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Yoto and Gohan! by The-Boundless

All in all, I believe this was a very well perceived piece of artwork. You did excellently on the shading, as you did on the original c...


Hey guys!

Need your expertise on something:

I'd like to begin capturing footage from my 3DS for walkthrough purposes, or perhaps just giving a "how-to" from time to time, and I would like to capture the footage straight from inside the 3DS. No camera stands, no "external" footage--I mean as in take whatever's inside that 3DS and transfer it to a computer to record and then mess with later, and I would prefer to do it with both screens in the footage. I've seen professional gamers with their neat trademark tags and arrangements as to how they record (say they have a profile picture to the side or fancy setups besides the original two-screen split of the Gameboy), and I'd like to learn how to do that as well.

Only problem is I haven't found a single video or tutorial that explains it clearly enough for me, and I tend to work well with simplified answers. I know there are many ways to do this, but if you guys can help tell me how you film your 3DS nowadays, I'd really appreciate it!

I would prefer software on the computer with some sort of attachment/synchronization of Computer + 3DS device, but if there's an easier method, please inform me!
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True to his word, Batreaux's little armies of crows stopped attacking the Lumpy Pumpkin's pumpkins. I had requested Fledge, against his questions, to order one large pumpkin per three days. "It's so it will last longer over a longer span of time; one large pumpkin for three days; that provides for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

"For one customer? Is that not a little much?" Fledge looked at me skeptically, and I nodded, "Just trust me; things will start looking up for the pumpkins if we do this. I've already talked with Pumm and Kina, and they're both in agreement with it. Just make the second order; they're waiting for you to deliver the first Great Pumpkin." Under that addition, Fledge nodded without hesitation and began to make his way around the isle, collecting orders for the day. I'd already explained the plan to Batreaux, and he had agreed to ration his juice-intake until production on the pumpkins had improved. I hadn't told Kina about the mysterious guest and that he was behind the thievery, but instead had explained that something had been controlling them, and had liked the pumpkins so much. Whatever it took to keep the crows coming had been good enough for them; they agreed to the large-pumpkin order, reserving the largest for the source of the crow attacks.

On the side note, Wryna was overjoyed to see her daughter had returned unharmed. She thanked me the following morning while I had been on my way back to the Academy, expressing her gratitude in some money. "I have plenty of it--perhaps you can help me again sometime with the house!" Pipit, her son, having been on his way up to the Academy, quietly shook his head back and forth to me and gestured for me to "run". I thanked the mother and had told her that "if I was in the area and caught sight of the issues, I'd be more than happy to help" and did as Pipit had suggested behind her back. Got out of that situation.

I was back at the training dojo currently, after all of the ordeals of the morning had been sorted out. Commander Eagus drilled me with the sword, trying to catch me  off-balance with a series of bouts and turns that I attempted to deflect with my blade and shield, however we both agreed that there was no time to properly exercise with the shield. "Today will be your last day of training with me--your ceremony is coming up, and while you haven't sat through the classes to learn the history of our culture, it was decided that an exception would be made to Knight you after all," he explained as I caught my breath. I blinked dumbly at him, "Today..? I thought I'd have more time..."

He laughed, "Why, are you going to miss me, lass? Miss me throwing you into the dirt like a rug?" I shrugged slightly, wincing at my aching shoulders, "It's not that, sir...I just didn't expect for it to come so soon...what if I'm not ready?" He looked seriously at me, "Trust me, girl--if I've seen anything, it's that you're ready because you don't think you're ready. Overconfidence often fells the greatest of warriors, but humility and meekness are signs of restrained courage. You'll do just fine; just make sure you take care of our boy on the Surface."

That's a whole other matter, as well... Was I ready to face him? After the words we had exchanged the last time, I felt fear coursing through me. It was likely he would still hate me, even if I did well. Looking back at the commander, I reflected on my fear. For better or for worse, he was one of many people I had come to know during my training. Orielle, Pumm, Kina, Fledge--day by day, I was getting to know more and more people and felt a kindling of family-bond with them. They meant a lot to me, despite what I had felt before about friendships and keeping to myself. I nodded slowly to him, feeling better from his words. Link's anger would have to be something I'd take in stride. I had a world to save.

He released me from the dojo early, "The Wing Ceremony will be taking place soon; the Headmaster himself has decided to act as the spirit maiden this time, for whomever wins the competition. I've seen your bond with that bird of Zelda's; you've got my vote of confidence, girl!" He gave me a thumb up and I felt pride swelling up inside of me. He patted my head and I grinned, "Thanks, gramps!" I dashed out as he was making a retort of being senile to avoid any spankings with the flat of his blade.

I ran down the flights of stairs, a nervous excitement welling up inside of me; I was going to take part in the races! By now the townspeople had gotten used to my face, and word that I was assisting the Lumpy Pumpkin in the business had definitely improved their opinions about me. A strong wind was blowing that day, and it was feeling cooler than what the rest of the week had been like. It boosted my morale and gave me a reason to smile openly.

That feeling was rivaled by the dead, cold shard in my chest and I scolded it for trying to damper my spirits. I slowed my run as another strong gust picked up, and I cringed. Something tumbled out of the air and struck me in the face, and while I winced, my eyes followed it. I picked it up and arched an eyebrow in confusion; a pacifier? Where had this come from? I looked to where the wind was blowing and upwards onto a small peak where a nest was. Probably those damn crows again; they grab lots of colorful things. Guess in this world, they're still crows. I pocketed it and headed for the pier. Zelda's Loftwing touched down and allowed me to get onto its back. We took flight, using the gusts of wind to propel us forwards to the east.

The Lumpy Pumpkin zoomed up to greet us, and I disembarked to head inside. Kina greeted me, as did a few other people who were sitting at the tables. Pumm waved me over and I approached, a smile on his face. "You did us a world of wonder, getting rid of those crows! The produce is looking a lot better on the survival...though there are still the other problems."

I nodded, "The heat and the soil, right?" He nodded. I smiled, "I talked to Karane about the soil-part. She says that the best soil comes from where hot activity can break down the rocks. I think I can head to the Surface to get some samples and bring them back; you guys know more about good soil than I do." Pumm looked hopeful, "That sounds delightful! I'll let Kina know to pack you a lunch for you to take with you. When will you be departing?"

"The sooner the better; I don't have much to do today. I'll be booked for the night, but I can start my search; shouldn't take that long down there to find something to use. The whole province is covered in rocks." Lunch was packed and ready for me, and I took it with gratitude. I made sure to pay for it, regardless of them trying to resist my cash reward given to me by Pipit's mother, and had a glass of water before going back outside and heading for the familiar red beam of light that led to Eldin. I could already feel the air getting a lot thicker and hotter the closer I got, and it was making it hard for the Loftwing to stay afloat. I had made sure to pack a sailcloth and had a heat-travel-ready overshawl to drape over my training gear.

"Looks like you're dropping me higher up than usual--all right, get ready!" I angled the bird in, several hundred feet up from the hole in the clouds, and I then leaped from my feathered friend to swan-dive towards the opening.


I was tempted to shield my face from the blast of heat that seemed to hit me as soon as I dipped beneath the clouds, but knowing that if I did that, I'd plummet much quicker. As I began to approach the ground, I unlaced the sailcloth around my waist and gripped both ends, allowing whatever rushing airflow from underneath to unfurl it and carry me gently to the ground.

The landing was a tad rougher than usual, but I passed with flying colors. The sun was blocked out by plumes of smoke and volcanic activity from above, giving the air an ashen, muggy appearance. I pulled up some of my cowl to cover my nose and mouth and set out onto the heated territory. Small particles of ash and soot were falling through the air, and looking up, I could see the volcano was experiencing some activity. Sure hope it doesn't erupt while I'm down here... I took off at an easy job, climbing the rocks and easily toppling small monsters I came across. The tunnel fire-breathing rascal that Link had tricked me into using a bomb flower a little while ago was back again, and I easily sunk a bomb into the hole. There was a cry of agony and I continued on my way.

I saw some holes in the ground that had looked to be recently-dug and poked my eye into each one. Nothing but yawning darkness. Karane had mentioned to me that the best soil was usually underneath the surface layers, broken-down processes and other various materials creating a "mulch-like" substance, which was rich with nutrients. I figured that volcanic soil was the best way to go; lots of things and minerals got broken down over the constant friction and heat. I took a sample in a small vial and kept moving. Looking left and right, I scowered the area. What exactly was I looking for? An idea came to me as I inspected a nearby bomb flower. This thing had to get nutrients somehow, so what kind of soil did it use to grow in a harsh environment? Perhaps it was too hardy and used a completely different soil to grow, and wasn't really what the pumpkins needed? I continued searching, delving deeper towards the foot of Eldin's massive summit.

Clouds of dust began to blind me as winds picked up, sending the base into a small dust storm. I coughed and shielded my face with my arms, careful not to stumble upon anything nasty while getting lost. I squinted my eyes to see a dark opening in the face of the rock and stumbled towards it. The mineshaft opening was a warm welcome to shelter from the brief storm, and I lowered my face mask and unraveled my cowl. Taking a breath I looked into the dark tunnel of the mineshaft, and then back out into the storm. I scuffed my boot and sighed, shaking my head. "I won't be long"? Fuckin' shit... I sat down against the wall and gently tossed stones I found on the ground to pass the time. I took a look at Buzzmark, holding the little toy in my hands; amidst my grief and training over the past couple of weeks, I had completely forgotten the little guy. Taking him out, he seemed to glitter a greeting, like a puppy welcoming home a long-coming friend. "Hey there, buddy..." I equipped the device, satisfied when it was snug on my arm.

I bowed my head, boredom of the storm and the constant howling of the wind droning on my ears. Exhaustion began to take me and I closed my eyes for a moment. I was jolted awake by a great, sharp cold pain and my head snapped up, seeing the all-too-familiar figure standing there.

And he was grinning so widely it was incredibly-creepy. "Fuck!" He laughed and raised a hand, "Enough with the pleasantries, Jacqueline! You have nothing to fear from me...for now." He angled his head sardonically at me, teeth glinting in the shaded light. "I must say, I was actually quite surprised you didn't go back to your little planet. You actually think you can win this..."

"Yeah, I think I can kick your ass." His lips pressed together into an easy smile, "Well, isn't that interesting? You seem to have gained confidence as well...I hope you won't try to fight my lord and myself..." He leaned over, his face coming closer, "...Are you?"

I made no attempt to raise a hand or try to attack him, but I faced his gaze unflinching. "If I've surprised you so far...don't think I'm going to give you any hints as to what I plan to do, shitbag." He grinned toothily again and straightened up, "You've barbed yourself with words, and I can see it in your eyes--you do plan to continue fighting..." He chuckled. "Well. It seems that this should prove interesting after all..." He reached forwards, an index finger going for the spot on my chest. My hand flashed out and clasped around the finger firmly, stalling his movements. "...First, you're going to take this goddamn thing out of me," I said, and he chuckled, bowing his head and shaking it as his body rippled with amusement.

He straightened up, his finger still trapped in my grip, and continued to laugh like it was a rich joke, shaking his head up in the air. He finally stopped, and his eye opened. It narrowed and he thinly smiled. "...I don't think so." Without warning and beyond my control, he used his other hand and my wrist was slowly pulled up by some unseen force, the bracers I wore constricting and vicegripping my wrists. I grimaced under the pressure as my arms were magnetized to the floor by the odd influence, and he sauntered forwards, angling his initial hand forwards. A sword, a rapier from the looks of it, appeared and he aimed it for my chest. He pressed the metal against my skin and slowly began to insert it and agony began to course through me. My legs kicked out as I gasped and yelled in pain. He inserted the sword partially, and then slowly withdrew it. When he took it out, the pain began to reduce to a cold, throbbing sore, forcing my heart to beat irregularly.

The blade was covered in a dark, syrup-like black substance that dropped thickly onto the ground. He inspected the tip and slowly drew his snake-like tongue over it, as if savoring a flavor. I turned my head away, sickened and feeling nausea overcome my stomach as my skin became clammy and damp, pain still riveting through me. He looked to me and grinned, "...Better than I expected; this is rich with seems like there won't be much time left until you're ready..."

"That's if I don't kill you bastards first," I rasped, feeling the resistance drop away from my wrists, though that didn't do much good; I couldn't get up or swing a punch at the pale-skinned bastard. He cleaned his sword and it disappeared into particles of twilight diamonds. He grinned at me, "That will not be an issue; continue on this pointless quest, if you want to try to conquer my lord. He is very patient, and so am I." He vanished into particles before I could say anything more, and I dropped my head into my hands. I checked my wound for any blood, but nothing was there. It still hurt greatly, but there wasn't anything to treat. It felt very cold and I shivered, trying to keep warm. I sat there, huddled against the wall, my mind spinning with what Old Impa had told me, the plans that Ghirahim and the Darkness had for me.

Noises emitted from inside the tunnel, attracted to the noise I had made earlier. I turned my head to look at the pitch-darkness. Scraping and scratches against rock bounced off the walls, and the image of a fat, gnarly spider came to mind and I braced myself for the worst. A mound of earth began to sprout up next to me, and suddenly, a massive head shot out of the ground and I screeched, immediately beginning to smack it with my hands. The head protested with each hit until I could make out words and calmed down.

"Ow, hey! That hurt!" The...whatever it was had a long, narrow nose with small eyes, an upper-torso poking out of the ground, and large lengthened claws, one of those claws rubbing its head to nurse the newly-acquired bruises. "I...sorry, you scared me." The whatever sniffed as if its feelings were hurt. "Well, that's a fine welcome for someone who's trying to help, you know? I can just feel the gratitude! Especially on my head!"

"..I said I was sorry," I muttered as the creature continued to fuss over its head. "What are you?" It looked up, its beady eyes glaring. "What, you don't know a Mogma apart from an ant? Is your eyesight that bad?" I blinked, ", not really--good eyesight. Sorry, but I've never actually seen a Mogma before." I looked the "Mogma" over; "he", as I found out, had pale white fur and gear strapped to his back with small glasses over his beaky-nose. He looked like a mole, which explained the long claws and the small vermin-like appearance. "What's your name?"

"I am Tubert, thank you very much!" Geez, fussy little guy isn't he. Tubert rubbed his head again and twitched his nose up at me. "And might I ask who you are, one who so wrongfully hit my head?"

"For the last time, I said I was sorry! And my name is Jacqueline." Tubert sniffed again, his voice squeaking higher in pitch as his temper began to rise. "It doesn't matter if you are sorry! It still hurts, and after all the trouble I went through to follow your screeches and wails! This is the thanks I get! This!" He pointed directly to the bruises on his head and I sighed; I wasn't going to win any arguments with this Mogma. "Well..thanks for coming to my rescue," I replied sarcastically, "but the threat's gone."

Tubert sniffed, "Well I should hope so! I would not come within any distance of danger! No way! Well, if that's all, I may as well be going! You seem to feel fine being lost on your own, yes you are!" Tired with the small show the Mogma was putting on, I reached out and grabbed his long snouth by the upper jaw and held it in the air against his protests. "I'm not okay with being left alone; I'm quite lost and I need to find something of great value for a friend, who's way of life depends on it. And I would greatly appreciate it if you shut the fuck up and help me out. Please." I stressed the last word while the Mogma was protesting, trying to pry my hand off his jaw. "Okay! Okay, okay! Please let go! I will help, I will help!" Tubert pawed at his nose, wriggling it to check and see if anything was broken. Seeing as there was nothing, he squinted at me and frowned. "...For a price, I will--Ow! Ow, let go, let go!" My hand had shot right back to his sensitive nose, and I let go after his protests were done. "Now will you help me? I can help you later if you help me first."

The Mogma sniffed, "Fine! What is it you want?"

"I need soil--good soil, rich soil--for a crop of pumpkins we're growing uptop," I explained to the Mogma, filling in the details of the plight of the Lumpy Pumpkin. "A good plowman is what they need, an expert, even! An expert on soil, on caring for all things of the soil--I figured you'd make the perfect choice!" Buttering him up was the only way I'd be able to keep on his good side. Being over-confident in his glasses, I could almost see light flashing across it as he began to calculate. "...Hmm...I see, I see...oh yes...and, ah, what would be in this for me, mm?"

I shrugged, "You'd be paid and fed, I'd imagine. Have a new place to live--exotic, high up there..." It wasn't the best way to describe the humble Pumpkin Landing, but I had to be as indirect as possible with the location so not as to spook him out of the deal. He twitched his nose, "Paid? I run a coin game down here, human! I don't need to be paid!" I placed my hands on my knees and lowered my voice. "How about the most delicious...savory...beefy and thick stew you have ever tasted, and probably would be on the only one of your kind to do it...think of it; the only Mogma, Tubert the Mogma, to have tasted the Lumpy Pumpkin soup. I'd think that'd make you legendary, considering the location is pretty far out there. Fame, fortune; you'd have access to things all over Mogmas wouldn't!" The more I sugarcoated the deal, the more excited he began to look, and he grinned toothily. "Famous, eh? The only one of my kind, mm?" He seemed to think it over and nodded, "...All right, it is settled--however! I am bringing my game with me, and there should be enough land there to do so! It won't sell itself!"

"I promise."

"Then we have a deal, human!" We shook each other's hands, sealing the deal, and I stood up to cross my arms. "So, what do you think you can tell me about soil? Got anything that can absorb heat from the air?" The Mogma grinned, "If only you knew half of what I knew about the soil, human--and you probably never will--you would be able to save five times the size of that field worth of produce. I've only read about your colored greens; we Mogma mostly dine on the bomb flowers and other insectoids we come across here. Watch your step." I followed him through the tunnels as he burrowed safely underground and I walked overhead, lightly treading. We went into deeper tunnels, his eyes luminous in the dark, glinting like two headlights.

In the belly of the mountain, there were some vents of steam coming up from the floor, and Tubert surfaced. "All right--you wanted soil? All of this floor, the exact kind of composition you need! Fresh volcanic soil, the most fertile in the land and nutritionous with all of the activity that shifts and grinds away from the rocks. You can find this layer all over this province."

"Amazing..." I looked around as the Mogma witnessed my reaction. He seemed pleased. I looked to him, "Any ideas on how to carry it?"

He thought about it and nodded, "Using a soil canvas can carry it; it's a big piece of cloth that attaches to a harness and can haul large portions of the soil. It's rather heavy, though."

"Are Mogmas the only ones that can haul it?" Tubert nodded and twitched his nose, "Only Mogmas can do it; puny humans wouldn't even begin to have our kind of str--"

I waved my hand carelessly, "Yeah yeah, as long as you can haul it, I'm going to need several piles of the stuff to make up for the soil we're replacing on the isle. Think you can find a canvas and start digging for me?" Tubert nodded, "Sure thing!" He uncoiled the rolled cloth on his back and swept it out flat; it was more than fifteen feet in length and seemed to stretch quite nicely, the mesh-pattern of the stitching discouraging anything from falling through. He turned around and proceeded to start tossing rich, dark soil onto the surface.

The process of gaining the soil took well over several hours to complete. The course was that a tunnel was dug straight to the pillar from the dig site, so that Tubert could haul the soil underground and hoist it up to me, so that I could use a super-powerful gust to toss me up into the air, where a team of pre-planned Loftwings were. Once I was caught, the canvas was gripped by three-to-four pairs of talons and hauled to the Pumpkin Landing. A Loftwing was rotated out of the group, so that no Loftwing had to go more than twice in a row. Fledge, Parrow, Pipit and Karane brought their Loftwings to assist me and Zelda's Loftwing, with Kina and Orielle supplying cups and troughs of water for the riders and their birds. Many people had gathered on the isles surrounding the Lumpy Pumpkin to watch the spectacle that was taking place, patches of dirt slowly and painfully being hauled up to the field in the back before a separate group of Loftwings would launch, canvas harnessed, back below the cloud barrier. It was a sight to behold, for no one other than Link, Zelda or I had visited the Surface, and yet some of the adolescents, the future generation of Skyloft, were experiencing it for their first time. However, because of the heat, none of them wanted to stick around for too long.

When the last pile was released onto the ground with a loud "thud" noise, I took my Loftwing back to the hole in the barrier and leaped off back to the ground where Tubert was waiting. He crossed his arms, tapping his tiny foot on the ground impatiently. "Well? How do you plan to get me up there? There are no birds to carry me, here!"

"Just hang onto me." A gust of wind was summoned and with the Mogma's arms around my waist, we were spiraled up into the air. I whistled shrilly as we began to free fall, the Mogma flailing his arms as if he were trying to fly himself. My Loftwing swooped down and caught us both with ease, soaring back to the Pumpkin Landing. Signaling the work was done, there was around of applause, led by the two grinning faces of the caretakers of the Lumpy Pumpkin. Tubert tumbled off the bird as I dismounted and stroked the Loftwing's beak. "Thanks," I muttered and met Kina as she rushed to embrace me. "You have absolutely no idea how happy this makes us feel--with this soil, we really feel like we can save our home!"

Tubert whined, "Well that's all well and grand, isn't it? Just well and grand! All you humans need to be happy, but not me! Oh no, not me." I sighed, "Well, your new home isn't finished yet; mind helping us get that soil into place? We'll figure out how to make you happy in a little bit." The Mogma grumbled and hobbled to the back fields while customers piled inside, packing the place tightly. Kina grinned at me, "My pa and I need to start working on soup for the customers! We can talk later!" I waved her off and followed Tubert.

It didn't take long to sew the fields with the new soil, trading the old sapped ground with the dark, rich and fertile new soil. Tubert invested in the ground to the extent of forgetting how to whine and bicker, and it wasn't long before the fields were laid down thickly. He nodded, "There, that should do it!" The pumpkins were replanted in the new soil, and already their health was improving. Their sizes were growing and rounding out more richly than before, as the soil absorbed the sun's excess heat, transformed it into new nutrients to break down, and then gave them to the pumpkins through a filtered sharpnel-feed. Tubert kept going on and on about how this affected the hardiest of plants, the bomb flowers, before he caught my attention as he was digging a big, fat circle in the middle of the road lining the field down the center. I blinked as he popped his head out and looked around, "....Yes, I think this will do nicely! No tunnels to be intruded upon by monsters, and this big island all to myself!"

"Just make sure you don't dig too deeply searching for money or treasure; you might fall out of the island," I mentioned and the Mogma sniffed, "Nonsense! Why, you've promised me that I'll be paid for maintaining the health of this field and I'll be able to host my money game." I nodded as he crossed his arms, "We'll get that together; Kina and Pumm are busy at the moment, but I've run the idea by them. Should go without a hitch."


Everything was settled near sundown; Pumm and Kina had agreed to let the grounds be used in whatever way necessary to keep the health of their pumpkins up, leaving Tubert to his devices with his small chest of treasures. "Just so long as our produce isn't hurt," Pumm had said, "we'll be fine with it and our new guest." I looked around the inside of the Lumpy Pumpkin; customers had filtered in and out in droves, and it was an all-time low this late in the evening. Some of the lights had been doused as the daughter and father began to close up the kitchen. Kina approached me at the table again and grinned, "You really are extraordinary, Jacqueline; thank you." Pumm grunted his approval across the dining hall, his back to us. I couldn't help but grin, "I'm nothing really special, honestly, but thanks anyway. You guys have been really nice, and the soup's too good to let go."

Kina giggled, "You're right about that!" She smiled and reached into her pocket and pulled out a small item she had in her hand, "Here; I want you to have this."

"What is it?" I took the item and she beamed, "Well, it's always kept my spirits up when they were at an all-time low, and quite honestly, it's been up on that dusty chandelier for a while. We figured it would be a nice gift to you, in exchange for all of your help." I smiled; it was a gemmed Piece of Heart. I knew it wouldn't be there once I pocketed it, but I didn't tell her that. I put it away and nodded with sincerity, "You sure it's okay to give it to me?"

Kina grinned, "I wouldn't know who would really deserve it, other than you!" I felt heat rise to my face and I nodded, "Ah, problem." Pumm and Kina allowed me to stay the night, though I decided to head back to Skyloft while there was still sunlight creeping over the sea of clouds. We reached the large isle with time to spare as I dismounted and headed to where Batreaux was for a night of discovery.
SPECIALIS - :Down To Earth: [24]
There and back again...yeah, just there and back.

For the readers, no, I am not an angry individual. I'm very pleasant to be around, I love to be with people and socialize with them. I love to write, to game, to explore, and I love my family very much. I am very much Christian and love the Lord a lot. In this edition, I wanted to take a different perspective on story-making and was inspired by a game to write this. If you have questions now, please do hold off on them until the next chapter comes out. More than likely, you'll begin to draw your own conclusions as more information is released to you. Trust me, you'll begin to understand the further the story goes.
I understand if you don't favorite the chapter for harsh language, and I am sorry if I have truly offended anyone out there. It isn't my intention to offend anyone. If I have intrigued you, however, I will be enthusiastic. I plan to continue the series, and I hope to do so with your help. If you have any suggestions or comments to make, make them below this information window in the comment box. If they happen to be insulting, I'll simply just delete them. Nothing personal; just delete them. I don't care. w00t!

So! Without further ado, I will probably be working on the next chapter! Follow more of my works in the gallery!

Oh, and by the way--Specialis is "secret" in Latin.…<---Where This All Begins---<
<---Next Chapter---<…<---Previous Chapter---<
Fledge had improved significantly over the span of a couple of days; the Stamina Fruit we had gathered together after the weird incident of the cyclone had been more than enough to provide the Stamina Potions needed for his growth (and his growth spurt, apparently) to come, and soon he was throwing barrels, doing well over five-hundred pushups, and his attitude had improved remarkably. Soon, people were asking him to do tasks such as pulling carts, carrying barrels of water, and even a delivery system to some isle and back to the main island, carrying the delectable scent of hot soup.

It was mouthwatering, and I asked him about where he went to get it. He greeted me with his traditional Fledge-Classified welcome: a bone-crunching hug. He held me at arms-length and beamed at me, "Well, I go to Pumpkin's Landing to fetch the soup from the Lumpy Pumpkin. They're known for, well, their pumpkins there!"

I cocked my head, "Then why does the soup smell so...well, beefy and thick, if it's made from pumpkins?" Apparently Fledge had developed a sense of cheekiness, because he winked at me and replied, "It's a trade-secret, sorry to say, Jacqueline. The recipe is the one thing that keeps customers coming, and I'm bound-by-promise (and to my job) to never let that secret out. I can't spell out the ingredients in the open, but if you visit them, I'm sure you would be able to find out for yourself!"

The thought churned in my head like a stirring rod in a cauldron and I nodded, "I can see your point; it'd be bad for business on their island if anyone tried to copy that recipe. Still, I'll want to make a visit there! I've been busy eating food in the mess hall, which, is good by Henya's cooking (kinda tastes like crap and burned), but this is something entirely different! I can't wait to see what they put into it to make it smell so good!" Fledge laughed and released his grip on my shoulders, holding out his hand, "Here, let me mark it for you on your map. It's crowded at lunchtime, but if you go there after two-past-noon, it should be filtered out for a few hours to enjoy a snack before it fills back up for supper. I've seen it lots of times, now."

"Wow, thanks, Fledge!" I grinned as I held out a Academy-issued-sky-chart, and he took out a small travel-sized quill and ink, drawing a little pumpkin on a dollop of land. "There you go! If you stay for supper, you'll also get a chance to hear the keeper's daughter, Kina, sing on stage, too--well, you would, at least."

I cocked my head, frowning, "Would? Is she sick or something?" Fledge shook his head, "Not really, no--it's just that her last group lost inspiration and stopped playing, and now she has no stringed instrument, no tuned player, to sing a duet with. She always sings a duet; wouldn't be much of a performance without a beat or music to sing to, right?" I nodded, "I suppose...well, that's a shame. I'm sure the dining hall would be a lot livelier if there was music. I've seen it before." I thought back to a moment when I'd started plucking my dad's guitar strings and didn't quite find them to my appealing. "Anyone you know that could play an instrument?"

Fledge thought it over, "Only one that comes to mind was Zelda; she had that harp with her wherever she went. Never had to fine-tune it; it always seemed to be well-strung every time." Understanding the nature of relationship I had to Zelda, the dark swelling of pure hatred was easy for me to understand and contain, and I swallowed it without a painful lump in my throat. "Huh--bummer she's not here. I'm sure Kina would have wanted someone to do a duet with." I checked the time, "Well, that's my break; I'm going to go check on Orielle and then head in for supper. Tomorrow's more training." Fledge gestured to the sword on my back, "I don't think it will be too long before the commander lets you have your own sword and shield; I've been watching you practice, and you're getting really good!"

I rolled my eyes, trying to subdue whatever pleasure of praise was worming from under my skin, "Hardly; bet you I could still get spanked like a little girl. Thanks, though! I'll see you later!" I waved him off as he prepared to take more orders for the delivery system and I headed further along the waterwalk towards the humble little home where my first friend (apart from Link) lived.


I burst forth from the training dojo, the memory of the pumpkin soup smell fresh in my nose and my mouth, causing me to salivate. I could only dream how rich the flavor would be!

Commander Eagus let me have the rest of the afternoon off, pleased with my improving skills. I was to report "on the light of the morning after morrow", which, translated to English, meant "after tomorrow", which, translated again, meant: "Free Day Tomorrow Hallelujah". I had cleaned my training clothes and didn't change into my gown today. If I was going flying, I figured I'd do it in something I could afford to tear. I didn't want to come back to Orielle with a torn gown, just as she was finishing up my traveling gear for the Surface! Something in it seemed wrong. I dunno, just...plain wrong.

I dashed for the pier and leaped off of it, calling the bird with a whistle, and upon landing on my indigo-colored friend, we were off through the air. I checked the map, the sky-chart well-spaced upon it. I veered the bird a little ways towards the south-east and set a course for it. Exploring a new length of the sky was new territory for me, both exciting and intimidating. The air itself was relatively clear, and yet a tinge of warmth to it pierce through what should have been cold and crisp at this height. If it's getting bad up here, I can only imagine how bad it's getting down there! Be careful, both of you... The bird flapped onward, enough updraft to keep it from having to beat its wings too much.

The flight went without an issue. There was the occasional flock of birds that liked to bully things bigger than they were and somehow were making off with Rupees in their talons, but we fly by too quickly for them to react. I didn't keep a hefty purse on me, so I knew they weren't mine. "Maybe other travelers that came this way..." I ankled into the bird's sides a little, encouraging a powerful wingbeat up and over a ridge of land. I spotted our destination looming up to greet us, a fairly-obvious giant pumpkin on a floating island with a personal pier attached to the edge of it. We landed and I took the Loftwing to the side and gave it some water. "All right, not too much...there you go..." The bird was rather thirsty and eagerly beaked the liquid down, washing its face with glossamer beads of water. I smiled, "Yeah, that was our longest flight together, but you handled it really well." I stroked the beak and assessed the building.

The Lumpy Pumpkin was nothing more than a huge building carved into the shape of a rather well-sanded, well-made pumpkin. It had windows, a good-sized door, and a welcome mat. There was enough room to go around the building to the crop fields in the back, where they grew their infamous pumpkins. The building itself looked freshly-painted in some places, while other spots showed age and protruded the true-brown of the wood through the orange paint. At the top the roof was grated with steam emitting from it for the hydrolic systems, and were curved upward to keep rain from leaking into the building. A roof-pipe lined the top, so excess rain or weather would peter off harmlessly onto the grass, and from there, to the irrigation system in the back. The chimney in the shape of the stem was emitting heat, and with it, came the mixed scents of meats, spices and vegetables. My stomach growled loudly, and I headed into the building.

It was pretty empty, and I only caught maybe five souls walking around amongst the circular dining tables, the customer counter, and the kitchen adjacent to the serving counter. I assumed this would be a good way for the cook-slash-host to keep an eye on the food being made and serve customers at the same time. One guest was in a chair near to the door, head down and eyes closed. Two other guests were sitting across from one another at one table, hands folding cards. It looked like it was a stalemate, and had been that way for a while. The other two figures looked far-busier; one was a girl with dark brown hair worn up in the shape of a pumpkin, accompanied by cream-colored highlights; I assumed this was Kina. She was wearing a green, patchy apron with a comfortable-sherbert-orange gown. The other man at the counter had a rather large red moustache with thick eyebrows to match, and his hair drawn up in a high-set ponytail. He had a potbelly with a blue shirt and green tunic. His nametag said "Pumm", and I snorted at the irony.

Upon entering, Kina stopped rubbing down a chair and smiled, "Why hello! How can I help you?"

I walked forwards and looked around slowly, "I...was here for lunch, actually." The girl beamed, "Well of course you are! Everybody is--good thing we still have some left! Go ahead and take a seat; I'll be right with you shortly." The men with cards didn't break their concentration, and Sleeping Beauty in the corner didn't budge an inch. I went to a table closest to the counter and sat down, still taking in the sights of the building. Kina approached me after removing her cleaning cloth, hands clasped and eyes sparkling. She had an appeal and energy I envied, and yet couldn't help but give her a smile. "Now, what can I get you today?"

"Some of the soup and some water, please." Kina smiled broadly, "I can certainly get those for you! Hold on one moment, miss." She wrote it down with the traditional miniature travel-sized quill, I suppose standard-issued for business, and walked over to the counter. She spoke with Pumm, who began to work at a leisurely-pace to work up the plate. Business was usually slow at this hour, so I wasn't surprised how casually he moved. Still, my stomach had different thoughts. Water was provided first to tide me over, as Kina placed the glass and silverware--a spoon--in front of me. She took a seat next to me, "The soup will be ready in a little while; Papa needs to heat it up again and stir it."

"It's not a problem, really." Oh God I think my stomach's going to eat me instead! Kina smiled, "You're a new face! What's your name?" I gave it to her and she thought it over. "Jacqueline, huh? I must say, that's a strange name. Is it foreign?" I meekly shrugged, "Well, anyone would think a new name was foreign, right?" Kina chuckled, "Well, even though it's strange, it's a pretty name!" She looked me over, a gentle way of scrutinizing. "Are you from Skyloft?"

I nodded, "I'm actually from the Academy there--training to be a Knight." It was the truth, and I thanked myself for appearing casual when I said it. Kina nodded, "I recognized the training uniform; Fledge told me that one of the Trainees was helping him out."

The water helped my parched throat as I drank in a few sips. "I suppose...I don't really make a big deal out of it." Kina shrugged lightly with her shoulders and got up, "I guess not! He's been a big help, though, thanks to your efforts--Oh! Soup's ready! Excuse me!" She curtsied quickly before rushing over to the counter and retrieving the food. She brought it to the table, the heavy aroma setting my stomach churning. "When you're finished, you can pay for the meal then!" I nodded and began to eat. The food was absolutely delicious! I had no idea what they put into the food to make it so tasty, but it was a dish worthy of kings! I made sure I wouldn't talk about it around the mess hall, however.

I took my time with the food, and when it was finished, mopped up the rest of the bowl with a chunk of bread. Paying for the meal, I nodded to Pumm and Kina, "Thanks so much for the food--it was even tastier than I imagined." Their faces were aglow with pride and I smiled, "Is there any way I can take a bottle of it home with me?"

Strangely, their faces fell a margin and Kina looked regretfully to me with a smile, "Sorry, Jacqueline, but we're a bit...thin on our supplies. We need to keep as much as we can to keep the place going; when we get more deliveries out, I'll be sure to keep your name on the orders, though!"

I cocked my head, "Thin on supplies? What's going on?" They both looked to the other customers, which had trickled to the the one sitting idly in the corner, and Kina silently gestured me to follow her into the back, Pumm coming with and closing a door behind us for privacy. They both faced me, and then looked at each other; Pumm looked to his daughter and hugged her from the shoulder, drawing her in. "Our pumpkins are suffering from the rising climate and heat; they perish too quickly when they grow out of the vines that supply their nutrients. That, and crows have been settling in, pecking at the vines and stealing the smaller pumpkins, and if the other ones survive, the heat kills them off."

"Why not put up a scarecrow...?" I trailed off as they were already shaking their heads. "That doesn't work either anymore," Kina said softly, "We've tried all we can to keep the crows from peckin' away at our crops, but we're hardly doing well on for business. It's like it doesn't affect them anymore! We can barely keep up with customer orders, and we're beginning to ration so we can still keep in business for a few more weeks, try to prolong going bankrupt." I looked at the miserable little family and then at the dirty bowl I had just eaten out of. It was such good food, I almost felt obligated to help them out. And the service had been excellent as well! But how was I supposed to help? I looked to them, "So it's crows by morning? How about in the evening?"

Pumm sighed, "We can't afford to have our eyes up all during the day and night, missy--"

"What if I stay over and watch it for you? See what happens?" Both looked at each other, perplexed with the idea, and then looked to me. " too much trouble? Do you think something could be doing this by night?" I shrugged, "Even if there isn't something happenin by night, we need to find a way to save those pumpkins. Could be other problems to worm out in the dark; I'll stay up and take a look in on it and tell you if I see anything."


I woke up by the gentle shaking of Kina's hand on my shoulder. "The sun's going down, Jacqueline--are you feeling all right?" I nodded and threw off the covers to the bed, getting up and quickly combing my fingers through my hair, smoothing out any cowlicks. Kina stood back and watched me as I strapped on my training sword and secured my training gear.

Once finished, I turned to see Kina illuminated by a candle she was holding. "Are you certain you wish to do this?" I grinned, "Look, as much as I hate staying up when I'm beat-tired, I'd rather do this and face another bowl of that soup tomorrow--if that's all right with you." Kina giggled, "Of course, Jacqueline! I'll make sure to make an extra-large bowl especially for you!"

"Don't thank me yet," I chuckled, "I haven't solved the case of the Pump-Killers." I headed out the back entrance as she took the bed and into the backyard. The night was clear and cool, stars dotting the sky. Some torches were lit around the crop of harvest pumpkins, bathing them gently in a golden glow. I sat down on the fence lining and waited for a sign to show.

My eyelids were heavy and I pinched myself to keep them open, but even that began to wear off. I got up and started walking around, skipping to keep my body energized, but even then I grew bored of the task and gave up. I went to one of the pumpkins and knocked on it; it seemed rather sturdy to me. I sat down on the sturdy pumpkin and scanned the skies for crows. The hours drew on as the moon rose high into the air, and I looked at its face. It looks a lot like my moon...wonder if I'll ever get home. Thinking back to the portal that Old Impa had offered to me, I began to wonder if it had truly been a good idea to stay; the oncoming heat wave was obviously due to the World Degeneration, and I had a feeling that the cyclones coming up were partially my responsibility. If I hadn't been here, the catastrophes wouldn't be happening and people wouldn't be suffering.

Fledge would have found his courage another way...other methods could be found for these problems... Voices infiltrated my mind, worming doubt into it. I shook my head to attempt to clear it. There was always more than one answer to a problem, and I was glad that I had made friends. However, one thing was certain.

I couldn't stay after all of this was over. I would have to go back to my world. "Otherwise the World Degeneration will just keep going until nothing's left," I muttered miserably to myself and looked around the patch for anything suspicious. I blinked as I saw a cluster of winged shapes coming straight for the patch and stood up.

The crows came in quickly, squawking and screeching, trying to chase me out of the patch as a few others diverted from the flock to go for smaller pumpkins, a few birds at a time, to grip one pumpkin and slowly pluck it from the ground. I flailed my arms, yelling at the birds and trying to ward the other ones off of me. They were pulling at my hair, pecking me in the face and everywhere else that would ache later. I slapped a few off of me, tumbling them onto the ground. I saved most of the pumpkins, however the flock retreated into the air with two small ones and soared off towards the west, back the way I'd come. My Loftwing was crying out front, worried about the commotion, and I ran around the side of the building to comfort it until it went back to sleep. Kina came outside with the candle, awoken from her sleep. "Jacqueline? Jacqueline! Where are you? Are you all right?" I strode back from around the back to greet her in the pumpkin patch. "For the most part, yeah. Fuck, those bastards have nasty beaks!" She inspected me over quickly, seeing some scrapes and bleeding cuts from the sharp-tooth beaks and talon scratches. Pumm came out shortly thereafter and addressed the situation.

"....And you say that they flew off with some of our pumpkins towards the west?" I nodded, and Pumm looked at his patch in thought. "...Well, it's too dangerous to go alone at night, and I'd give you a lantern if I could, but I would feel a bit better if you got some rest before the sun comes up tomorrow; we can look into this problem later."

"Why not get some of the night watch to look into it? They're always up during the evening," I suggested. Pumm sighed, "If I could, I would; however, they need to look after Skyloft. We haven't had this problem with the crows before, but something has happened to boost their courage and even steal from us. Birds do not usually eat our pumpkins; they're far too rich for them."

I frowned, "Then what could they possibly be stealing them for?" Kina and Pumm exchanged puzzled looks and then addressed me again. "We're not sure," he answered finally, and Kina sighed, "It's all we can do to hope they don't attack in bigger hordes; we're flying on thin air as it is!" I looked off in the direction the birds had been flying, "I can see about following those birds tomorrow; at least we have a direction of where they're going."


The next morning I was served a large bowl of the soup, as promised. Still, taking the soup with the full knowledge that they were running low sent a wave of guilt through my belly, but Kina protested against that train of thought. "You've done more than your fair share as it is--and you were wounded in the process! This is the very least we can do for you, with all of your help!"

I spooned up some of the broth, "Yeah, I know--but still. Your crops are in trouble and I shouldn't be taking more than I need to eat, you know?" The girl sympathized with me, emitting a sigh, and I slurped a small bit of vegetable in. I looked towards the back entrance in thought. "What about the heat? Anything we can do about that in the meantime?"

Kina pursed her lips in thought, "Well, the soil's nutrients are being spent at a quicker rate because the heat is forcing the pumpkins to take in more to keep themselves from dying out. The pumpkins aren't getting enough time to create a natural barrier to the heat, and they rot before they are of age to harvest, and if they are, they usually are too bad to serve to customers. We'd rather run out than give our customers belly problems!" I nodded sympathetically, "Yeah, I hear you there...what about the soil?" She shook her head, "The soil's losing its vitality due to the depletion of its nutrients; without nutrients, the pumpkins won't be able to get any energy, and we'll run out."

Just like a domino effect...a chain reaction of disaster, one right after the other... I spooned in more of the soup and looked at the kitchen in thought. "...Well, what kinds of soil are rich with nutrients?" My geology wasn't exceptional, though thankfully Kina's was pretty well-rounded. For a waitress-slash-singer-slash-farmer, she was incredibly-smart. "Well, we've been trying to use some of the decomposing pumpkins as fertilizer, but because they lack nutrients themselves, it hasn't been very effective so far," she sighed and drank from a cup of milk. "We've been hoping that we can find a deposit of rich soil, something to absorb the heat the pumpkins are being forced to take from the weather." I tapped my chin in thought, "Heat-absorbing soil? Where would you find something like that?"

"We like to break down rocks and feed the earth with it, but lately our supplies has been running low, and we lost the tools to continue harvesting from the rocks. We could really use someone's help with maintaining the soil, but again, we're at a loss there." Slowly a plan began to form in my brain, though I didn't want to jump to any conclusions yet. "This may take some time, but I'll go looking for some new soil after I find out where those crows got to with your pumpkins." Kina looked warmly at me, "You're so nice, Jacqueline, it's a wonder people don't know who you are."

My chest throbbed its dead, cold feeling and I nearly choked on the next spoonful of soup. "It's nothing, really..." I finished up the soup and strapped on my training sword, ready to head out the door while the sun was still low. I mounted the Loftwing and we took off into the air in the direction I remember the crows having have come.

Nothing seemed to stand out as suspicious, silently cursing myself for letting the trail run cold. Still, Pumm's words stuck with me, having had mentioned that pumpkins were too rich for birds and that would risk getting them sick. Why would they want the pumpkins, then? There wasn't anything else special about them, so why would crows take them? I flew in towards Skyloft, soaring overhead to check and see a good place to land. As I did so, something caught my eye; something orange. My heart leaped into my throat as I spurred the Loftwing down onto the ground and dismounted, approaching the strange orange object.

It was a pumpkin, that much was for sure, but it was smashed utterly into the stone. Seems like it was dropped... I looked around for any traces of a trail, but found no answers. Still, this answered where the crows had been coming, though it didn't answer why they were returning to Skyloft with the pumpkins. Were they gathering them for something? Or someone? Fledge's warnings to me about how sacred the ingredients to the soup rang in my brain, and the suspicion of a thief came to mind. If someone was controlling the crows, that explained their irrational behavior. I decided to investigate.

I caught Fledge heading down a flight of stairs and led him to the crime scene--the smashed pumpkin. "You think someone is stealing them?" Fledge asked, and I nodded. He looked thoughtful, "Well, I hardly think that a crushed pumpkin can lead immediately to a thief; lots of people make orders for the pumpkins for their pastries and other goods, though those orders have decreased quite a bit over the past few days."

"Which is likely because this...thief or whoever they are, are stealing the pumpkins for themselves! You and I both know just how successful those things are, and just how tasty they can be!" Fledge grinned, "Yeah; eating one brings sunshine to my day and puts me in a good mood!" He looked more serious, "Well, I don't think you're lying, but I think you may be mistaken about this. Still, anything you think I can do to help you out?"

I nodded, "Can you copy me a list of your customers? Anyone that frequently orders from the Pumpkins?" Fledge took out a parchment, gazing at it in thought. "...Hmm...well, nothing in my policy that tells me I can't do that, especially if you're looking into this for the Lumpy Pumpkin. Sure, here's a list of the most frequent customers." I received the parchment and had the irrepressable urge to sudden thrust it above my head in victory with a chorus of angels. The feeling passed within a second. I looked down the list and nodded, "All right, I'll get right to it. Also, I'm going to need some help later with another errand; know anybody with a taste for history and geology, or maybe rocks and metals even?" He looked thoughtful, his brow furrowed. "Not...entirely--though if you want an expert on metals, you could always talk to Gondo the Blacksmith. He's in the bazaar all the time and forges the shields and weapons you can buy there. He knows good metals, that much I know. Also, you could go looking for Karane if you want to know anything about history; she sits in the classroom a lot more often than the other Knights and is very studious."

"All right, good--well, I'm off to go solve this! I'll go visit Gondo after this is finished, and maybe even Karane! Thanks!" Fledge wished me luck and went on his business while I went on mine, looking all over the isle and going from door to door, investigating the orders and the customers. Some of them were very open with their information, and some were naturally-defensive, always assuming people were ready to get on their bad side. My eyes trailed down the list and I arched an eyebrow at a name "'Batti'? Can't say that's a name I recognize...this location on the map doesn't make much sense either--who could be living in a graveyard?" I began to head in that direction when a frantic woman ran into me and knocked me to the ground. "Oh Goddess, I am so sorry--please, forgive me!"

I shook my head, waving her off and picking myself up, "I'm okay, I'm okay..." The woman was still very flustered and obviously looked worried. I put down the paper after a few moments of my silence, "....Can I help y--"

"Yes! Please help me find my daughter, Kukiel! I can't find her anywhere--she's gone missing since last night!" I attempted to calm the mother, "Where do you think she could have gone?" She didn't know, but had caught her daughter in the daylight sneaking around the graveyard. "I don't know what had possessed me to even let her go near such a place! And now the monster has probably kidnapped my baby! Oooh..." She moaned and I stared at the frantic mother. One problem just seems to pile on the next... Still, seeing that the mother wouldn't let me go until I agreed to looking for her daughter, I sighed. "...I was on my way to the graveyard anyway; if I see her, I wi--"

"Oh thank you, thank you so much!" The mother's worried face began to melt with gratitude, and I felt a wave of uncertainty toss me over and under. As quick as her emotions were prone to changing in a heartbeat, I certainly didn't think she'd take "no" for an answer, and I was grateful I hadn't said anything negative. I hurried along my way after she began to "shoo!" me in the direction of the graveyard, all the while hanging back near the safety of the houses. I sighed and shook my head, trudging along my way with the list of customers in my hands.

~~~~~~~~~~Graveyard Ghouls~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nothing came out by daylight, and if I knew anything about ghosts and ghouls and mysteries, they typically were solved by nighttime with a fog machine or two. When I had come to the graveyard when the sun was up, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. A beaded necklace had been found, and I had returned it to the mother. She had moaned and wept at the sight of it before seizing me by the shoulders and telling me to march back to the graveyard after dark. If I wanted to keep my head on my shoulders, I had to accept it. I found out her name was Wyrna, and so I stayed at Wyrna's house until the sun fell beneath the ocean of clouds.

After I had exited the building and the door was locked behind me, I marveled at how creepy and eerie the isle was after dark. Remembering the little cat-bat creatures, I had hoped that they wouldn't come out to "play".

Oh, how the universe loved proving me wrong.

Immediately one pounced in my direction, snarling and snapping. I yelped and kicked it far into the air and saw it plummet over the edge. When I went to go see if it had survived, my eyes widened as I saw it flapping its ears, remaining aloft and coming back up to seek its tiny kitten bloodthirsty revenge on me. Not only did I have to deal with the Remlits (as Instructor Horwell had told me in the past), but other nasty creatures as well. Keese were flying all over the isle, and goopy monsters like the Chu-Chus materialized out of the grass. Was this also part of the World Degeneration? Was this all part of some scheme Ghirahim was creating, to launch an invasion on Skyloft while Link was occupied? I killed as many as I could with my training sword, careful not to hurt the Remlits too much. I headed for the graveyard, determined to find my answers there. I blinked, noticing something was amiss with one of the graves; it had been pushed back, as if someone had looted it.

There's a looter on this island? Was something important buried here? I placed my fingers on the gravestone, finding nothing ultimately-remarkable about it. I pushed against it to prepare to get up and fell forward in surprise as it shifted back a little further. There was a slight hesitation and a sharp jolt, and a "click" was heard. Rattling of wood came from the nearby shed, and I turned to see a door open as the stone was pushed back. I stood up slowly and approached the shed, seeing a ladder descending from a hole.

"...Let's see where this leads..." With the beads in hand, I climbed down the ladder and reached a rickety boardwalk. Below it was a sea of clouds that made my stomach plummet from the sight. The stretch of boardwalk tilted downwards and wove around the rocky underbelly of the isle, and I began to walk down it, treading carefully.

I stopped as I heard wingbeats and saw a familiar dark mass flying nearby. They stole pumpkins again! Seems like without me there, they got more this time... I watched them as they came near, and I was almost ready to face an ongoing barrage of pecking, droppings and scrapes, but they ignored me and kept flying downward. They strangely seemed in formation, keeping the pumpkins within the center of the flock and heading in the same direction I was. I stalked after them, though there was no need. I stopped and marveled at a sight as I turned the corner.

There was a cobweb-covered house at the edge of the boardwalk, built directly under the graveyard. It looked abandoned, but there was light coming from the inside, and the crows were setting the pumpkins down in front of the door. The birds flew off, scattering in their various directions, as if released from a spell. The final crow pecked the door and fluttered off, and a minute stretched into silence before the door creaked open, and a pale, crimson-nailed hand extended from the bottom of the doorway and touched one of the pumpkins gently. It scooped up the pumpkins ominously one-by-one and the door creaked shut.

I had no idea what to make of it--until I heard an ear-piercing scream emit from inside the house. It was a little girl's squeal! "That must be Kukiel!" I ran to the door and thrust it open, leaping into the house. Upon entering, I found a monster that I'd never seen before in my life.

He had large, crimson horns like a bull's on the top of his head and great, ugly yellow wings, thumbs and bone sticking out from the joints. His eyes were bloody at the irises and yellowed around, his skin gray like a gargoyle and wearing long, dirtied robes. His claws raised to me and he snarled low. I saw the pumpkins recently taken in, and pumpkins all over the room, some withered to a white wrinkled ghost of themselves. "So you're the theif--of pumpkins AND little girls!" I stepped towards the monster, sword drawn. He snarled again, "Come closer and it shall be your essence I dine on tonight!"

"Come and take it, you fucker!" I prepared to swipe at him, and suddenly he drew his arms up, pleading and entirely changing key. "Waaaaait! Wait, please do not hurt me! I did not mean you any harm!"

"Yeah right! That's what they all say! I've seen enough movies, buster!" I was ready to swipe at him for a second time, but then another "Waaaait" came out from behind me, and a small figure dashed in-between me and my quarry. It was a little girl--Kukiel, I presumed--and she had her arms outstretched defensively. "Please don't hurt him! We were just playing a game called 'Scream-As-Loud-As-You-Can'! And I was winning, too!" I blinked slowly and began to lower my sword; was this a joke? A prank? It seemed real enough; the kid wasn't afraid of him, and he looked scared as shit. "You're...Batti?" The demon-guy blinked and sat up, still panicked but no longer screaming for mercy. He obviously didn't put two-and-two together, so I held out the list. "This--this is a list of the customers for the Lumpy Pumpkin and it says that 'Batti' lives in the graveyard, though now that I see it, you live under the graveyard. Is this you?"

He got up, his claws folded and clasped nervously, "Y-Yes...well, my true name is Batreaux, but there is no one that lives on this isle that is called that! I did not want the people to panic if they saw a name they did not recognize, and I did not want Kukiel to be taken away from our playtimes together if they went looking for me, so I had to use a different name."

"We voted on it--I won!" Kukiel squirmed with delight, and I lowered my blade entirely. "...So, you didn't kidnap the girl...but you are stealing Kina's pumpkins! Why? And how in the blazes are you using crows to do it? Those bastards gave me a hard time last night!"

Batreaux looked genuinely-apologetic and his head hung, "Yes, and I am sorry about that; you see, I am a natural demon, and so monsters will come out with my presence at night. It also causes naturally-calm animals to become ferocious during the night time, but they do not attack little Kukiel! Never!"

"Never!" the little girl chimed and echoed him with a big goofy grin on her face. I sighed and shook my head. It was clear that Batreaux posed no real threat, even though the monsters were creating a hassle at night. I was thankful that it wasn't one of Ghirahim's tricks, and my eyes settled on the pumpkins again. "Why are you stealing pumpkins, then?" Batreaux frowned, "Well, as a demon, it is only natural I feed on human blood. However, I could never bring myself to do that--sweet little Kukiel has been my only friend, and has been so kind! I have been looking for other ways to sustain myself, perhaps even quench these dark natural urges to drink blood and become human, like you! And so," he swept his arm aside to reveal the deceased pumpkins, "I have been drinking in the sweet, kind juices of these delicious pumpkins in the hopes that I will be weaned off of the blood and perhaps become human! I crave the soup just as much as any other resident on this island, and little Kukiel has been bringing me the pumpkins as much as she can. However, her parents forbade her to take anymore from their ordered stock, and so I...well, I had to resort to another method."

"So you stole." Batreaux hung his head, "I know, and I am sorry--I do not mean harm to others when I do so; I cannot change the nature of the beasts I command to get them for me,'s just that...I want to be able to walk in the sunlight and experience life with these people! It is so lonely here, and little Kukiel cannot come every night! If her parents lock her up at night, I will have no one to play with, and I will fall back into my old habits!" I looked at the pumpkins; even from here they looked very tasty, and I wondered what was in them to make them so appealing. A cheesy notion like "love" and "nurturing" popped into my head and I swept them from my mind. feeling like an outcast before, I was reminded of Fledge and found myself facing with the same scenario; courage and the desire to be accepted. Damn, these people have friendship problems... I sighed, "Well, what do you propose we do to get you to become human, then? Obviously you make some good points here, but you can't keep stealing; the Lumpy Pumpkin is suffering as it is because of the climate, and your crows are damaging the rest of the crop when they start stealing! If this keeps on going, there won't be anymore pumpkins to even steal!" Batreaux looked at me in horrified awe and nodded, "Oh dear, oh dear...I didn't realize it was so serious...Kukiel is too young to fly, and her family has not even been near that portion of the sky in a long time! I had no idea the pumpkins were suffering!"

You need to get out more. I nodded, "Unless something is done to protect those pumpkins, nobody is going to have soup for a very long time. Its days are numbered, now." Both Kukiel and Batreaux looked at one another, worried. "...What can we do?" The demon looked to me for answers.

"Well, for starters, call off your crow-nies..." Kukiel was left in the dark on that one, but Batreaux laughed after a moment of perplexity. I was groaning internally from my bad joke. "Just stop stealing the pumpkins; I can see about getting you a supply to ration until we can get the crops back up to regular speed. Until then, try not to drink too much of it; I doubt pumpkin juice is going to...ah, turn you into a human." The demon sighed, "You are correct...still, I feel more like a human than I have in years! The sweet love put into tending those pumpkins and the kindness Kukiel has shown me; both of those together have given me the desire to live on top with the rest of you! And your kindness, your willingness to help..." He smiled at me, "It makes me feel warm, to know that Kukiel isn't the only one looking out for me."

I was about to protest about helping the guy to the extent, and the mentioning of "warmth" and "good-natured" causing Ghirahim's shard in my chest to pulsate coldly, and I grimaced. In spite of that, I didn't feel like I wanted to refuse him; he seemed okay, he just looked scary to the people living above. I knew what it was like to be judged by them, and it took getting to know them and helping them out for me to be accepted. That same opportunity wasn't going to be the same for this guy, but there would be another way to help him. "What is it that makes you feel more human?"

He looked at his "hands". "Well, I believe gratitude is the way to go about it; you have so much gratitude coming around you that I feel much happier and warmer than this cold skin has felt in eons--" How old is this guy?! "--and I feel that with enough gratitude, I can finally become a human! Yes! That is the key to my conversion! Gratitude!" I arched an eyebrow, " doing nice things for others will help you, too?" Batreaux made a helpless so-so gesture. "It is...not necessarily gratitude that others express to you, ah--"


"Ah yes, thank you, Jacqueline. What I was saying was that it isn't necessarily gratitude that others express to you, but rather the gratitude I have the more you assist others and try to help me with my problem! I can already feel it growing inside of me, and I feel much warmer already!"

I crossed my arms, the sleeves drawing back beyond my wrists. "So you're saying that if I do enough good deeds for others, you'll become human because I'm essentially doing it for you?" He bobbed his head up and down with a grin, "That's correct! Many are already indebted to you, Jacqueline, so I feel it won't be long until I'm free from this accursed form!" His smile stopped and his eyes narrowed in, squinting. I blinked and realized he was looking at my wrists, the bracelets. He looked at my collar, his eyes piercing. He looked to Kukiel, "...Ah, why not run along home for tonight, little one? Play-time is over, and Uncle Batti is tired from all the screaming."

Kukiel sulked, "But I won, right? I screamed the loudest, right?" Batreaux's eyes glanced to me, and I attempted to grin, "Naw; sorry, kiddo, but I scared him half-to-death when I came in with my blade drawn. Maybe next time--you can't win them all, but you're still the winner in most of your games!" The girl seemed to perk up at that and gave "Uncle Batti" a quick hug before she bounded out the door. We waited in silence for a bit, and Batreaux sighed, "Ah, little innocent, so pure, so full of Gratitude...that is why I feel attracted to them the most. Always so grateful and full of energy." He looked to me, "I could tell I sensed something familiar, almost comforting, about you...not just because of the gratitude, but because of the darkness you seem to hold within you. Dark, demon's magic...the same I possess."

I cocked my head, "But you're not evil--you're a demon, but you seem to be a good person." Batreaux shrugged, "I'm a demon by nature, and I used to be evil, but Kukiel helped uncover a different side to life, and I am caught halfway between my true nature and who I could be--who I wish to be. Human." He gestured for me to come closer and took my wrists, his claws over the bracers. "...Dark, dark indeed...this isn't yours alone, is it."

I shook my head, "No...someone really bad cursed me." He nodded, "I thought as much; if you touched anyone with those, they would be afflicted by your darkness. Lots of pain, lots of sorrow unresolved...small wounds, grown larger through the passage of time. It seems you're not from this world, either."

"You can tell all of that by just touching these?" Batreaux grinned toothily, "I may not be the worst demon in the world, but we were all born with dark magic in our veins. I hope to expel mine, but perhaps I am still this way to serve a purpose..perhaps even assist you." He looked back down at them, "...I do not wish to derail off-topic, but there is unlocked potential in these. You haven't used it yet, but I can teach you in time...your gratitude to me will assist me in getting stronger, and in turn, you will be able to do things you couldn't without this power." He released my wrists, "Help me with the supply of pumpkins--they are so delicious! Once you assist me with that, come back to me and I will teach you how to master this. Daylight or dusk, I am always watching."

As if that isn't creepy... Still, he made an exccellent point; Old Impa had mentioned that I had ways of using powers, like Zelda, to carry out ways of helping and assisting, but because I was the Dark Counterpart of Zelda, I had no way of knowing what I could do. If Batreaux knew of ways to train me, I'd gladly come back. I nodded and shook his hand. "All right, but firstly I'm looking out for the Pumpkins; they need those pumpkins more than you do, in all honesty." The demon nodded, "Yes, and I will call off the monsters to stop stealing them--as long as you keep your end of the deal. Otherwise I'll have no choice but to keep taking by night."

"Wait for a little bit," I replied, "and I'll be able to get some to you."
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The blade was heavy and battered, but I wasn't really supposed to be working with sharp steel at this point in time; Commander Eagus was still reluctant to let me handle a blade of that magnitude. "You think I'd just hand something sharp over to you? After what I've seen you do, blundering around like a buffoon in the training circle?" Go figure.

I was busy trying to keep it up; I'd been training with it to get the hang of it over the past day and night (unknown to the commander), and currently I'd been left in the possession of one, holding it in my room to try to steady it like I'd seen Link do with one arm countless times. Shit! How did he manage to keep it up for so long? This would tire me out in less than five seconds! I let the tip gently thud against the ground, my muscles already sore from the workout that day. Why I bothered to stay up after hours was something that eluded me, and yet I knew I had to pick up the pace; Link was very likely in trouble in the desert, even though I knew Fi could take care of him. I wasn't sure what to do, but I knew that if I picked up the pace, I could get to the two of them quickly and perhaps assist them. The tablet had shown me that the desert was vast as it was wide, and knowing Link had little experience in the deserts (apart from me; I had some experience with dry/humid/hot temperatures to a degree), it was possible he could be drinking through the water skins and not even realize how to properly savor them. Unless Fi was advising him, and then he'd be okay.

Didn't keep me from worrying, though. As I regained my breath and wiped my forehead with a bare arm, I heard noises coming from another wall. My eyebrow shot up as I heard an odd heaving noise; like someone was trying to lift something. I pressed my ear to the wall, hearing a pause, and then the noises began to erupt again. Any thoughts of going to bed with that noise sounding dashed away from my mind, and I set the blade down. I was wearing a light slip from the gown Orielle had given me, a mere undercoating of the original gown, and I placed the shawl around my shoulders before leaving my room.

The hallways were dark, and barely a noise was coming from anywhere--except the room next to mine. I looked at the sign, expecting it to be one of Groose's henchmen playing a late-night prank, like Cawlin or Strich. I was surprised to see the sign say "Fledge" on the door, and I waited until there was a pause in the noises before I rapped lightly on the door. "Hello?" I called gently, careful not to wake the other Knights up. The less chances I made of upsetting them in the middle of the night, the better mornings were for me. No sound came from the door, and I knocked again, hissing, "Fledge, are you in there?" Well duh, it's his room, idiot! I rolled my eyes and waited as the door opened a margin and I found a sliver of face peaking out from the space.

"What are you doing up in the middle of the night?" I asked, and he managed to squeak back, "I-I c-could ask you...the, um...same th-thing..." His stammers made his quaking and quivering all the obvious, and I sighed in a low voice, "I wouldn't be up if I wasn't being kept awake by the noises you're making," I craned my head to the side, as if trying to see past him into the room, "What are you even doing, anyway?"

He flinched back and the door began to close, "N-Nothing! Nothing at all! Goodbye!" I jammed my foot into the door and a flash of pain went spiking up through my entire leg, and I bit back a curse and a yell of pain. Realizing the door had been stopped by something, Fledge looked down automatically and found my foot stuck in it. A string of strong, profuse apologies began to pour from his mouth, his pitch beginning to rise. "Shut up, shut up, shut up--!" I hissed and took a few moments to balance myself against the doorframe, inhaling lengthily before exhaling, venting the pain out as it throbbed heatedly in my toes. I didn't want to think there would be anything broken, though it hurt like hell. After I'd composed myself, I whispered sharply, "Just...let me in for a few moments, all right? Not going to hurt you--just get me out of the damn hallway!" The door opened quickly and I limped in, lurching towards a chair or something I could sit down on as Fledge closed the door behind me.

I sat down on the bed with him standing timidly at the door, hands clasped, shoulders up, and head down. I looked around the room and found a mat on the ground, two barrels off to the side. I brought my foot up to cross over my knee and nursed it with my hands, massaging the joints. "What are you doing to make that noise?"

He didn't speak at first, and I sighed, "Look, I'm not going to hurt you--I just want to make sure I'm not going to be bothered by Groose or his lackeys. If I know it's you, then I have nothing to worry about...right?" I emphasized the last word, and Fledge's head shot up, nodding up and down like a bobblehead. "Y-yes, I would never do something like that! Honest!" His eyes fell short of the bed and a guilty expression crossed his face, but he didn't voice anything about it, and I didn't pressure him into it. I nodded back to him, "So what are you doing up this late? The other Knights are busy crunching zees at this hour--"

His expression became incredibly puzzled and I sighed, "The other Knights are busy sleeping at this hour." Light of understanding reached his eyes and he nodded; the window nearby was casting moonlight against his figure, frail and thin as it was. Seeing the giant barrels and his small figure, I could only begin to piece together what he was doing--same as I was.

Training. I smirked, "You're not trying to get tough and strong, are you? Trying to pick a fight with someone?" His eyes lit up in panic, and as much fun as I had finding play in this, I couldn't help but feel some form of sympathy; he was probably still shaken by the fact that he'd just hurt me, and wasn't used to people not punching him in the shoulder or bullying him after a mistake like that. Chances were he was victimized regularly like I was by Groose, though I probably had a better chance of standing up for myself. I chuckled and winced, "I'm just--ow!--kidding...damn this hurts." I stroked my foot some more and regarded the mouse-like boy in the shadows. "...I'm kidding."

"...Oh." He didn't seem altogether convinced, or enthusiastic, about the attempted-joke. Guess it's not the hour to crack them, I thought and shrugged. "So why are you trying to buff-up?" He shuffled awkwardly, "...I, um...I didn't qualify to be Knimrrfrr.." I gaped, leaning forward automatically as if that would improve my hearing of his muttering. "What?"

His voice was barely more than a mutter, "I didn't qualify for the Wing Crmrrrr..."

I leaned closer over the edge of the bed, some sarcasm flaring up as I lowered my voice to match his inaudible droning. "Would you mind speaking up frrr a mrrrmrrnt?"

He looked up, perplexed. "What?"

"Exactly." I leaned back, triumphant my point got across to him, and he sighed, his already rosey-cheeks flushed with embarrassment and some self-shame. "Promise you won't tell anyone?" I nodded and he took in a deep breath. "Okay...I didn't qualify to be a Knight this season because I'm...not strong enough." I mouthed his words after he finished his oh-so-terrible confession and thought them over. It was true that the commander recommended the best to become Knighted, and the selected few had to be physically-fit as well as agile of the mind and sword to participate in the Wing Ceremony, which was the final milestone for a trainee to be Knighted. Seeing the boy more directly now helped me recognize the problem all in the space of a few seconds.

I nodded and leaned back, "I read ya, I read ya..." I bit my lower lip in thought and hummed without tune to match. I looked to the barrels and gestured to one, "Can you lift that?"

"U-Uh, yes!" I encouraged that he lift it, and he hobbled over obediently to do it. His lack of self-confidence in himself was something I could relate to, though seeing it on the outside made me feel like my issue was easy to fix. I had to face heart-eating monsters, not the egotistical rat-pack of Groose the Beak-Haired. Then again, nobody but Link and Zelda had gone to the Surface before, so no wonder they'd have first-world problems at the front. I watched as Fledge picked up the barrel, but only managed to hold onto it for five seconds before he had to set it down.

"Is that even filled with anything?" He didn't answer. I sighed, "Well first off, you're not going to be big and buff overnight. These things take time!"

Fledge sighed, "But I've been doing it for weeks and weeks and nothing's worked." I considered and rolled my eyes upward to the ceiling, rocking gently back and forth on the edge of the bed. "Have you considered that maybe you're trying too hard too fast? What else have you been doing other than lifting barrels?"


"How many can you do?" Again, his head went down and I sighed, trying to encourage him. "Come on, how many?" The softer tone spurred him and he muttered, "...Ten..." I didn't need for him to speak up that time and gaped; this boy seriously needed help! Who was coaching him? Why wasn't he getting training in? Most importantly, had he talked to Commander Eagus about this? I considered his frame and thought it over, "Have you always been this...strong?"

Fledge nodded sadly, "Yes...I've always been weak, ever since I was born. I get light-headed out in the air, and I bruise really easily."

Something clicked in my brain and I smiled gently, "Have you considered that maybe you have a condition, like a vitamin deficiency or something, and that's why you aren't growing as strong or capable as the others?" Fledge looked up at me worriedly, "..."Vitamin deficiency"? What is that?"

Uhh.... I smiled, "You just need more of something that the others provide on their own. My guess is that you have the muscle, but you just don't have the energy to keep it up. You get really tired quickly, right? You were probably born tiny, right?" He was nodded, understanding and some hope coming into his eyes, despite how "scary" I was. The smile was a good change to the "p-poor st-stutttering Trainee Fledge". I was half-expecting his head to rotate one-hundred-and-eighty degrees so I could see a creepy diverse face on the back of it. The thought made me shiver. "Well, what gives you energy? Food? Water? Sunlight?"

Fledge spoke gently, "Well...I suppose Mam's cooking...uh...the fruit that grows all around the island..." I cocked my head, "Fruit? What fruit?" Fledge looked to me, "The Stamina Fruit, or that's what it's been called, grows all over this gives energy to whomever eats it...I've tried eating it, and it does help...but even that wears off after a while, and I have a slow belly." I looked to the side, holding my foot now just because it was comfortable; the swelling had subsided a bit and the pain was barely noticeable. "Hmm...Stamina Fruit...I'll have to look into that." I nodded to him and stood up, "I'll tell you what; after practice tomorrow, I'll go ahead and check around the island and see what I can do about your, ah...workouts."

He looked incredibly self-conscious all of a sudden and flailed his hands in protest, his voice going up a bit in volume before I hushed him, "No, no no--I mean, no...if anyone finds out, I'll get beat up for sure!"

I looked at him, "Or do you mean if Groose finds out, you'll get beat up for sure?" Fledge looked surprised at first but the downcast gaze told the story. I nodded, "Yeah, you can't beat a bully like that until you face up to them. He's picking on you because of your small size, but what if you do happen to get stronger? He'll just find something else to make fun of; your clothes, your bird, anything he thinks you have weakness in. Because he's full of weaknesses, too."

"Really?" His voice was quiet and the curiosity and wonder was genuine, and I couldn't help but grin, "Yeah--those assholes are all the same, Fledge. You just need to find something that Groose is uncomfortable about,"

"...His hair?" I grinned and laughed, "Yes! His hair--oh, sorry." I grinned as Fledge hushed me, and I could already see a backbone growing from this one. "Just see if you can find a clever pun or joke to crack about his hair the next time he picks on you for your size...just keep joking about it and keep smiling. Eventually he'll grow tired of the jokes and then might try to hit you, but I don't think you'll have to worry about your small size for long."

Fledge beamed at me, "Really?"

I nodded, "Really." I checked the window and yawned, "I should get back to bed; training calls in the morning." I got up and started to the door, and his soft timid voice squeaked from the corner. "Mm? What is it?"

"Um...I..never got your name..."

"It's Jacqueline."

Fledge nodded several times, "R-right...Jacqueline..." He looked up at me, puzzled, "W...why are you doing this for me?"

"Huh?" I faltered from the door, my hand still on the knob but I wasn't quite as ready to open the door just yet. Fledge shuffled his feet on the floor, "I mean...I've...never had anyone do this for me before. I usually ask for help, and the others...well..."

"Brush it off to the side after a little bit of help, and they haven't done much since?" Fledge nodded miserably and I sighed, "Look, Fledge...I like sleeping. A lot. But we're friends, and friends help each other out. I go out into the town anyway when I have time off, so I might as well have something to do." I grinned, and Fledge mouthed my words. "...Friends...we're friends."

I nodded, "Yup! Friends....friends." Even I had difficulty getting used to that word; Fledge seemed like a good kid, and probably had many things to say that could brighten one's day up. He was just too shy to do so out in the open; a faint dead, cold pulse ran through my chest at the suggestion of something good and warm, and I braced myself against it. Ghirahim's influence hadn't left me, since I hadn't even left this world, and perhaps that influence was still trying to worm its way within me, away from my quest. Still, didn't keep me from feeling sympathy for the poor guy. He wasn't any different than a kid at high-school, bullied for his smarts or his glasses or whatever the Hell others could think up. I wanted to feel warmer and get the darkness out of me, to conquer it. I smiled and nodded at Fledge, who watched me without a word as I went.


My entire body was sore after practice, as if it hadn't been before I'd shown up to drilling; I kept the blade on me at all times, as drilled to do as another form of "exercise", as the commander had put it. I began to descend a long staircase towards the rest of the island and caught sight of one of the Stamina Fruits Fledge had mentioned to me the previous night. Remembering my promise to him, I inspect the curious little object.

It was a lime-green and looked simple and easy to pluck. I picked one up, unsure of what it would do for me. I took a bite from it and tested the flavor. "...Huh. Kiwi." I rotated the fruit around for any other distinct differences about it, and seeing none, I ate it completely. Instantly I felt better and became wide-awake. It was easy to see how the people on Skyloft could keep their energy up, and why Fledge needed these so badly.

I remember a while back, shadowing Link around the island, that the local bazaar held some interesting artifacts and trinkets that could potentially hold something to help Fledge with his stamina problem. I passed people on the way, their gazes reserved but much friendlier as they grew accustomed to seeing my face. It would take a bit more to warm them up to me, but it wasn't a huge concern to me. I headed into the massive tents, observing the market. It was a bit crowded, as it was lunchtime at the noon-hour, but it would filter out within the next hour or two as people went along their way back to their homes to tend to their gardens or go fishing. My nose caught a familiar scent and I squinted my eyes, trying to place it.

...Potions? Of course! I grinned, remembering my struggle with the red potion firstly in the Forest temple, and then again in a more aggregious state in the mountain. Those things seemed to be everywhere, nowadays. I strode over to the potions' keepers, seeing a toiled man with a giant stirring rode and a crying baby, accompanied by a strong, purposeful woman (I assumed his wife, to whom I had my sympathies) who greeted me with a smile, despite the noise being made by the infant. "Hello, dear! What can I get for you today?"

I looked at the large cauldrons, seeing various colors, some appealing and some that turned my stomach like the rod. "I was wondering if you could help me with something; do you know anything about tonics or medicines that can strengthen someone's body?" The woman grinned, "Of course, dear! Naturally I would recommend the Stamina Potion! It's made by our own local Stamina Fruit produce, grown all over the island! It's sure to be ingested and in effect within mere seconds of drinking it!"

I couldn't believe my luck! I gaped and grinned, "How much is it for a Stamina Potion? Do you have any?" The woman beamed, "Let me check, dear..." She turned around and looked through the supplies. She was taking quite a bit of time. She turned around to face me again and smiled sadly, "I'm sorry, dear, but it seems we're out of Stamina Fruit! And I work all day and sleep at night, I hardly have time to go replenish my stocks!"

"...What if I go get some for you? Shouldn't be hard to find them, if they're growing all over the island." The woman thought about it and grinned, "I like the sound of that! Here, take this basket with you. Stamina Fruit are most potent when freshly-picked in the hour, so keep it in mind and make good use of your time out there! Thank you so much, dear!" She gave me a basket, which was little more like a slightly-distorted wooden plate with a handle that reached from one end to the other, and I headed outside.

Starting from one end to the other, I decided to gather the fruits starting from the furthest to the closest-pickings, so time wouldn't be wasted. The sun was shining high up and the sky held some clouds above the barrier that led to the Surface. I could see Loftwings soaring all over the place, their various colorings brilliant in the air. The most elite of them were almost constantly flying, trading off and swapping to keep the skies clear of anything on the outside that ventured too close. Even if the Surface was the real threat, that didn't keep anything harmful from the air, either. I picked another Stamina Fruit and placed it in the basket, continuing on my way up and down the paths.

It was strangely rather warm for the altitude, so I took a moment to enjoy a gentle breeze. It felt good against my skin, and for once I wasn't worried about Ghirahim or the quest. Things were simple, something I preferred. I went to a remote location on the island, plucking another fruit from its bedding, and looking over the edge. My eyes scanned the barrier and looked where Lanayru Desert had opened. Zelda's Loftwing soared overhead with Link's Crimson Loftwing, both of them keeping pace with one another. Seeing their friendship made me wash over with a wave of melancholy--

And then I pinched myself and kicked my leg to snap out of it. usually never takes this long for him to find a Temple or move through one...or does it? I plucked another fruit nearby and continued on my way.

I reached the edge of the island again, a deposit of land holding another one of the fruits just across a few feet of open air. I looked down and swallowed, hoping that if, in some way, fate would twist itself on me, the Loftwing would come catch my ass. As long as I whistle... I took a running start and easily covered the gap. Sweat was on my forehead and I wiped it with my sleeve. "Damn, this humidity is killing me--"

Wait--humidity? This high up? "Hey! Jacqueline! Hey!" I heard a voice calling and found a figure standing on the edge of the main island, waving their arms at me. I squinted through the harsh light, "Fledge? What are you doing out here?"

"I s-saw you walking around the island and decided to f-follow you! What are you d-doing?" I lifted up the basket to him and he nodded in understanding, "I get it! Do you need some help?" I shook my head and warded him off, which he was content to do so and remain on solid ground. I picked the fruit and placed it into the basket, straightening up as I did so and looking around. Why was it getting so clammy in the skies? The Loftwings didn't appear to be affected by it, however they did land more often, even for a few moments, before taking off again. I looked over the edge facing Fledge. Is it the World Degenaration? What could it possibly be doing to Skyloft? The winds were getting stronger, gently gusting my hair and gown.

Fledge's voice caught my attention, shrill and alarmed. "B-B-Behind you!" His hand came up in alarm, pointing at me--or rather, something behind me. I turned around to see pure cloud spiraling around and around, the winds turning more violent as the weather began to go south. Seeing no funnel from the top could only mean that something was controlling the cloud from a source, and the best source of that stuff was from the barrier itself. I scowled. Ghirahim...

My eyes flicked up to the other trainee, who was urging me to come back. Clutching the basket I braced myself into the winds, making my way to jump the gap again. The winds, however, were pulling me back, and I knew that if I jumped, I'd most likely fall, and the Loftwing wouldn't be able to get ahold of me in the way the winds were pushing me about. "Jump!" His voice was calling from across the gap and I yelled back, "It's too risky! I'll get blown away!" His voice got drowned out by the shrieking winds, and I could feel the small island of mine being pulled into the orbit of the cyclone, bits and pieces breaking off and making it that much smaller. Fledge traced the perimeter of the main island, following me to the furthest point of the island and holding on to a post for the most part, making attempts to reach out with a hand before snapping it back to hold onto the post. I looked at the basket, seeing some of the contents spilled. I tossed it and ran towards the trainee, taking a massive leap and flying through the air. A few sickening moments erupted in my stomach as I began to fall, and then Fledge's hand grasped my wrist, closing over my bracelet. He and I worked our way to lug me back onboard and crawled for cover, hiding behind a tree and waiting for it all to pass.

After ten minutes to endure the violent winds, it began to die down, leaving the area we were in almost devastated. Even the tree had sunk lower into the ground, favoring the side closest to the enemy-cyclone. I sighed, seeing the damages, " I need to replace the lady's basket and gather more fruit." I looked toward him, "I don't suppose you'd help me, would you?" He smiled warmly, "I w-would not mind that a-at all, Jacqueline."

~~~~~~~That Night~~~~~~~~~~

I closed the door to his room and went to retire to mine, smiling all the while. His stomach seemed to absorb the Stamina Potions a lot easier than eating a regular Stamina Fruit, and the effects lasted longer. I would hear him exercising, but not the agonized-extent of a cow in labor that I had only just heard the night before.

The window was slightly ajar and I reflected on the day's events. The cyclone had come out of nowhere, and ironically close to me. Not to mention the risen density and temperature of the climate that day. I didn't feel like it was coincidence; it certainly made too much sense, that Ghirahim would do what he could to upset or unbalance me. I began to wonder why he hadn't approached me, but I decided it was better not to ask. I yawned and got into bed, thinking about the words Fledge had said to me and promised he would do while I was gone or while I was there, and the Stamina Potions gave him strength, as the strength gave him confidence he could take care of himself. I smiled and shrugged; I wondered what he would look like in the next evening or two.

My fingers closed around the comforter and pulled it over myself, tuckered out and waiting my training for the days left remaining.
SPECIALIS - :Just A Fledge Wound: [22]
Hurr hurr hurr.

For the readers, no, I am not an angry individual. I'm very pleasant to be around, I love to be with people and socialize with them. I love to write, to game, to explore, and I love my family very much. I am very much Christian and love the Lord a lot. In this edition, I wanted to take a different perspective on story-making and was inspired by a game to write this. If you have questions now, please do hold off on them until the next chapter comes out. More than likely, you'll begin to draw your own conclusions as more information is released to you. Trust me, you'll begin to understand the further the story goes.
I understand if you don't favorite the chapter for harsh language, and I am sorry if I have truly offended anyone out there. It isn't my intention to offend anyone. If I have intrigued you, however, I will be enthusiastic. I plan to continue the series, and I hope to do so with your help. If you have any suggestions or comments to make, make them below this information window in the comment box. If they happen to be insulting, I'll simply just delete them. Nothing personal; just delete them. I don't care. w00t!

So! Without further ado, I will probably be working on the next chapter! Follow more of my works in the gallery!

Oh, and by the way--Specialis is "secret" in Latin.…<---Where This All Begins---<…<---Next Chapter---<…<---Previous Chapter---<
Over the course of several days following I began to find myself slowly sliding into the swing of things; the townspeople became more accustomed to me, knowing me more as the only trainee under Commander Eagus. That didn't keep the rest of the Knights from joining drills, however; apparently my presence and routines inspired the commander that, if I was training brutally and managing "just fine", as he put it, then it couldn't hurt the others. That didn't earn me the attention that I would have hoped to have achieved, considering the fact that the kindest greeting in the morning was a growl with eye-contact. A step below that was a growl and absolutely no eye-contact, and so on and so forth.

Groose and his ragtag gang of pranksters would try to catch me with various forms of mischief, though I had come up with strategies for escaping. A window, behind a door when it was thrust open, or even once embarrassed them by standing completely nude in the bathroom with my arms crossed when they thought barging in while I was bathing would shock me instead of them. Ghirahim had given me a leg up on that incident already, though I took no pleasure in it. All pranks aside, there was little harm they could do to me that wouldn't get noticed by Owl-Brows, always scrutinizing and still ever-concerned with me and how my training was going.

I would visit Orielle in my time off, whenever I could manage it, secretly-curious as to see how her progression on the outfit was coming. I wasn't super crazy about it, but hey; I'd never received a gift like this before, and the natural, practical art of watching the seamstress at work seemed refreshing. I snorted at the sentimentality, but was inwardly-pleased at being fussed over. "You need to take your time with it, like all things in life," Orielle explained, "or you'll lose precious time and have to do it all over again."

I had looked at her, "Like waiting for the right moment to strike?" She had seemed thoughtful and had smiled, nodding, "Something like that, yes! There's always an opportune moment for everything, and you don't know when it's coming until it's here, and when it's here, you'll know what to do!"

The sunlight was pleasant, but I only managed to enjoy it for a few minutes before I had to head back into the dojo to continue my training. Commander Eagus ran me through some warm-up exercises, my brain filtering through the motions dully as I took no pleasure in causing my stomach to knot with the tense muscles. When I was finished, he nodded to me. "Seems like you're getting the hang of it, girl! Today's your lucky day, after all!" I quirked an eyebrow and watched him silently; any noise that I made in my training, this deep as it was, would result in another set of warm-ups. He paused, as if waiting for the chance to rise to make me continue straining my body, and when no sound came, he shrugged. "Today you'll be learning some fencing moves--nothing too fancy. Just the basics, as the Headmaster has requested with time available."

My brain blinked out for a second before I registered what he'd said. "I get a sword?" He turned and grinned at me, "Not yet! Don't want you to chop your own head off before we even train with one! Actually, we'll be using these." He picked up two long wooden sticks and tossed one at the ground before my feet. "Let's see what you can do with this." I picked it up and faced him, and thinking of how I watched Link fight, I swung at him horizontally. He deflected it and sharply hit my collarbone on the left and I yelped. "Again!" he barked, and I tried a jab, the stick stiff in my grip; that had caused my wrist to freeze in place, allowing no fluent movement to the jab, and the commander easily sidestepped, circling behind me and aiming another sharp, brief hit along my rear. I lurched forwards, one hand protecting the aching spot. "Now come on, girl--how did a feather-filly like you manage to survive one day beneath the clouds? Did you stand behind my student the entire time?" My face grew hot and I lunged more viciously at him, throwing all my weight into the swings and slamming the sticks against each other. I hit his front and he took one massive hand and roughly shoved me backwards, keeping his hand up.

"Enough. You've got spirit, girly, but merely trying to mimick my student's techniques aren't enough. You need to feel the blade as an extension of your body, like another limb!"

I looked at my "sword" wryly, and then to him. "It's a stick of wood."

"Then it explains why you're all bark and no bite." I could prevent the groan from bubbling up through my throat and I shook my head, feeling the adrenaline pulsing through my veins and making my heart thump loudly in my chest. I scowled at him and prepared to swing again as the commander readied himself. He barked the command, and we began again. It felt like I had only been asked to become a piñata, except there would be no sweet-reward for everyone. Just this asshole. He battered me up and down, left to right, encouraging me to keep up my defenses and deflect with my "sword". I succeeded in blocking one attempt but was too slow for when he had it uppercut across my ribs and I yelped. We continued exercises against the protests of my sides hurting, my knees bruised, and finally he swung the stick out from behind and hooked it under one of my knees, unbalancing me and toppling me to the floor. He stood over me, his shadow reaching long and heavily across my body. "We don't have time for games, little girl," he growled, and anger began to boil my blood. I thrust my stick wildly and glanced it off his, away from my face. "Stop calling me that," I growled back and began to get to my feet.

He scoffed, "That's all you are--all you'll ever be! A snivelling, whining, complaining and lazy, little girl, and a waste of time in training!"

My eyes snapped up to look at his unwavering, dark expression and I gripped the stick hard, my anger continuing to rise. "I have a fucking name, goddamn it, and I'm fucking tired of you fuckers thinking I'll never make it! Fucking tired of it!" He snorted derisively, "At this rate you won't. You'll never have what it takes to be a Knight; you're too soft."

Too soft... The words swarmed my mind, darkening my heart with fury and resentment. Was it pride or actual truth that I was? No...I've had to make hard choices...facing Link was hard...dragging myself when I was broken was hard... "I'm not soft." I stated and glared up at him, unwavering from his gaze. "Say what you like, little girl, but that's not going to get you any closer to getting stronger. You're a waste of time and hot air." Again my anger rose and I felt the stick in my hand, I felt its form so easily clenched in my fingers. Even beyond the anger his words were not malicious; there was something in its place. They weren't the taunts that Ghirahim had grown so accustomed to hissing in my ear; this was something else. What was the commander up to?

My wondering mind didn't keep it from having the urge to command my arm to use the stick to swipe at him, but the cool process of clarity began to turn the anger; the pain didn't hurt as much, as my mind had been distracted from it, and my heart was pumping adrenaline through my tired body, fueling it once more. "I am not a waste of time." I held the practice-sword in front of me, my eyes on him and unflinching. He scoffed, "Is that so? Well then, if you think you're going to stay, then you're going to have to prove to me that you're worth training. If I'm not satisfied, I'm kicking you out and you will not be allowed back in." I kept my eyes fixated on him and he smirked, raising his training sword. "A toddler could have learned quicker than you, little girl, so make sure your display is a good one enough to impress me."

"I don't give a fuck about impressing you--all I know is that Link's somewhere down there, and I don't give a rat's ass about what you think." He suddenly rushed at me as I held the blade, his movements so quick and agile. I didn't even see him coming. I froze in place, desperately trying not to drop the stick. I regained my head for a split second before he was upon me, and I leaped back desperately. He barked a laugh, "Link's not going to want a scared little rabbit around; it could feed him for a day, but that's all it'd do for him!" I forgot about any rational thought for a few moments and ran at him, yelling and swinging my stick at him. He blocked it with his stick, rounded it about in attempts to dislodge it from my grip, which had become like iron, and went offensive again, stabbing into the air towards my head. I ducked and wove as best as I could, the stick grazing me on the third jab along the cheek, leaving a small burn there; these things weren't exactly sandpapered. I sidestepped, trying to catch him in the side with another swing, to which he danced out of the way and brought the stick down towards my shoulder. I collapsed my shoulder and evaded, aiming the stick towards his face. He took one of his massive hands and gripped my wrist, stopping the motion and looking into my eyes with intense, steeled cold blue.

Waves of guilt ran through me at the flash of Link's face and the look of loathing upon it, mirrored in those eyes. It caused me to falter, and my mouth opened to apologize to him--and then it dissolved back to the commander's face as he thrust my body away, shoving my arm backwards while releasing my wrist. He stormed towards me and it took all I had in my quivering legs to stand firm and keep my stick level. His bigass stick starting coming from the right, out of my sight, and I began to hear the whooshing sound of wind being sliced by the object. I stepped in closer, his momentum being cut off, and squatted in response to my training with the logs. I took the opportunity to bring the stick up and towards his chin. He began to turn his face, the stick narrowly missing, and he kneed me in the stomach, sending me sprawling backwards. I could see the stick coming down and I rolled to the side, hearing it clatter sharply against the floor, and scrambled to my feet, ready to defend myself. He came at me, swinging his weapon without mercy as I fought to deflect the blows; left, right, middle; they kept coming, all alternate combinations I couldn't follow, and slowly pushing me towards a wall. I felt my back press into it and froze; being cornered wasn't a good idea if in a tight spot. He brought his stick up and it began to soar downwards; if it kept going, it would hit my head and likely crack my skull, with the speed it was coming. There was nowhere to dodge, no way to duck, and so I faced it. I closed my eyes in fear of anticipation, expecting the red-hot searing pain to flash forwards.

And it never came. He halted his stick a few inches before it could hit my head, and I opened my eyes finally as the silence drew in. His jaw was set, but there was no darkness in those eyes. I felt a warm hand settle on my head and I blinked as he ruffled my hair; it was like he had become a different person! He smiled, "You're a haunted little rabbit, aren't you." At first I thought he was taunting, but the good-natured smile dissolved those suspicions. I breathed out loudly, not realizing I had held it in for the pain so I could cry out, and I felt exhausted and weak in the knees. "I thought you were going to seriously kill me or something," I wheezed, and he roared with laughter, "So I noticed! The look on your face was pure terror--something I expect to see from all of my Knights when I spar them! But I am not a monster, nor something to be feared in the essence of fear. I demand respect, and while your temper is something to work on, you handled it well enough to realize when the inevitable came. You, however, have earned my respect."

I blinked, "But I didn't even do anything! I didn't even hit you once, not even close!"

He laughed, "You're not supposed to! I've been training for many years, lass! I don't expect any new feather-foal to be able to match me in my skills. You held your own with all that you had; that's the best I've seen out of you for the entirety of your training. And even if you didn't manage to lay a blow on me, you came very close with a few of those moves. You've been doing very well, actually."


He winked, "It's all in the matter of goading a bull into action, lass. Can't make it fight or worth your while unless you anger it somehow, and that depends on which ropes to pull." Dumbfounded, I watched as this grueling, harsh war-like man became an enjoyable, laughing and pure-hearted villager. "Why would you try to...get me to fight you? To make me angry? This doesn't make sense."

Commander Eagus plucked my blade gently from my hands, "I've seen many children come and go from my school, and they all started off just like you. Each one brought forth their fighting spirit in some way or another, and sometimes being brutal was the best way to do it. I had a feeling you wouldn't be up for the challenge if I coddled and grew soft on you, right?" I shook my head and he nodded, "And you are also in an advanced training I've never had the experience of teaching; simply-put, you are doing a bit more than an advanced Knight would do at this stage at a quicker pace."

"I...never thought of that before."

"I suspect that amidst your training, you probably forgot why we were pushing you this hard--"

I looked up at him quickly, "No, I haven't forgotten that. It's bad enough that I can't really protect myself, much less Link and anyone else. This way, I can hold my own--for a few seconds more." The commander barked a laugh, "Don't sell yourself short, lass! You're not the quality-type for being a Knight, but that isn't what being a Knight is all about." He placed a hand on my shoulder and led me to a bench to sit down, handing me a water flask, "Being a Knight is much more than the skills you have in combat. It teaches you confidence in yourself, and respect to those around you, as well as your weapon. A weapon is just as much as a tool as your friend; you master the blade, and yet the blade is your master. It's a strange, but cooperative relationship." My thoughts trailed to Fi, finding what the commander said too true to argue, and I mutely nodded, taking a swig from the flask; the water was really, really good! The commander gripped the edges of the bench gently, his head tilted as he mused aloud. "Being a Knight keeps up ancient tradition, keeps us going, and reminds us why we fight."

Putting a stopper on the flask, I glanced at him, "And why are we fighting?" He grinned at me, "We fight for our kin and our freedom. Freedom from what? I can't say...but it helps to maintain the peace. Need to prove that we are willing to defend ourselves, no matter what comes our way--even if it never comes."

"Then what's the point of training if you'll never us it?"

"So that way," he replied as he took the flask from me and took a massive gulp himself, "we can handle anything; being a Knight gives us training to do heavy work around the island, hones our skills and senses, makes us sensible and alert. Being "lofty" is up to the birds, not the riders!" He guffawed at his witty pun, and I rolled my eyes while I digested his words. What he said made a lot of sense, and my sense of cold doubt was beginning to fade.

The commander slapped his knee. I jolted out of my thoughts and found him already speaking: "...the matter of your graduation ceremony."

"My...graduation ceremony?" The commander heard the question in my voice and grinned, "Aye, lass--that's if you ever reach it, that is. You'll have to see about competing with the other riders and trainees if you are going to graduate; otherwise, you will be withheld from the ceremony for a while longer. Doesn't mean you can't go to the Surface to find my Knight--it just means you'll be doing so enlisted as a Trainee."

" I have to do in the ceremony?" I didn't like big occasions or gatherings; last one I'd ever been to was involved with wearing long black robes and holding a certificate in my hands. This, I sensed, was different. The commander assured my thoughts unknowingly. "It's a competition of skill and unity with your Loftwing. Don't worry, I've heard about the one that attached itself to you; it probably imprinted upon you, as it's missing the Headmaster's daughter."

Yeah--or I strike a crazy resemblance to her and it's mistaking me for her! I nodded to the commander as he described to me the object of the beginnings of the ceremony, and when (ever an opportunity should ever likely occur) I win, I would need to perform the last of the ceremony. That's where Eagus found himself troubled, and upon asking him about it, he smiled sadly, "Well, we would need one to act as the spirit maiden for the ceremony in order to complete it upon your supposed-graduation. Seeing as miss Zelda is not back yet, it may be difficult to complete that."

"Can't I, y'know, rehearse the lines and then throw myself off the top?" As humorous as I had attempted to make the situation, the imagery was a bit too scary for me to cope with. The commander was literally considering it, too! I felt an inward sigh of relief escape me as he shook his head, "I doubt that would work, as creative as that sounds...I suppose I could speak to the Headmaster about it. All of your training completely caused me to vacate that thought of the ceremony." He clasped his knees and rose off the bench, hearing it creak back into place at an alarming pitch; I was left to stare at the spot for a few lingering moments. "Take the rest of the afternoon off; you'll need to relax before we continue your lessons in the following days to come. We have a handful of days to get you ready." I nodded and got up from the bench, looking at the two wooden sticks leaning on the wall, side by side. Experience taught me that I'd be sore and aching later on, and it also taught me that Groose and his gang would be waiting to see if they could pull a last-minute prank on me around a corner or slip a beetle into my dinner.

I trudged back to my quarters, forgoing the meal, and planted my face into a pillow, passing out seconds later.
SPECIALIS - :A Stick-y Situation: [21]
Well, I can see where these chapters are branching off into...*cough*

For the readers, no, I am not an angry individual. I'm very pleasant to be around, I love to be with people and socialize with them. I love to write, to game, to explore, and I love my family very much. I am very much Christian and love the Lord a lot. In this edition, I wanted to take a different perspective on story-making and was inspired by a game to write this. If you have questions now, please do hold off on them until the next chapter comes out. More than likely, you'll begin to draw your own conclusions as more information is released to you. Trust me, you'll begin to understand the further the story goes.

I understand if you don't favorite the chapter for harsh language, and I am sorry if I have truly offended anyone out there. It isn't my intention to offend anyone. If I have intrigued you, however, I will be enthusiastic. I plan to continue the series, and I hope to do so with your help. If you have any suggestions or comments to make, make them below this information window in the comment box. If they happen to be insulting, I'll simply just delete them. Nothing personal; just delete them. I don't care. w00t!

So! Without further ado, I will probably be working on the next chapter! Follow more of my works in the gallery!

Oh, and by the way--Specialis is "secret" in Latin.…<---Where This All Begins---<…<---Next Chapter---<…<---Previous Chapter---<
Hey guys!

Need your expertise on something:

I'd like to begin capturing footage from my 3DS for walkthrough purposes, or perhaps just giving a "how-to" from time to time, and I would like to capture the footage straight from inside the 3DS. No camera stands, no "external" footage--I mean as in take whatever's inside that 3DS and transfer it to a computer to record and then mess with later, and I would prefer to do it with both screens in the footage. I've seen professional gamers with their neat trademark tags and arrangements as to how they record (say they have a profile picture to the side or fancy setups besides the original two-screen split of the Gameboy), and I'd like to learn how to do that as well.

Only problem is I haven't found a single video or tutorial that explains it clearly enough for me, and I tend to work well with simplified answers. I know there are many ways to do this, but if you guys can help tell me how you film your 3DS nowadays, I'd really appreciate it!

I would prefer software on the computer with some sort of attachment/synchronization of Computer + 3DS device, but if there's an easier method, please inform me!
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