could remember the ultimate hero who made the ultimate sacrifice...however, that is not the story they need. It is what is just, and what is right, but they cannot have you be the hero, Jacqueline. The Chosen is the one that must carry this legend, and the credit with him. This is what you must relinquish to them."

"But...that's not fair...everyone will forget me?"

Other Me nodded soberly, "Without exception, I am afraid to say. This world needs its own heroes; if your name carried through history, this world would undoubtedly attempt to depend on otherwordly heroes, at the same peril as evil would eventually find a way to Earth's realm, and although our realm has sacred power of its own, we cannot afford to endanger it. As time has been reset, so must everyone's memory of you."

"So..I'll need to remember them, instead, huh..." I was shocked as the figure of light shook her head again. "I am afraid that you, too, must forget this place entirely...evil has no separate divisions or sides; if the evil upon Earth were able to discover what you knew, it would be able to spread to this realm and endanger this one, not to mention open the portals and take the people of Earth here. The world--nay, this entire galaxy--would be unbalanced and utterly destroyed."

Fury and pain rose inside of me, "So all of this was for nothing?" The figure watched me, "This world would have suffered a terrible fate, as you have had to suffer, however you have abated the sufferings into something that the Chosen can conquer with the servant of Hylia. You must be forgotten to keep this world's heroes and paths in check. Nothing short of the heavens will remember you and the courageous acts you did for these people."

"What about what I've learned here? When I forget, I'm going to--" The figure stopped me and offered a small smile, "Host no fear in remembering your changed heart. You will need to know what you need to know in order to cope with those that wronged your friend, and how you have wronged others. There will be no explanation for this, merely the fact that you are healed and have dealt with the darkness within your heart." I sat down and buried my face in my hands, "But I don't want to forget...this place was incredible, and I made so many friends."

Other Me placed a hand on my shoulder, "They would not remember you even now, since the past has been changed to give this realm a future. There will be little left for you to lose, save for the Chosen and the servant that accompanied him through his trials. In the end, they too will need to forget you. This is for the best, Jacqueline." Deep in my heart, I knew she was right. I didn't want to admit it, and I wanted to march back outside and refuse to go forward, but doing so would jeopardize everything I'd worked for. I felt trapped, and I hated the feeling. I ran one of my hands through my hair and growled, "Fine. You fucking win--you happy? YOU! FUCKING! WIN!" I shouted at Other Me, and I didn't care. She was patient and waited for me to calm down, even though as I did, I held a grudge and stubbornly refused to let go of my anger. I glared at her, "So what now? Do I just 'poof!' and go back home?" The golden figure shook her head, "Not yet; you will awaken and assist the Chosen in defeating the Imprisoned. Once the servant of the Goddess has completed her task may you go home."

"At least I get to spend a little more time with them, I guess." I looked at Other Me expectantly, and she nodded. She went to the pedastal and reached into the stone itself, slowly drawing my sword with the insignia of a crow on it from the ground and holding it high. As soon as the tip of the blade separated from the stone, the pedastal started glowing and a great light began to envelop the spiritual trial realm, cleansing all remnants of the futuristic taint. As the light began to spread through the room, it became intensely bright, and I was forced to shut my eyes and fall back into darkness.

To which I would wake up on the other side, and my final journey would begin.
SPECIALIS - :First Steps: [42]
Perhaps there'll be enough left for a scrapbook--oh wait, nevermind.

For the readers, no, I am not an angry individual. I'm very pleasant to be around, I love to be with people and socialize with them. I love to write, to game, to explore, and I love my family very much. I am very much Christian and love the Lord a lot. In this edition, I wanted to take a different perspective on story-making and was inspired by a game to write this. If you have questions now, please do hold off on them until the next chapter comes out. More than likely, you'll begin to draw your own conclusions as more information is released to you. Trust me, you'll begin to understand the further the story goes.

I understand if you don't favorite the chapter for harsh language, and I am sorry if I have truly offended anyone out there. It isn't my intention to offend anyone. If I have intrigued you, however, I will be enthusiastic. I plan to continue the series, and I hope to do so with your help. If you have any suggestions or comments to make, make them below this information window in the comment box. If they happen to be insulting, I'll simply just delete them. Nothing personal; just delete them. I don't care. w00t!

So! Without further ado, I will probably be working on the next chapter! Follow more of my works in the gallery!

Oh, and by the way--Specialis is "secret" in Latin.…<---Where This All Begins---<…<---Next Chapter---<…<---Previous Chapter---<
At long last, Specialis has been laid to rest. The final two chapters, concluding the series at forty-five chapters in total, are being withheld until conclusion-etchings are made for them! I'd like to, again, thank :iconsoniclink137: and :iconevanescentideas: for their support and comments in the chapters; that truly helped me keep going when I felt like I wanted to give up on the story entirely! Your support worked wonders, thanks to the both of you!

There are a few series I put on hold to finish up Specialis, one of them being The Vanished Force. I might continue on with that one and pick it up again, or I might go back to Team Hope. Either way, more chapters of other stories will be coming out! I don't foresee me starting an entirely new series just yet, but if an idea strikes me, then by golly, I'm going to go ahead with it!

Let me know what you all think in the comments below!
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