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Yoto and Gohan! by The-Boundless

All in all, I believe this was a very well perceived piece of artwork. You did excellently on the shading, as you did on the original c...


Fourth Child Green Heart Sketch3 by Zelda206
Fourth Child Green Heart Sketch3
Lily remained in Snowdin for a time with Papyrus and Sans, eventually coming to know the two of the skeletons as personal family to her own. During her stay, she begins to learn of the monsters' plight and their imprisonment in the underground, including the barrier that keeps them from returning to the surface. Sans eventually warns Lily (being the second and only monster to know of her identity at this point) about ASGORE'S intentions, stating that he had already claimed the lives of three humans before her. The child keeps this in mind as she continues to look for ways to move on from Snowdin. She attaches herself to the two brothers and assists around the house. It is discovered by Papyrus that it is a passion of hers to cook, but because of the "secret important training" that Papyrus has been indulging with Undyne, he sticks to making spaghetti.

Her days in Snowdin became numbered not long after she formed a bond with many of the monsters around the area. She came across a flower that introduced itself as "Flowey", stuck in the middle of the snow. The flower talks to the child and undermines her affection for the skeletal brothers and the rest of the monsters, telling her that they were only seeking to befriend her to get her to lower her guard and lessen her DETERMINATION to make her vulnerable. The innocent child didn't quite understand or fully submit to the flower, but decided it was best if she moved on before trouble could arise. Flowey played with her sympathy and love for plants and told her that he was becoming sick from remaining in the cold (hiding the fact it could travel anywhere in the underground if it chose to). She told Flowey she would come for it that night and take it somewhere warmer.

As day slowly turned to night, Flowey hatched its plan and waited patiently, knowing that before day came again it would be one SOUL closer to achieving its goal.
Fourth Child Green Heart Sketch2 by Zelda206
Fourth Child Green Heart Sketch2
Her desire to make friends and find a peaceful way to reach the surface filled her with DETERMINATION. Her gift to Toriel made her strong. The cold region of Snowdin beyond the door proved to be a challenge for her, as she was wearing a shoulder blouse of cotton and a simple pair of overalls, however she was wearing boots so her travels were not slowed by terrain. She would befriend the skeleton brother Sans, who would help convince his skeletal brother Papyrus that he was not seeing a "human", but rather a "monster that merely looks like a human".

Her name was Lily.
Fourth Child Green Heart Sketch by Zelda206
Fourth Child Green Heart Sketch
Six souls were collected. Among them was the Green Soul, a charitable child no older than seven and with a passion for growing things, including friendships.

The Green Heart fell into the RUINS and ran into Toriel. Inevitably, like the three that came before her, she eventually wanted to exit the RUINS and find a way back to her home. At this point Toriel still had hope in her heart that the child could take care of herself and led her to the exit albeit sadly and reluctantly due to her desire to care for the girl. As a way to remember her, the girl gave Toriel her glasses, as she had noticed Toriel had left her former pair behind in the castle and did not wish to return. Like all the other souls, Toriel did not inform the child about her connections to ASGORE. The child misunderstood Toriel's reluctance to go to the castle, thinking it was the distance that made her hesitant. The child simply smiled and took her glasses off, giving them to Toriel without another word, even when Toriel asked about the gift. The child said farewell to Toriel and exited the RUINS.

Toriel will wear these glasses fondly while she reads books by the hearth.
Just wanted to make an update on the Journal! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and gave thanks for something or someone in their life! There's always something out there to be thankful for, so keep it with you at all times! Every day holds something to be thankful for!

With that, I hope the endeavors of your creations here succeed! Now I'll go back to writing more SPECULUM!
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