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Yoto and Gohan! by The-Boundless

All in all, I believe this was a very well perceived piece of artwork. You did excellently on the shading, as you did on the original c...


Link opened his eyes and looked down at Jacqueline, "All of that happened while you were dead? So that's how Fi was able to open your defenses..." Fi nodded, "Miss Jacqueline was able to foresee what was to come and requested I aid her in the recovery of the sacred power to save Hylia's incarnate. Should the spirit maiden perish, Miss Jacqueline would have as well. This was the only viable option to choose that would cause the least amount of damage. Using the sacred power against her in her corrupted form would give her enough control over herself to make independent thinking before the Imprisoned could force her to do anything against her will."

He shook his head, "But what about being one of the monsters? Wouldn't the Imprisoned have been able to take the darkness already?" He felt Jacqueline move, and he felt a sudden lump in his throat; he had forgotten she was still alive. Immediately shame overcame him, and he held her reassuringly. Her eyes were open as she kept close watch on the conversation. Zelda nodded, "Jacqueline was already controlled by the darkness, so the Imprisoned has been stealing her energy away from her. In the present, He will be close to being resurrected, and the world will be destroyed."

"Then all is lost..."

"That is not so." A new voice entered, and Impa limped up the stairs. Zelda ran to her and embraced her, "Oh Impa, I am so sorry. How do you feel?" The woman nodded, "I am better; Jacqueline did not injure me as much as I assumed she would. It seems she was still fighting for control, even to the end, it seems." She looked down at the dying young woman and sighed, "It's a shame one had to die so that all others would live."

Link looked to them, "But why? If you hadn't really been fatally wounded, or Zelda had faked being dead, what was the point of it?"

"" Jacqueline's voice was quiet, and all eyes went to her as if she had shouted. Link gaped, "Trick me? But why..." Impa walked forwards and placed a hand on his shoulder, "Your feelings for Her Grace were predictable, Chosen One. If she had been captured and kept alive, you would have kept your priority on saving her instead of the real threat. And so, you needed to be tricked into believing there was nothing left to do but destroy the monster."

"But...why?" Zelda exchanged looks with Impa, and Jacqueline shuddered in a breath. "...Because...I be killed..." Link shook his head, "No, no no--the vision said that if you died, the Imprisoned would get all of His power returned! This hasn't achieved anything! How could you...all of this to me? You made me do this to you!"

Jacqueline sighed out deeply, and she swallowed. She closed her eyes, "...I know...I'm show no mercy to the monster...if we would have a chance at saving the see, the sword has to stay inside of my body for another you remember the purpose of the Sacred Flames....?" Link blinked, "It strengthen the blade to fight off evil..." She nodded and looked to Zelda, "And if...he got all of the flames....he could come to this time-period...and you would bless the sword."

Zelda nodded, "Yes...yes, that's the purpose of the blade--the sword will be able to repel all form of evil and corruption..." Impa nodded, "A regrettable, but ingenious plan, Jacqueline...Your Grace." Jacqueline laughed and coughed up crimson, "Oh...don't you 'Your Grace' me, you idiot..!" She convulsed and Link sat her up more comfortably. She sighed, "Thanks...still, it's almost time, Zelda." The blond nodded, "Yes...however, it is not yet time to bless the blade."

The false spirit maiden grinned, "Yeah...thought you might say for me, I guess..." She looked over to Link, "It was a stupid thing to do, Link, and I won't forgive me for that....I don't really care, least we get to have one last adventure together, right?" Link was about to protest, however something held his tongue, and he held one of her hands. "...Yes, at least one more." Jacqueline looked over to Fi, "...Go ahead and...tell him the rest of the story, him the rest of it all..."

Fi nodded and began to glow.

~~~~~~~~~The Recent Past: Ten Days Prior to Present~~~~~~~~~~~

I stumbled along the pathway, leading me to the broken temple and to where Old Impa was. My teeth were chattering, and I struggled along with each footstep threatening to drag me down to the soil. I held myself together, arms crossed and pulling at the sleeves of my outfit. I tripped over a root and gasped sharply, adrenaline coursing through me and keeping me going, however it did little to help with the chilling cold.

The crumbling temple stood tall over me, and I shoved one of the doors open, stumbling in and staggering to the steps. Impa sat, watching me from afar and made no move to help, however from the expression she was making, she knew I was struggling. "Your time is drawing nearer, fated child," she said, and I grumbled in reply, "Gee, you think? Faron turns me away with a sniff and Link has to go through those temples by himself. What am I going to do, Impa? I don't have any time left! I'm going to turn into one of those...those...things! I don't want to turn..."

Impa nodded slowly, "I know, my child, however this cannot be prevented. I am sorry you must go through this on your own; I understand trials similar to this, however I have never known for an innocent to transform completely into one of Demise's creature...still...."

I waved one of my hands impatiently, the other arm wrapped around myself and bundling the sailcloth to me in an effort to keep me warm. "Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah, I'mma turn into a freak of nature--what can I do to prepare for this? I've pretty much been asked to die for a world that could care less about whether I exist or not! Do you know how that feels!" The old woman looked at me for a long while. "...No, my dear, I do not. I can understand your grief, and your fear, my child...I will do what I can to take this cup of suffering from you in exchange for imbuing you with the knowledge you'll need to keep the sacred power from falling into Ghirahim's hands."

Sighing, I shook my head and felt a wave of revitalized cold tear through me, and I redoubled my quivering. "So--ungh...tell me what I need to do...where do I need to go?" The old woman looked to the slab of stone that had once formed the gateway back to my world. It wasn't open yet. "When you transform, you will be beckoned to open the way into the past and obtain the last of the sacred power located in the distant past. In order to assist in safeguarding this, you must attempt to warn the Great Windfish god that is located within Thunderhead, the great colosseum of clouds that you were forbidden to enter beforehand. Time is of the essence, now, and we cannot afford to mix rules--measures are desperate now. You must go, quickly, before darkness infests what little hope there is left."

"Wait--what if I come back, and I'm evil? Won't I hurt you?"

"Nay, child; evil does not perceive a helpless old woman as a threat. You will be more as a driven creature than one of true malicious intent. Now go. Go to Levias, tell him what is to come, lest the natural calamities and darkness has already affected his realm as well!"

"Wait--how close is the world to ending? Please tell me there's time!"

The old woman eyed me, "That is the least of your worries, child, however the World Degeneration--as you named it--is close at hand. The barriers of keeping this realm stable have begun to collapse over the long period of degradation that it took for you and the Chosen to come this far along."

"No, I mean how much time do we have?"

"....Days, child. Now go." I swallowed hard; if days were all we had, Ghirahim would waste no time trying to find a way to unlock the Imprisoned and cover the world in chaos. Hastening my pace, I ran for the entrance. Before I left, I heard Impa call after me: "May the Goddess go with you!"

I sighed and exited the temple.


Soaring high above the clouds, I clung to the Loftwing. It squawked in worry and was heading towards Skyloft, the only source of light other than the moon to path our way. I shivered and panted in the cold of my heart and from the tossling winds. There were a few guards flying around in the air, lanterns atop of their Loftwing's heads to help them see. My Loftwing ducked low, unnoticed and towards the Academy.

I practically fell off and collapsed hard against the ground, paralyzed by the freezing coursing through me. I curled up and attempted to warm myself, rubbing my arms and holding myself together. When the spasm passed I got up and opened one of the doors to the building, sneaking inside and shutting it quietly behind me. I headed towards the one that would be able to help me at this hour, and who I knew would be up and awake.

Knocking on his door, I waited for Fledge to answer. He opened it and blinked with surprise, "Jacqueline? By the gods, we've all been worried--"

" time..." I collapsed and he immediately helped me back up. I winced; he'd gotten very strong. "Jacqueline, what's wrong--yow! You're freezing! Are you cold? Do you need to sit down--"

"Fledge, I need your help...get me a potion...please..."

The boy was uncomprehending, but desiring to help all the same. He nodded several times, " kind?"

"Stamina potion...please, hurry..." He took one from a dresser and uncorked it, handing it to me. He put a blanket around my shoulders and I wrapped it around me gratefully, holding the bottle in one hand and taking long swigs from it. My shivering gradually began to die from the invigorating energy, however I could still feel the taint getting stronger. The blanket helped, despite the darkness; I figured it was a piece of sentimentality inside of the blanket. I gulped down another mouthful and sighed, "Thanks," and wiped my mouth with my arm. Fledge sat on the edge of the bed next to me, looking at me worriedly. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

I shook my head, and he nodded several times. "All right...gods, you're really pale. Are you okay, Jacqueline?" I continued drinking the potion, eager for every drop there was for me to sip up. When I finished, I handed the bottle back to him, "No; I got sick, and I came here to pick up a few things before I have to go to get a cure for it. If anything, this is a minor setback. Nothing to worry about."

"'re just really cold, and you look--"

"Pale, you said that." I growled a little more irritably than I needed to, and I felt some regret from doing it to my friend. Still, the less he knew, the better things would be. I looked at the shuttered window, "Are the winds still bad?"

Fledge nodded, "Nothing's been attacking us since the Wing Ceremony, but the winds are really bad; barely anybody can get to the Lumpy Pumpkin, and we have to be brief when we're going about business during the day. The Headmaster has been putting together a scheduled week standard that everyone has been abiding by, such as we must return to our homes and rooms before sundown, and we're advised not to remain outside for more than fifteen minutes, if the weather is good. I think he's worried that some of us may end up like Zelda did." I nodded; it was understandable for a schedule to be put in place, and it kept the people calm, not to mention it would give Gaepora something to do. I got up and headed for the door. There was no time to waste.

A hand closed around my wrist and I stumbled as my speed carried my body further, but my wrist remained in Fledge's grasp. "Jacqueline, where are you going?! You're not well, and you need to rest!"

"Fledge, this is contagious; I'm sorry I had to risk you, but I need the energy that can get me to where I can get cured, and then I can come back!" Lying to him was getting easier, and I could feel rage beginning to boil my blood against my consent. I felt myself begin to panic. I didn't want to hurt him, but I couldn't stop my other hand from balling into a fist and getting ready to swing. Fledge's grip faltered, but held my wrist loosely this time. " this the last time I will get to see you?"

All anger collapsed and I stared ahead at the door. His voice came again, "Are you hiding how sick you are...?" I almost smiled; Fledge was a lot smarter than most had given him credit for, including myself. I had remembered how my father had told me how dogs, when incredibly ill, would run off and die alone, away from their owners or anyone they had come to like. I sighed, "I am...very sick, Fledge. Something happened on the Surface, and I don't have a lot of time left. If I can still do something to help you guys out, I'm going to do it. And you can't stop me." I took my wrist out of his hand as he reluctantly stood back. His eyes were full of tears; I smiled at how soft he was. "This is probably the last time you'll get to see me, Fledge. I'm not coming back up here after I leave."

Silence stretched between us, and Fledge nodded. "...I understand...I wish I'd gotten to see you more often, Jacqueline."

"I wish things had been different too, Fledge," I said quietly, "but my place isn't here. You've all been very good to me, but I have to go." The downcast boy sat down on the bed heavily, and I stood awkwardly in front of him. I looked at the empty bottle that had once been filled with the juices of a stamina fruit, and then I looked back at him. " you have paint or something?" Fledge looked up, and went to his supplies. There was something like acrylic-wax that was used in art that he took out and handed it to me. I took the piece and picked up the bottle, sketching something upon it. "What is it?" Fledge watched me as I drew. I smiled and handed it to him.

"Now I'll be here whenever you need me." It was a stick-man with fairy wings and a small speech bubble that had an emoticon of a smiley face in it. Fledge looked at it curiously, unsure of what to make of it. "It's...nice, Jacqueline. It is strange, but it gives off a warm sense of hope." He did his best to smile for me, and I accepted it, patting his shoulder. "I need to get going...take care of yourself, Fledge, and keep up the workout. You're looking good."

Fledge blushed, "T-Thanks, Jacqueline..." I gave him back the bottle and left the wax next to the door as I opened it and exited his room. I looked around the dark halls, feeling a sense of nostalgia wash through me; this truly would be the last time I would be here. I took some time walking in the dark through the halls, and climbed the stairs slowly again, back the way I had come. I looked from door to door, seeing the names of the Academy students etched on each one. I went to Zelda's room and opened it up, looking at the contents. Everything had been put back where it had been originally; tidied up, cleaned, and dusted. I sat down on the bed and stayed for a few minutes to collect my thoughts before I left the room again. Link's room was across from hers, and I went to it. I took my sword and etched "J A C Q" on the template. I smirked; it was prehistoric graffiti at best, but who was keeping tabs on it? I brushed away the wood to smooth it and gasped as a splinter got in my thumb. I grumbled and nursed my finger as I went along.

The Headmaster's doors loomed before me, but I didn't want to intrude. They would be locked regardless. POINTLESS. I shivered and clutched my head as I heard His voice boom through my mind. There was laughter, but He spoke nothing else. I rushed outside and left the Academy behind, trying to make my way to one of the platforms. I didn't see where I was going and crashed into something, falling back. "Ow!" I rubbed my head and looked up to see someone towering over me. I blinked, "...Batreaux?"

"Jacqueline! What a pleasant surprise! You know, I've been feeling exceptionally good as of late and--what's wrong?" I stood up and shivered, "It's nothing--what are you doing out here?"

Batreaux smiled in the dark, "Well, my dear, it is nearly time for my transformation from demon to man! So many people here have been grateful to yours and Link's efforts that I can feel the gratitude simply washing over me like a cleansing fire! It was a lovely evening, so I decided to take a walk! The beasts and monsters seem to be a bit more anxious, too, so as you can see..." He swept his arm to the side and I noticed all sorts of Keese, evil little cat-lemurs, and assorted natural monsters crawling all over the town. "How in the world...nevermind, doesn't matter now. Batreaux, I'm in a serious rush, and I need to get going."

The demon frowned, "Well I certainly can sense the fear coming from you, my dear; are you well? You certainly don't sound, look, or feel like you should be up and about! Why don't you go wrap up in one of my blankets and we'll get you some hot soup?"

Anger was bubbling up again and I gritted my teeth, "There's no time for soup, Batreaux...I just need to get going!"

"Not with your condition, you are not! Jacqueline, you are as pale and cold as the moon over a desolate land of snow! You must rest--"

"NO! You know something? You know what you need to do? Get out of my goddamn face!" It burst forth from my lips, and I was suddenly breathing hard and I was frigid and steaming all over, my body trembling with anger. Batreaux's face flashed with surprise and hurt, and he had gone silent. I felt the urge to berrate him more, but suddenly I felt his claw on my shoulder and I could feel my anger turning to shame. "...What...oh no, Batreaux, I am so sorry..."

The demon soberly nodded, "It is all right, my dear...I know what you are suffering...and you are right; every moment you waste is needless. We must get you to where you need to go...I am sorry, Jacqueline. You were a good student of mine, and a dear friend." I hugged my friend, "I've been like a jerk lately...I don't know why I'm getting so mad so easily..." Batreaux patted my back, "I do, my dear, however I can feed on your rage and keep you calm for the time being, but even my powers will fail at what is coursing through you presently." He looked up at the moon, "It is best if you leave your Loftwing here tonight; it will not be able to make the journey. You would fall before you made it."

I looked up at him, "Then what do I do?" Batreaux nodded, "I will take you there instead; I can fly, however I've been cooped up in my little hut for so long I haven't dared come out because the patrolmen might see me and alert the people. And then all I will have worked for will be lost." I nodded, ironically feeling like I was in the same boat with him. "But you can fly, right?" Batreaux nodded, "Quite right, my dear. Now, let's get you to your destination." He walked with me to the platforms and carried me on his back as he spread his large, leathery wings and took off into the air.

We jostled at first and the wind currents caused us to bounce and veer in the air, but soon enough Batreaux got the gist of flight and soared comfortably. He laughed, the wind drowning out the sound. "It feels good again to fly! Ah, Jacqueline, where are we going exactly?" I pointed, "Head for that beam of light, right over there in the dome. We need to pass through there." Batreaux glanced up at me, "The Thunderhead? Aaaah, I see. Very well, onward ho!!" He propelled us forwards under the moonlight, flying alongside the beam. Dark shapes were flitting around the entrance to the Thunderhead, and I recognized the strange bug monsters from before. "Do not worry, Miss Jacqueline, they will not attack us; they cannot tell us apart from their own kind." Batreaux safely carried me through the opening and into the dome. I gaped; there were many floating isles, however the inside of the Thunderhead was flashing bolts of lighting all around like the inside of an electricity ball you'd find in toy stores. Batreaux alighted on a small isle littered with flowers and set me down. "I believe you will be needing this, too." He handed me a small corked bottle of pumpkin soup. I arched an eyebrow, "What is this supposed to be for?"

The demon shrugged, "Well, the spirit here loves pumpkin soup; it's a strange notion that I was aware of, but it didn't seem important at the time. Now, you're going to need it."

"How...big is this spirit, anyway?"

"Quite large. It is a windfish, after all, one of the largest creatures known to history on this world. It is likely it will be the largest, regardless of history to come." I took the bottled soup and looked skeptically up at him. "And you're sure it's going to smell this?"

The demon smirked, "If we wished to feed it, we would have brought a much larger amount. However, you merely need to summon the spirit. Uncork the bottle when you are ready, and it will summon the windfish." I nodded and set the bottle to the side and stood silently with Batreaux. "....Thanks, Batreaux. I guess this is it?"

He nodded, "I suppose so, my dear. Regardless, I truly am indebted to you for starting the path to my transformation, and I will never forget this deed. I am very grateful, Jacqueline." I nodded and felt a lump in my throat; all of the farewells I had to make were making me sad, and I didn't want to feel worse than I already did. "I won't forget you, Batreaux. Keep everyone safe for me, please." The demon nodded and flew out of sight, back to the opening of the Thunderhead.

I sat in the flowers, alone to myself with no way back. Somehow I didn't feel like I would need a Loftwing or anything to come get me. I sighed and took the bottle, uncorking it and allowing the heated aroma to escape from the bottle. It smelled wonderful; the spices were comforting, and the pumpkin-meat smell made me hungry for a hearth and a quilt.

And my family. I thought of them, and everything that had led up to my running away. I thought of my childhood, of Thomas, of Thomas' accident, and my lust for revenge as I made phonecalls and texts to anyone that I knew about the one that had hurt him, and when I had found him, I had taken one of my father's golf clubs and beaten the man with it. I had been so enraged that I hadn't even considered covering my hands or using something unrelated to my family to do it. All I could do was satisfy my urge to hurt, to get even. When I had realized what I had done, I had tossed the club away and made a run for it. By the time I had gotten back to my house, police were already there. Afraid, I snuck into the back door and had tried to get to my bed, but my parents discovered me before I go too far. I had yelled at them and accused them for calling the cops on me, playing me to be the 'bad guy', however I had realized too late that the police were merely to locate me, since my parents had gotten worried. My secret had come out, and my father told me to get out of the house while my mother standed by and said nothing. I accused them of siding with the bastard that had run after hitting Thomas with their truck, and many other things I didn't remember that I knew had been meant to hurt them. I was thrown out of my house once the police had left, and I went to live on my own with money for a bus and a destination in mind. I was given funds to an apartment and a room key that I returned shortly after moving to a college instead, using loans and grants to pay my way. I was still in a lot of debt, and even now I worried about it. I grinned, "How can I be worried about money at a time like this...?" I sighed, thinking of Thomas in the hospital. How much of a recovery was he going to make? When he had woken from his coma for a moment, he didn't know who I was and passed out the next moment. "What if he's forgotten me entirely..." I ran my hand through my hair and sighed; that didn't matter now. There wouldn't be much of 'Jacqueline' left soon enough.

There was a deep beating sound, and I looked expectantly over the edge of the floating isle I was on, looking for anything that moved. I saw a massive form rising from the clouds, majestic and looking like a winged whale. I stood back as the windfish ascended and became level with my isle, giant eyes piercing down at me; they were even more intense than Owl-Brows when I had first come to Skyloft. I summoned up my voice as best I could and picked up the bottle.

SPECIALIS - :Repent: [38]
"In the future, your descendants will be my...~♪"

For the readers, no, I am not an angry individual. I'm very pleasant to be around, I love to be with people and socialize with them. I love to write, to game, to explore, and I love my family very much. I am very much Christian and love the Lord a lot. In this edition, I wanted to take a different perspective on story-making and was inspired by a game to write this. If you have questions now, please do hold off on them until the next chapter comes out. More than likely, you'll begin to draw your own conclusions as more information is released to you. Trust me, you'll begin to understand the further the story goes.

I understand if you don't favorite the chapter for harsh language, and I am sorry if I have truly offended anyone out there. It isn't my intention to offend anyone. If I have intrigued you, however, I will be enthusiastic. I plan to continue the series, and I hope to do so with your help. If you have any suggestions or comments to make, make them below this information window in the comment box. If they happen to be insulting, I'll simply just delete them. Nothing personal; just delete them. I don't care. w00t!

So! Without further ado, I will probably be working on the next chapter! Follow more of my works in the gallery!

Oh, and by the way--Specialis is "secret" in Latin.…<---Where This All Begins---<
<---Next Chapter---<…<---Previous Chapter---<
Link couldn't speak; he could only look down at the heavy, familiar form of Jacqueline as she was slumped to Zelda, who held her tightly and cried out of pure human emotion, detaching herself from the enlightened state she had come to learn. Fi also seemed slightly moved at the scene, her head at a constant downward angle. Link looked over Jacqueline again. She was bleeding from the mouth, the crimson liquid staining Zelda's gown. Her eyes were closed, and the ornaments she was wearing had returned to their regular forms, extracting from inside of her body like splinters from a finger. Her skin was pale with death, and her eyelids and lips were blue.

She suddenly shuddered to life and coughed, and Zelda started. "Oh no, no no no--no, don't move...don't move...." She tried to soothe Jacqueline, who dully opened her eyes and blinked heavily. She raised her head to look up and fell into a fit of coughing again, droplets spraying from her lips. Zelda hushed her again, "Jacqueline, no, stop moving--"

"...Too....late" It was heartbreaking; the voice that had once been strong and full of excited mischief before was a shadow, cracked and shattered with ebbing strength. Her hand limply moved to hold the blade in place, and she gasped in pain. Link couldn't fathom it, seeing the blade inside of her. I did this... He rushed to her side and looked at the wound. It was a clean run-through, straight through the abdomen. Nothing short of a miracle could save her. He did what he could only think to do to quell his confusion.

He raised his head, "Jacqueline....what in the gods' creation has happened?" He instantly regretted asking as he watched her breathe in shakily, and then convulse into a fit of coughing and choking, slumping slightly onto Zelda's shoulder in an effort to breathe again. He shook his head; this was no time for questioning. It would potentially steal whatever time she had left. "No, Jacqueline, I'm sorry--"

"...Shut....up....idiot....." He looked up to see her trying to rise to her feet, blade in tow, and fell roughly back down. One of her hands slammed down on the ground to keep herself from falling backwards into her own pool of blood, the other holding the blade in place. Seeing the sight caused a rift in Link's heart and he knelt next to her, helping to hold her up from around the shoulders. Zelda was standing up, her hands folded and not even bothering to fuss over the blood on her gown. Fi floated forwards, "Master Link....Miss Jacqueline does not have much time left....there is a seventy-percent-chance that she will die within the hour."

Jacqueline coughed and laughed sharply, "So...I guess the...other thirty percent is that I actually survive this? Ahah...hah..." She cried out in pain as she held the blade still. Link took hold of the hilt, "I'll get it out, just--"

"NO!" Her sharp bark startled Link into letting go, and she doubled back in a grimaced pain. "If you take the sword out, I'll bleed to least this way I have time...."

"Time to do what?"

Jacqueline took a moment to spit out some blood and wiped the rest off her mouth using her forearm. She swallowed in a gulp of air, "Enough explain...." She looked up past Link, and he looked over his shoulder. Fi had retreated around him and watched the scene from behind. She floated, as if ready to unveil a great, mysterious secret. A cold wave roared through Link's stomach and he blinked, "...Fi?"

The blue figure looked down to Jacqueline, who nodded weakly, and then looked back to Link. Zelda stood, her posture tense and her fingers locking together. She looked to and from Link. She bit her bottom lip. "Link...." He turned to look at her. "...You too?" She nodded.

Link looked to his companions, feeling something within him begin to tear apart. "...You all....all of you...kept a secret? From me? Why would you keep something like this a secret?!" Zelda inhaled gently, tears coming from her eyes again. She looked away in regret, "...Link, it was the only way..."

His eyes narrowed, "The only way for what?" Fi swayed off to the side, "Master Link, it would be best if it is explained from the beginning of Miss Jacqueline's taint." Link looked up, "But I was there when Ghirahim--"

A cough alerted his attention, and he looked back down at Jacqueline. She shook her head, "Not...then....she's...referring to...the Imprisoned....the first time...." She looked up at Fi and nodded weakly, "....Go for it, Fi..." As if holding a eulogy, Fi turned to the group and lowered her head, preparing herself, and then raised her head.

She opened her mouth, and she began."Upon being drawn to the Darkness, Miss Jacqueline accidentally inhaled the power the Imprisoned emitted in His attempt to break free from His bonds. The Imprisoned coveted the sorrow already lingering within Miss Jacqueline's spirit and Lord Ghirahim sought for the swell in growth. He had reached the temple to seek the source, and upon finding you, Master Link, he found Miss Jacqueline. At first he did not conceive the source was Miss Jacqueline, but experimented and used his own magic to take control of Miss Jacqueline.

However, because of Miss Jacqueline's unique state within this world, and what the Goddess had planned for her, the darkness could not corrupt her immediately; the effects would have been much more drastic and it is likely she would have killed you the moment she was infected, Master Link. The sacred power that hosts within Miss Jacqueline kept the darkness from infecting her, however it did not keep Lord Ghirahim from finding her, and the Imprisoned from sensing her. Over time, Lord Ghirahim did whatever he could to weaken Miss Jacqueline's defenses in attempts to see what was causing his magic to be rejected, however he discovered nothing. What has come to pass would likely not have happened had Miss Jacqueline not died during the fight with the Imprisoned. Her death caused a rift within the world of the living, and that of another dimensional plane, and the Imprisoned sought to capture her within a nightmare, however Miss Jacqueline was able to evade it. Unfortunately, I was too late to retrieve Miss Jacqueline, and she was swallowed up before she could escape the spiritual realm. The taint began to spread during that time, and Miss Jacqueline became more attuned to her influence over the creatures of darkness; the influence coming from the Imprisoned and Lord Ghirahim conflicted their viewpoints and allowed her to shape their will to her own whenever she used the darkness, however the risk was that it would further allow the Imprisoned and Lord Ghirahim's desires to infiltrate and eventually control Miss Jacqueline, despite the sacred power she possessed. Even an artificial spirit maiden cannot be wholly corrupted by Darkness unless the sacred power itself became corrupted, and this came to pass during Miss Jacqueline's death.
" Link had looked continuously back to Jacqueline and then to Fi, and then back again periodically, himself confused and shocked with each passing piece of information. "'Artificial' spirit maiden? Is that why Jacqueline has been receiving pieces of...well, 'jewelry' every time she visited the springs? I did not know--"

Fi nodded, "The springs of each sanctuary was a primary key to releasing Miss Jacqueline from Lord Ghirahim's control, as it would dispel his magic from her body when the sacred power reacted to the holy water. Unfortunately, this no longer could occur when Miss Jacqueline had tried to heal herself upon retrieving the Sacred Water for the Dragon-Deity Faron; it burned her skin and injured her instead, purifying in the most literal sense. Had Miss Jacqueline bathed there at that time, she would have been destroyed, for she was too far gone into Lord Ghirahim's grasp to be saved from it." Link looked over to Zelda, "I don't understand...'artificial' spirit maiden? Is it related to you?"

Zelda sighed, still shamefaced and a shadow casting over her eyes. "I don't know it myself, but Impa explained to me before that the reason behind finding another spirit maiden was to prevent the past from occurring. This world had been destroyed, but time had drawn back for a second-chance to take place, and in doing so, the Goddess Hylia had sought to plant Her seed into the soul of a being similar to her earthly-bound body on the chance that I was to be killed, then another with sacred power could replace me. However, since I was the primary spirit maiden, if I were to die, the secondary spirit maiden would as well. However, if the secondary spirit maiden were to die, the last of the sacred power would befall to me, and I would be at my fullest power once more, and I would defeat the Darkness with the help of the Chosen. I had...hoped that Jacqueline would not suffer a fate like this, so that she would survive to assist me; I feel like a thief, taking what isn't mine...even if it was the Goddess' intention to begin with."

Link looked back at Jacqueline, who was dozing and looking at something unseen. He shook his head, "Then why did she have to suffer like this? Why does she have to die?" Fi floated next to Jacqueline, looking down at her. "In respect to Miss Jacqueline's wishes...I will show the events prior to explain what has come to pass, and for the reasons the events that took place in order to make a future for this world..."

~~~~~~~The Recent Past: Two Weeks Prior to Present~~~~~~~~

Fi flew forwards, hurrying towards me. "Miss Jacqueline, you must not linger." I began to sit up and looked at her, no sense of urgency within me. I looked at my wrists and felt my collar around my throat. I felt the impacting words of what the Imprisoned had said, remembering all that Ghirahim had let slip in times prior. I closed my eyes and sighed heavily.

"..Fi...before we go back...I think...we need to discuss my purpose...and why I need to be here..."

Fi dipped her head somewhat before looking up to me, and nodding. "...Very well, Miss Jacqueline." I unwrapped my arms and sprawled out, relaxing a little more. Even with the dreadful sensation that I now had a countdown, I didn't feel very scared. At least, not at that moment. I looked over to Fi, "Fi...ever since we met the old woman at the temple, and she kept blabbing on about 'destiny' and 'sacrifice', I feel like I already knew what she meant. I think I knew I wasn't going to make it." The blue figure floated down into the darkness to remain with me, being a light source. It was comforting. "I mean, really--how can there be two Zeldas in the world? No wonder it's all going to chaos; the genuine uniqueness of each person is so complex that adding two of the same side of a coin would mess everything up."

"Incorrect, Miss Jacqueline; you are the opposite side of the coin acquainted to Lady Zelda," Fi stated, and I grinned, "Thanks for splitting hairs, Fi, but if I were the genuine opposite side of the same coin, I wouldn't have friends, a heart, or a soul. I'd be a monster....kinda seems that way right now." I looked up to Fi, "I don't know exactly how my death is supposed to save everyone, Fi--honestly, what would happen if I died again? For real this time." Fi raised her head, "Statistics indicate that if you were to die in your current state, and the state prior, there would be a one-hundred-percent probability that all of the essence Lord Ghirahim implanted within you would be transferred to the Imprisoned, and the world would succumb once again to everlasting tyranny and chaos." I sighed, "Don't you have happy news once in a while? Is there any way to keep that from happening?"

Fi looked back down to me, "There are two possibilities, Miss Jacqueline: Either to purify you entirely, or to remove you from knowledge of this world." I paused, "....And what does that mean, exactly? The second part, I mean." Fi nodded, "In an accurate explanation, it is to remove you from time essentially or send you back to your world." I arched an eyebrow, "Aaaand there's no way of brainwashing everything, I take it?" Fi shook her head and I sighed, "That's what I thought....dang, I'm somewhat glad that brainwash thing isn't an option, actually."

"And why would that be, Miss Jacqueline?"

I smirked and shrugged, "I dunno....I just don't like being forgotten, is all." A long silence stretched between us, and I looked up to Fi. "How much longer do I have here?" Fi looked up at the window of golden light she had come from, and the place I couldn't go. "Minimal time, Miss Jacqueline; I will need to depart soon, despite my conduct to save you, Miss Jacqueline." I nodded, "I know; I'm kind of already tainted now...damn it, why did I go back to save them? I couldn't even save one of them! My parents aren't even in here!"

"That is incorrect, Miss Jacqueline; they sensed your fear and came across dreamscapes to assist you, unfortunately the darkness is too powerful, even for parental love to reach. They are safe, however they are worried for you."

"I can't go home, anyway--that would put everyone in danger. I could probably turn into a monster on the other side!"

"That is likely, Miss Jacqueline; a curse is strong, even if worlds apart. This will come to be eternally set in stone."

"There has to be a way to do this...if I eventually turn, what will happen to me?" Fi floated around a little bit, treading lightly. "The purpose of your taint is that the Imprisoned can gain access to the spirit maiden through you, Miss Jacqueline; when you become one of His servants, you will already have access to the Gate of Time, and you will be able to pass through time to seize the spirit maiden for Lord Ghirahim and grant all matter of sacred power to the Imprisoned, including the tainted power you already contain, which will feed Him more potently than before."

"There has to be a way to stop it!"

"If the darkness recovers all manner of sacred power, all is lost, Miss Jacqueline." I growled and clutched my hair, frustrated. I looked up at Fi, finding the blue figure strangely dancing around, light as a feather. I always thought it had been so alien to watch, and yet it was mesmerizing. I blinked, "Wait a second...Fi, you're a servant of Hylia, right? She made you, right?"

"Affirmative, Miss Jacqueline."

"And that means that if she crafted you, you could probably handle god-powers or something like that, right?"

"In theory, but not a vast amount, Miss Jacqueline."

I stood up and ran to her, taking one of her...arms and feverishly pulling her with me. "Then take mine! Take whatever sacred power or Sailor Moon shit from inside of me and hold it for me! That way, when I do turn, you could use it against me and...well, I don't know, wake me up or at least keep that bastard from getting all of it!" Fi watched me, stoic as ever, "Miss Jacqueline, I am uncertain as to the effects this will have on you, and there is no certainty that I will be able to return it to the spirit maiden." I shook my head, "That doesn't matter; all that matters is that you take some of ME away with you, so that when I lose myself, you can at least remind me who I am before it's too late..."

Fi watched me carefully. "...You understand what you are asking, Miss Jacqueline?"

I nodded, "Yeah, and it probably means that I'll turn into one of those...things a lot quicker, but I'm dying anyway. There isn't much left to fight for." Fi gently pried her arm away from me and floated before me. "Master Link will fight for you, Miss Jacqueline. And if you wish it, I will as well. I will accept a fraction of the sacred power still left uncorrupted within you, however you must retain the rest until the proper time comes to transform into the darkness. You will be a potent enemy, Miss Jacqueline, and I have no wish to do battle against you."

"This is the only way, Fi--apart from killing me right here, and I don't think I'll be able to purify myself in any way, shape or form...what's left of the darkness Ghirahim corrupted me with?"

"I estimate thirty-five percent is still sealed and unable to corrupt at this time, Miss Jacqueline, unless Lord Ghirahim forces it open. You will not feel any different once this process of extraction of sacred power is complete."

I nodded, "Do it."
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"Please, never fear. I'll be right here by your side~♪"

For the readers, no, I am not an angry individual. I'm very pleasant to be around, I love to be with people and socialize with them. I love to write, to game, to explore, and I love my family very much. I am very much Christian and love the Lord a lot. In this edition, I wanted to take a different perspective on story-making and was inspired by a game to write this. If you have questions now, please do hold off on them until the next chapter comes out. More than likely, you'll begin to draw your own conclusions as more information is released to you. Trust me, you'll begin to understand the further the story goes.

I understand if you don't favorite the chapter for harsh language, and I am sorry if I have truly offended anyone out there. It isn't my intention to offend anyone. If I have intrigued you, however, I will be enthusiastic. I plan to continue the series, and I hope to do so with your help. If you have any suggestions or comments to make, make them below this information window in the comment box. If they happen to be insulting, I'll simply just delete them. Nothing personal; just delete them. I don't care. w00t!

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~~~~~~~In the Distant Past~~~~~~~~~~

The Gate opened, and Impa ushered Zelda backwards into the large slab-like doors that were opened to her now. "Your Grace, make haste! This is your only form of protection; the Servant of Darkness is coming!"

"Impa, what about you? I cannot leave you here to deal with Ghirahim alone--you haven't even recovered since your last encounter!"

The woman looked back at Zelda, "Regardless, it is my sole duty to protect you from all harm. Whatever the cost, Your Grace." Slowly, yet surely, Zelda made progress up the stairs, lingering to see what fate would become her cherished companion. Even with the weight of the universe on her shoulders, she would not abandon Impa. The cost would be too great in shame and loss if she did nothing but stand by and watch. "If you can't protect me, there is no use in trying to defend me, Impa," she said coolly, "I am staying."

"By the gods--" Impa hissed and tried to urge the spirit maiden up the stairs and into the doors, but the Gate was fully open and allowing something to pass through it. Whatever escape that would have been made was lost to them, now. Impa turned to face their dark pursuer, and she raised her hands, ready to fight regardless if she would lose.

What they saw was something they didn't expect, and yet was meant to be. The figure raised their head and gave them a look that spelled nothing but death for the future. It took one step forwards, and then another, and finally, it opened its mouth and hissed. "....Zelda...." Zelda looked fearfully at Impa, and the protector felt such waves of darkness radiating from the figure.

All was lost.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Present Time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Link bolted into the temple, its walls aged and crawling with vines and weeds. It had been some time since he had needed to return to the halls of the degrading building, but the dire warning Fi had given him and the feverish summoning of the old lady had forced him to immediately depart Skyloft and head back to the Surface.

He hadn't seen Jacqueline for quite a while; the old woman had assured him that she had needed to do tasks of her own, and that he hadn't needed to worry. Still, something within him had told him that something was horribly wrong, and that his friends were in danger. Fi had accompanied him in gathering the Sacred Flames, stimulating him on with his sense of duty to the world. Finally, he would be getting the answers he was seeking: Where Zelda was, where Jacqueline was, and the power to repel evil and finish off the Darkness for good. Fi lingered next to the slab of stone that would be the Gate the old woman had spoken to Link of, and she was very silent and strangely hesitant. Link ran to the woman, almost slipping on the steps. "I have the Flames--I need to find Zelda!"

"Make haste, Chosen One; she is through the Gate. She is in great peril--everything has spiraled out of control, and the natural calamities have only become stronger." To Link's memory, he had recalled the strange weather patterns that had erupted; the rainfall was heavier and beginning to flood Faron Woods, Eldin Volcano was becoming too hot and thick to breathe in, and much of the wildlife had retreated beyond the province to wherever they could survive, and the desert had become frozen solid with snow and ice. The winds around Skyloft were much too harsh to fly in, and many of the civilians had shut their doors and evacuate the bazaar to take down the tents and conduct business within their homes. Everything was beginning to fall to pieces, it seemed. Why is this happening? Link nodded and ran to the stone and did as Fi instructed: Perform the Skyward Strike. He did as he was bid, and the stone began to warp and dislocate itself until a great, massive clock-cog rotated in its place, opening a long, dimensional doorway to him. "Go, Hero," the old woman beckoned him, "The spirit maiden must be protected at all costs. Hasten, however; the Imprisoned is bound to break free at any moment unless whatever is influencing Him ceases to be!"

Link nodded and dove through the gate, throwing himself down the corridor with Fi following closely behind. The tunnel didn't go far at all; immediately there was a colorful, bright scenic picture forming up ahead, and Link tumbled out and back into open air. When he landed, all was quiet. He blinked and looked up and around the enormous, beautiful structure of the inner-sanctum of the temple. It was untouched by age, completely new. A moan tore him away from his daze and he saw the mysterious woman, Impa, on the floor, wounded and defeated. He ran forwards and knelt by her side, trying to reach for his potion to assist her. She was barely conscious, and with her ebbing awareness, she seized his arm. " the spirit maiden..."

"Where is Zelda?"

Impa pointed up the stairs and promptly passed out, succumbing to darkness and lying limp on the ground. Fi remained next to Impa and nodded to Link as he climbed the stairs to the top. The wall that used to be there had parted as a doorway of two slabs, smoothly held ajar to allow passage. At the very far end of the vast room, along the pathway, stood a creature of darkness.

And in the clutches of one of its hands was the throat of Zelda, who was still breathing and struggling to get free. Link yelled angrily and charged forwards, demanding at the monster to let her go. Having heard his voice, the being lowered its arm and held her hair in its long fingers, releasing her throat with bruises remaining. Instinctively, Zelda held the wrist of the creature with her hands in protest to the pain that was caused when her hair was pulled. She whimpered and the creature regarded Link as he came to a halt, unsure of what to do with Zelda held hostage. Link drew his bow and nocked an arrow, glaring angrily down the guide. "Let her go." His voice was low and filled with hatred; too many of these monsters lived in this world, and he wouldn't stand to let one hurt Zelda or his friends anymore.

The creature regarded him for a moment, and then looked down at the prize it had caught. Zelda whimpered again and tried to struggle to get away as its fingers wormed down to the base of her neck and skull and held her upright on her knees. Zelda stared at Link, horrified as he mirrored her look. His heart leaped, and he dropped his bow and arrow and all composure as he reached out in protest. "...No, wait--!!"


Link stared in disbelief as Zelda's eyes paled over and her mouth fell agape. The creature released her and allowed the form to fall onto the side of the floor, limp as a ragdoll and unmoving. As still as a corpse.

The knight collapsed onto his knees and screamed out in protest, howling at the ground to beckon why this had happened, and thick tears of pain slipped down his face as he sobbed at the loss. All of the memories, all of the promises he had made to himself, to her, to her family. They were meaningless now; Zelda was gone. Everything was lost. He felt himself sinking into despair.

"...All is not lost...." The voice was soft in his ear, and he regained his strength. He made no attempt to dry his eyes as he rose to his feet. "...You're right--I need to defeat that monster...and perhaps try to find some way to prevent this from happening." Link rose to his feet and aimed his sword at the creature. "I will kill you." There was only a promise within his statement, and the creature knew he was sincere. It sauntered forwards, ready for the challenge. "Whatever minion of darkness you are, this sword will end you." Link charged forwards with ferocity and agility of a wildcat, ready to avenge the death of his best and most cherished friend. The creature ducked out of the way, dodging and guarding itself against his attacks. Enraged he threw more force behind his strikes, attempting to break the guard and land a blow. Still, the creature had amazing fortitude and held its own against the enraged warrior. They danced around in circles, the creature aiming attacks at Link and forcing him to draw up his shield and blind his vision momentarily for it to lunge forwards and batter him backwards. The adrenaline in his system was failing, and Link was losing steam through his rashful anger. He calmed his heart and tried to cool his head, watching for a pattern in the enemy's movements.

It had a definite style to its attacks; it would dart in and leap away when he tried to retaliate. His eyes slitted; if he could hook the long, claw-like fingers of one hand, he could catch the creature and land a wound or two before it could leap away. He took out a Clawshot and held it hidden underneath his shield, and he tilted his blade so that it was flat. He watched carefully for the monster to strike again. It was watching him warrily, circling with him, as patient as a sparrow was before unearthing a worm from the ground.

Except this prey was barbed with teeth; the creature sped forward, and Link rushed forwards to ram himself into the monster, causing it to falter backwards and off-balance. He then shot out his arm and fired his Clawshot, grappling the creature by the wrist and dragging it forwards. With his sword, he sliced and allowed blood to flow from the creature. It yowled and snarled as it wrenched its arm away from the releasing claw and veered off to the side, nursing and acknowledging its wounds. Despite the wound, it didn't seem bothered by the pain; the noise was a subsitute for anger and retaliation more than physical trauma. What manner of being is this... Link angled himself and prepared for another attack, steel dripping with blood. The creature lunged again and sent him flying, landing roughly on his back and knocking the wind out of him as his sword freed from his hand and clattered off to the side. A small, splattered trail of blood splayed across the floor, and the creature angled towards him.

It raised its head; a sudden third eye began to peel away from its forehead, opening to look at him. It let loose a shattering shriek, vibrating the air around it, and it began to advance again. Link attempted to rise, and suddenly the monster dashed forward and swiped at him from the side, landing a solid blow to his ribcage and sending him sprawling, tumbling side over side until he hit the wall and lay still, but only momentarily. He began to regain himself and hissed at the sudden pain, holding his side with an arm to nurse it; one or two of his ribs had broken, but nothing more severe than that had occurred. He thanked himself for the chainmail and the armor he wore that protected him, even though it was beginning to get heavy for him. He kept his shield up, just in time to feel the monster lunge in and pin him against the wall, the shield being his only protection and barrier against the long claw-like fingers. They curled over the rim of the shield and began to press inward, attempting to tear the wooden inlet apart. The shield held, however it began to creak as the fringes warped beyond their structure. Link shoved and moved, but he couldn't move. The horrible eye looked down at him, and the creature shrieked, ready to strike through the shield's weakened frame.

Without warning, a shimmering golden hue emitted in the air, and the creature bellowed and threw itself from the knight, covering its face as a golden light emitted from between its fingers. Link collapsed but quickly recovered, still holding his side and abandoning the shield. "Master Link!" He looked up to see Fi glowing with a strange golden light. She twirled in the air and another beam of light hit the monster, causing it to repel backwards. "Master Link, you must use the Goddess Sword! Use the Skyward Strike to open its defenses! There is not much time!" Link took no time to stumble over to the blade and pick it up with his free hand. He raised the blade up high and felt the familiar sense of power being summoned, far quicker and stronger with the Sacred Flames imbued upon it. With a grunt of effort, he brought it down as the creature faced him, and the slice forced its arms away from its face, a golden shaft of light impaling the head from both ends; the fiend was in pain. As it began to recover, as if astounded at the wound it suffered across its upper torso, it staggered back and looked down at its claws. It then looked up to face its foe as Link ran forwards with the ferocity of a rampaging bull, and with a cry, he drove the Goddess Sword through his enemy.

As a last measure, he twisted the blade and ground it into the body, his teeth gritted and his agonized roars emitting from behind the wall of white. The creature could only stand as it was run through, and it collapsed to its knees and hunched over slightly like that of a wilting flower. Link let go of the blade, intent on making the monster suffer through its final moments, and walked past to where he had seen Zelda fall.

Upon seeing her form, he felt his pain double again, and his footfall was heavy. He dragged himself to her and knelt before her, mourning silently. He picked her up and held her to him, too tired to cry out again, too spent for wrath. All he could do was cling to the memory of what had been his best friend, and now she was gone.

His eyes snapped open and he caught his breath as he heard her. "...Link." He was looking down at Zelda, her skin a healthy tone and her eyes the shocking, ocean-blue. He blinked rapidly and stammered, "" She didn't speak, however her face turned to one of grief. Link understood; she was worried about Impa. He sighed gently, "I was too late to keep Impa from being harmed, but I am sure she is all right--" Zelda touched his lips with a fingertip and gently said, "Impa fought bravely, and she will be fine...." However, the lingering pain did not cease on her face, and Link couldn't fathom why.

"Zelda....what's wrong...?" Zelda rose from Link's arms and walked back the way she had come before, slowly moving down towards the dying, impaled figure which still stood on its knees, wheezing out with its arms limp against its sides. Despite his injuries, Link staggered up and ran to get in front of Zelda. "Don't touch it, Zelda! It could still hurt you--"

Zelda pushed him aside gently and continued to approach the creature. She walked around to face it, and it raised its head to look up at her. She slowly lowered herself onto her knees, resting her hands upon them to stay somewhat level with the monster. Suddenly, the look on her face redoubled and tears began to pour forth, much to Link's shock and amazement. She threw herself forward to wrap her arms around the creature's neck, and she began to sob. "Please....oh gods above, please forgive me..." Link stood apalled at the sight he was seeing. Either Zelda had taken leave of her senses, or he was hallucinating from exhaustion. He was suddenly aware of Fi on his side, and her head was slightly bowed, as if from shame. "...Fi?"

Fi looked to him, and he kept his eyes on the blue figure. She dipped her head somewhat. "Master Link, the calculations of any other possible endeavor to defeat the Imprisoned and prevent the world's destruction led to no other conclusion. This was the only determined outcome that could save all of the world the goddess Hylia fought to protect." Even with her steady voice, Link felt a wave of foreboding come over him, and he feared to look back, but he knew he had to.

As he turned his head to look, his heart caught in his throat. Zelda was weeping openly and crying out, begging for forgiveness as she held the form of someone in her arms, keeping them from falling, the sword angled to keep from running through them more.

She was holding Jacqueline.
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Your purpose can sometimes lead to sacrifices you did not intend, to fulfill the goals you were meant to fulfill.

For the readers, no, I am not an angry individual. I'm very pleasant to be around, I love to be with people and socialize with them. I love to write, to game, to explore, and I love my family very much. I am very much Christian and love the Lord a lot. In this edition, I wanted to take a different perspective on story-making and was inspired by a game to write this. If you have questions now, please do hold off on them until the next chapter comes out. More than likely, you'll begin to draw your own conclusions as more information is released to you. Trust me, you'll begin to understand the further the story goes.

I understand if you don't favorite the chapter for harsh language, and I am sorry if I have truly offended anyone out there. It isn't my intention to offend anyone. If I have intrigued you, however, I will be enthusiastic. I plan to continue the series, and I hope to do so with your help. If you have any suggestions or comments to make, make them below this information window in the comment box. If they happen to be insulting, I'll simply just delete them. Nothing personal; just delete them. I don't care. w00t!

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"Here? AGAIN?" I groaned, seeing the open doorway into the very first temple I had ever gone with Link into. He looked at me, "This is where Fi says she senses Sacred Water. If we're going to get that Sacred Flame, we have to go wherever she takes us." I slapped my hands on the sides of my face, dragged my cheeks down to make the irritated version of the Norwegian painting The Scream and released my face back to its normal position with a low growl. "I know, I know. But where could there possibly be Sacred Water? This place is filled with evil!"

Fi floated out of Link's blade, "Or perhaps, Miss Jacqueline, it is filled with hostile creatures that are morphed from the influence of the darkened powers that corrupt this land. From my calculations, it can be said that sixty-five-percent of that corruption is stemmed from Lord Ghirahim. The other thirty-five-percent is stemmed from the presence of The Abomination. In conclusion, these beasts would not necessarily be guarding the Sacred Water from us, but simply react with hostility regardless of our goal." Link nodded and I sighed, "All right, I get your point. At least it's a place where we've been to before. Perhaps we'll find something different. Fi, any idea what bodies of water in there are considered 'sacred'?" Fi floated with us down the steps as we proceeded into the damp, cold darkness of the temple, the rotted vegetation hitting me again like a wall that I staggered and gagged. Link seemed disturbed by the smell as well but he didn't falter. Fi's voice echoed gently down the flight of stairs, "It is likely a body of water that no corruption has been able to taint. The odds can only lead us to one conclusion: that the water we search for, in favor of the Dragon-Deity Faron, is where the spirit-maiden held her prayer rituals to access her abilities."

"So it's at the very end of this place. Well, good news is we've practically opened every door here, so we won't have to go looking for more doors to open, right?" We reached the bottom of the stairwell and Fi flew ahead before turning around to face us. "That is the likely presumption, Miss Jacqueline, however I sense there is more to this temple than what you initially experienced coming here for the first time. We will continue to observe for anything that will give clues to progression to the Sacred Water." I sighed and nodded, "Well, I guess this can't be any worse than when we first came here, right? At least we've both got weapons."

"And we both know how to use them," Link said with an amused smile. I smirked back, "Yeah--I was getting worried about you actually honing some skills." Link laughed and it sent a warm thrill through my heart, however it was swallowed up quickly by the darkness and I shivered. My teeth chattered, "Well, let's get going, then! I don't know about you, but this place smells rotten and I liked the sunlight." Link agreed and we proceeded to head down the rest of the passageway. We cut through webbing, some of the webs having Keese on them, but oddly enough, the Keese didn't strike. At least, it was odd for Link; I knew the reason why the Keese wouldn't attack.

They won't attack one of their own... I felt my stomach turn inside of me, and I kept my head down as we delved further in. Link took out his harp and played before a curious cluster of butterflies, and a secret passage was opened to us. We strolled down the passage and reached the flooded walkways, and I gave a thin smile at the memory of Keese tearing my earlobe off. I still winced at the thought. "Where should we go next?" Link's voice tore me away from my thoughts. I blinked and blundered to recover, "U-uh....hmm. Well, if I remember correctly, we went through the doorway straight ahead." We headed through the doorway and began to walk forwards when the earth in front of us exploded and my hand was instantly at my blade, though I was already instantly in the air and flying back a few feet with a shocked cry escaping me. Link was standing firmly on the ground, shield and sword drawn.

As the dust began to settle, a long snout emerged from the hole in the ground and sniffed curiously at the air. Link and I stood, both staring as the familiar figure of a Mogma emerged, their back to us. "Aw, man, I could've sworn it was here!" As the Mogma's gaze panned around, he caught sight of us and yelped. "No! Big nasty green monster and a--"

"Kortz, it's me!" Link tried to calm the mole-person, and his ears twitched. "Oh hey, buddy! Geez, you scared me for a second! Did you know there are a buncha monsters running around in the same green color that you are?" I exchanged a look with the Knight; this was news, even to me. The Mogma sighed, "Ah well, I don't need to be here anyway--this ain't where the treasure's at." He began to burrow underground until Link paced forward and called him back. "Kortz, listen--I know you're in a rush, however I'm in need of help myself. I'm trying to get to the fountain at the end of this place; do you know where that is?"

The Mogma shrugged, "How am I s'posed to know this place forwards and back? I'm gettin' lost as it is! Still, I did find this shiny thing while I was looking for treasure. Not sure what good it'll be for me; Mogma don't use doors." He tossed the object to Link and scurried off before we had a chance to ask anything more. The object turned out to be a dirty key, and after cleaning it off, it looked in prime condition to get used. "Looks like he gave us directions after all," I said, and Link nodded, "That may be so; let's go find which door needs this key."

We journeyed further into the temple, stumbling across stronger and newer foes, however they too were reluctant to fight due to my secret impulses to make them stay away. Link was curious about the behavior of the monsters, but I rushed him along. As we proceeded through the temple, Fi came out to float next to me in order to share a secret discussion. "Miss Jacqueline, how are you faring?"

I looked at the blue figure, "Pretty good, actually--why?"

"I will advise caution when using your newfound abilities to stave off evil, Miss Jacqueline; there is always a price to power."

"Thanks for the tip; put it on my bill." I waved the blue figure off, more cautious and paranoid than ever. What sort of after-effects could erupt because I told monsters to stay away? A sudden lapse, and then all of them come rushing? Or perhaps one gigantic monster would appear in place of all the little ones we should have taken care of. I wasn't sure what to expect, so with my little oblivious notions gone, I was checking over my shoulder and around myself, keeping wary with every passing second. It was exhausting.

It turned out the key was the next step in going through an additional door that had been locked and gone unnoticed by Link and myself the first time we had crossed through the main colosseum-like room. Heeding Fi's words, I fired Buzzmark away and had him slice through the vines of some plants that suspended overhead of a rather narrow tightrope. I was almost constantly unbalancing on the rope and resigned to crawl upside-down until I reached the other side, almost to the humor of Link's twitching lips. I growled at him and we continued on.

We finally made it to the golden door, ajar and opened since we had first entered the temple. He and I exchanged looks as we went inside. Everything seemed darker on the inside; the windows that sliced into daylight above were covered in drapes, and it looked like one big tent, broken pottery and forgotten treasures off to the side. And many, many bones littered along the ground. "This wasn't here last time," I muttered. Link grunted in acknowledgement and we took our time moving across the room, wary for anything that had eaten the flesh off the bones.

The door slammed behind us, and I bit my tongue while additionally biting back a curse that had almost flown from my lips. The echo bounced all around us, eventually fading back to the swallowing silence that pressed in all around. I looked around, nervous and suddenly desiring to see daylight once again.

JACQUELINE. I spun around, seeing a towering monstrosity over me, fire illuminating behind The Imprisoned. I gasped; how was that even possible? My voice was lodged in my throat, and I pointed in effort to scream to Link for help. Instead I felt a hand grab my shoulder and haul me out of the way, Link's voice yelling in my ear. "Watch out!" A sword whistled down and harshly hit the floor, sparks flying at the impact. I turned to see two tall masses forming in the dim light, and four sparkling orbs, a pair for each mass. A ray of sunlight stole into the room and played across one of the figure's features, and I nearly shrieked with fright as I saw a massive, grinning skeleton angling towards me. "Jacqueline, this isn't the time to fear! Draw your sword and fight!" Link shouted and shook me out of my tremors, and I did as he said. We stood against the monstrous skeletal figures, two against two. We would be evenly-matched in this fight.

The monsters attacked first. Link's skeleton and Link himself both charged at the same time, while the one I faced leaped after me, however this one was still hesitant and seemed to want to go after Link as well. "Oh no you don't," I yelled and swung my blade at it. The skeleton was sent backwards and put up a defense against me, but wouldn't go on the offensive, and always seemed to veer back towards the other Knight. Frustrated, I continuously tried to keep it from going after Link, doing whatever I could to piss it off, but it didn't care about me. Both of them were teaming on Link, his defenses getting weaker as he tried to maneuver out of the way, somersaults and backflips while keeping his guard up. Not once did he call for help to me; I had a strange feeling there was a reason for that.

I had to find a way to help him. I looked around and looked up at the drapes that blocked out the sun and made the room dimmer. Narrowing my eyes with concentration, I bolted for one and yanked as hard as I could. If I had been hoping for an easy tear, I was disappointed; they were fastened to the top of the ceiling quite nicely. Someone knew we were coming and put them here, making it so we couldn't remove them and kill those things by sunlight.... My body chilled and I felt the dead pulsation wrack my body. I knew who had come here before us. Fi floated to me, "Miss Jacqueline, my calculations result that Lord Ghirahim has already begun to react to the change of time-flow and has begun to assume our moves ahead of our own knowledge. It is likely that he will already be influencing our next destination. We must make haste."

"Got it." I knew there was only one way to make the monsters stop fighting Link. I ran for the fight, sheathing my sword and reaching out with one of my hands. I heard Link protest, yelling at me to back away, but I refused to listen. It was going to work; we would get the sacred water and get out of the damned temple and back to open air. I would get free of the suffocating air, and the impending monster that towered behind me. I knew it was an illusion, but this felt too real to be ignored. If I was going to escape, I'd have to use my power.

Fi was warning me not to use it as my hand was closing around the radius of one of the skeletons and my mind was already opening to infiltrate and control. I could feel it working, the familiar sense of the cold dead creeping over and through my heart. The monster stared at me, uncomprehending of what was occurring, and its accomplice was frozen indecisively as it took on new behavior. I stared down the skeleton: KILL EACH OTHER. KILL EACH OTHER. The order repeated through my brain, and I knew I had used it before, but for some reason it didn't bother me so much this time. I took my hand away and staggered back, shivering violently as the skeletons turned on one another and dismantled each other until there was nothing left. The sound of clattering bones filled my ears and I began to grow colder and colder; I could feel the sharpness in my heart intensify and even as sunlight penetrated brightly through the vanishing drapes above, my sight was darkening around the edges. Shadowy tendrils creeped around my vision, pulling the light away to darkness; my heartbeat was so far away, I couldn't hear anything. I felt so weak and so distant that it was like watching Link's face through a fish-lense and hearing him yell into a pillow.

My consience snuffed out for a mere second, and when I came to, I was shivering violently again, except I was on the floor and being held up by a wall of clothing, armor and flesh. I could feel hands rubbing my arms roughly. "Goddess above, she's freezing," he murmured, and Fi emerged. "It is likely that she will be warmed if she is taken to the springs. We must hasten, Master Link." I struggled to my feet, Link helping to support me, and together we move past the last door and down the walkway of sunshine and peaceful trickling water. The light was painful to me and I tore my gaze away in pain, grunting. "It's...too bright." Link shielded my gaze, silent as he assisted me to the edge of the catwalk to kneel before the water. I eagerly plunged a hand below the surface.

I yelped back in shock and moaned; the water that used to warm me was now pure agony to my skin, and my flesh was steaming. Link rushed forward and seized my hand, "Fi, what is happening to her?" The blue figure looked at me silently, and I looked back up at her. She stared at me for a lingering moment, a long silence passing between the three of us. "Miss Jacqueline cannot touch the Sacred Water, Master Link...for she is not of this world. The water in general is not the problem; the Sacred Water was meant to be obtained by you, just as the Goddess Sword was to be wielded by you. In turn, you are the only one that can obtain it. This pool is purified and cleansed, creating the Sacred Water."

Link bought Fi's statement, though he was more reluctant this time. I knew she was lying; I could feel it spreading like poison through me, the darkness slowly filling up whatever was left that was human of me. I was running out of time; I knew there would be no escape for me. That's why I saw The Imprisoned...I'm passing into the Darkness where He is... I shivered, and Link took a short moment to scoop some of the water into a bottle and pocketed it. I began to struggle up, and he gently ushered me down. "Easy, for a moment." I gratefully sank back down and leaned heavily against him, my teeth chattering. I didn't know what I felt; fear was one I could name off the top of my head. "By the gods, her skin is pale....Jacqueline, are you all right? Jacqueline?"

"Miss Jacqueline."


JACQUELINE. I looked up, weakly raising my head to see beyond the pools and find the towering monster looking down on me. The Imprisoned slowly rotated its head, as if finding me a curious article. WHY DO YOU YET DEFY ME? YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IS TO COME. I glanced down at the water, which had surprisingly become Waking Water all of a sudden. I blinked, and I was back in one of the many Realms that I had within me. Link and Fi were no longer there, and I was under the glass of an ultimate judge, one ready to squash me. I had never felt so exposed or frail. The abomination righted its head again. YOU WILL ONLY BRING DISAPPOINTMENT AND PAIN TO THOSE THAT HAVE FAITH IN YOU. I closed my eyes tightly. I just....I just want a little more time...I'm so close...

IT IS TIME TO LET GO, CHILD. I raised my head and opened my eyes, hearing a tender note in the voice. A nasty jolt went through my heart and I glared; this was a lie. The Imprisoned had no mercy and no compassion for others. I couldn't be fooled by this trick. The Imprisoned opened its jaws in a gaping, throaty laugh. I cowered at the hideous noise and the toxic breath that emitted from the decaying flesh. I'm not letting go...not yet. The Imprisoned leaped for me, and I gasped and hid my face, waiting for some sort of punishment.

When I took my hands away, everything was back to normal, and the pain and cold I had been feeling were gone. I looked at Link, his lips tight and his forehead laced with sweat. His face was pale and his grip was tight. "...I'm fine...I'm perfectly's okay." I wore a smile for him and gently pried his hands from my shoulder and arm, and I felt blood flow return with relief. I got to my feet as naturally as I could and nodded, "Let's get back to Faron with that water. We need to get you that Sacred Flame." Link got up and looked me in the eyes, "If you can walk, then I don't see why not."

We left the area, the growling laughter following me with each step I took. We made our way back to Faron, who was smiling at seeing we had fulfilled our promise. "Thank you, Chosen Hero," she said to Link. "You have proven yourself worthy of entering the Ancient Cistern and recovering the Sacred Flame that lies within. However--" Her eyes settled on me, "She cannot go with you."

Link turned to look at me, and then back to Faron, "Forgive me, great one, but I can't do this without her." I put a hand on Link's shoulder, smiling warmly. "It's okay, Link. You can do this..."

He shook his head, "No, Jacqueline, I can't--you were here for a reason, and that reason is to help me get these flames and save Zelda and this entire land from this darkness." I smiled, "I've been able to help in other ways, but seriously, Link--I haven't been much help from the start. You've been able to handle most of these challenges without my help. You have to get these Flames--I can't get them, just like I wasn't meant to get the Sacred Water. You have to do this on your own. The old woman at the temple said that eventually we'd be separated--I think she meant this. Not for a long time, really--I just can't go into the temples." Link seemed to digest it slowly and purposely, and he nodded. "All're right. I can do this."

"That's the spirit." I smiled and nodded as we were led to the entrance to the dungeon, and I waved at Link as he went. When he disappeared beneath the stairs, I collapsed to my knees and shivered violently, the spasms returning worse than before. Faron looked down at me, "Perhaps you are not as truly evil as I believed you to be..."

I looked up, "He has to do this; otherwise, it's all for nothing. I can't fight it anymore..." Faron looked towards the Temple, and then back to me. "Then begone from this place...and may you never return." I nodded and stumbled, dazedly making my way back deep into the forest and back to the temple where Impa was.

Where Zelda was.

And where I would find them.
SPECIALIS - :Back To Mushrooms: [35]
Sometimes you'd wish this was all a hallucination.

For the readers, no, I am not an angry individual. I'm very pleasant to be around, I love to be with people and socialize with them. I love to write, to game, to explore, and I love my family very much. I am very much Christian and love the Lord a lot. In this edition, I wanted to take a different perspective on story-making and was inspired by a game to write this. If you have questions now, please do hold off on them until the next chapter comes out. More than likely, you'll begin to draw your own conclusions as more information is released to you. Trust me, you'll begin to understand the further the story goes.

I understand if you don't favorite the chapter for harsh language, and I am sorry if I have truly offended anyone out there. It isn't my intention to offend anyone. If I have intrigued you, however, I will be enthusiastic. I plan to continue the series, and I hope to do so with your help. If you have any suggestions or comments to make, make them below this information window in the comment box. If they happen to be insulting, I'll simply just delete them. Nothing personal; just delete them. I don't care. w00t!

So! Without further ado, I will probably be working on the next chapter! Follow more of my works in the gallery!

Oh, and by the way--Specialis is "secret" in Latin.…<---Where This All Begins---<…<---Next Chapter---<…<---Previous Chapter---<
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Only problem is I haven't found a single video or tutorial that explains it clearly enough for me, and I tend to work well with simplified answers. I know there are many ways to do this, but if you guys can help tell me how you film your 3DS nowadays, I'd really appreciate it!

I would prefer software on the computer with some sort of attachment/synchronization of Computer + 3DS device, but if there's an easier method, please inform me!
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